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  1. Long story short - car was found about 3 months ago in a garage at a house under surveillance by VicPol. Because I had the insurance paid out, the car went to auction with significant damage both to the body, interior and mechs. I didn't even bother with it. Its now found a new home and is under work to get back on the road. Nearly all the original TK parts were stripped to make it look different from when it was stolen. Thanks to all for the support. Back to searching for another project car now I guess!
  2. STOLEN: Silver R34 GTT Tommy Kaira Stolen from Malvern East: Admin - feel free to move this if it can be in a better spot for peeps to help me out. 1999 R34 GTT genuine Tommy Kaira REGO: WGF 296 Silver with red/pink TOMMY KAIRA Decals on the side. Totally badged as TK all round with classic turtle badges. Massive Tommy Kaira Aluminium wing If any one spots my car cruising around, or parts for sale (GTX3067r, TK digital dash, EVC 5 controller, tommy kaira seats, TK branded titanium exhaust....) going cheap on the open market please call me or the police to report. Contact Marcus - 0413623517 Thanks for the help my dudes