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  1. Pretty Much.
  2. I didn't, It pissed down with rain here and work kept calling me to help with stuff.
  3. Very Nice! ♥ ♥
  4. Honestly, I think its a power leak from the terrible wiring job the previous owner did with the stereo, but I don't know. I'm going to suss it out on Friday.
  5. It's a newish battery too. Bought it about 8months ago. Got the cat jumped and drove it home (another 30minutes) the battery wasn't charging at all. On Tonkin if I flicked my lights on my electrics would turn off, even the stereo. Got her home. Shut the engine off and immediately tried to start it. Nothing. Completely flat .
  6. I charged my car up this morning. Took it for a 30min drive, left her for an hour and she's flat again already.
  7. It's the piece of plastic that goes from the left side of the Air-Filter Box to the front of the car.
  8. How much would you guys pay for the plastic intake that goes on the OEM airfilter box? (R33) Guy on Gumtree wants $60 for one, and they're pretty hard to get
  9. I freaking love it! Said that before though, Purple is my favorite colour.
  10. Yeah, but I want a single din with flip out screen.
  11. It's a brand new head unit, so they're still top price on Ebay, unfortunately.
  12. Thanks Bud!
  13. If they have it, wouldn't mind a quote on the "AVH-Z7050BT" Not planning on buying ASAP, but it's on the list.
  14. The Head unit I want for my car is $999 from Pioneer...and JB's don't sell it so I can't even staff price it. Everything is on hold at the moment anyway.
  15. Good Luck!