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  1. Hey fam! Stupid question: The Rotors don't change on the R33 between Sedan and Coupe do they?
  2. Anyone going to Cars & Kebabs on Saturday?
  3. Auto. I think it's pushing 13psi, from memory.
  4. No guys, seriously its within 15hp of 250 . No jokes. Just not saying which side.
  5. Not giving the exact number but let's say ~250. If it pleases you.
  6. more than that...
  7. Nope. It made what a Stock R33 should make.
  8. Cars back from C-Red, it was Dyno'd and retuned all day. Running incredibly smooth now. Made exactly what we guessed it would make. Everything is good.
  9. Definitely isn't.
  10. Cars over at C-Red again getting a new tune.
  11. Yeah mines a pain in the ass with the a/c on. I pulled and cleaned the Iacv (was pretty clean) and tested the idle up solenoid. Worked no probs but after research is the Iacv is blocked off because of the nistune. Clutch was siesed in the a/c compressor so put a new one on and got a re-gas. I've re-set the idle to 900rpm. But it drops to 550 when the thermo cuts in not the a/c compressor clutch. It only stalls if you have to brake hard or on and off the clutch pedal at the lights. If only we knew a auto electrician to the stars? Probably busy on a 3000hp CAT. Or building a mansion down south. Yeah well im gonna ring Mark (C-Red) tomorrow and let him know whats happening and see what he thinks?
  12. So this is what I had done today. She the cars aircon works finally!. Ice cold. Piggy back ECU is in with a stock tune but the cars now backfiring and idling really rough so in going to have to take it back next week and get it looked into.
  13. Dyno
  14. Tyre is back on the Skyline, She's all ready for her big day.
  15. Nah mate, I'll just pick up the wheel tomorrow (I worked the last 5 days and couldn't anyway)