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  1. Why not Colins joint?
  2. What is the rego? Everyone could keep a look out for that S.O.B. I've got to get it off of my neighbor when I next see him.
  3. My neighbour told me today that a white skyline pulled up in my driveway and was trying to get into my garage. This will be the third time someone's tried to steal my car in a year. Geeeeeze. He wrote down the rego though.
  4. If only we could all be so lucky.
  5. SGIO insured mine no worries.
  6. I asked Larry Kosilla what he thinks it is and this is what he said Larry is one of, if not the BEST Detailers in the world and is who I turn to whenever I have a query about detailing cars.
  7. I'd be taking it back to the painter, you payed good money to have the car painted properly. Maybe take the car to other paint shops and ask their opinion on what the cause would be (in their experience) before you go back, so that you have an understanding. I wouldn't accept anything but perfection, if that's what you were paying for.
  8. I've not met the young one, no. Have to wait 8 weeks to do so without a whooping cough needle. Zookey looks like he needs a nap these days though
  9. Your Nephew? who?
  10. I've been here, I read the forum two-three plus time a day... I just haven't had anything to input.
  11. Speaking of Mark, he popped into my work on the weekend and we had a little chat.
  12. Yes, White R34 Coupe with Sauwa Stickers.
  13. I spotted a white 34 about a week ago, it was parked outside the Cannington Greyhounds. Reason I'm posting it is because it had SAUWA stickers on the rear windows.
  14. Give Mark from C-Red a call. (08) 9356 3000
  15. Enjoy the meet!.