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  1. Manne

    That's f**king cool.
  2. Manne

    Where'd you lot go?
  3. Manne

    Woo! Just got this for $180. Not sure if legit or not but it's much better looking / less damaged than my current bumper. Painters/ experienced paint people - how should I approach this?
  4. Manne

    So I'm picking up a new front bumper tomorrow after work. Shout out to @z00keyfor the find!.
  5. Manne

    Holy crap that this is gorgeous!. I'm not familiar with what type of Ford it is, but, instantly in love.
  6. Manne

    Oh my god this is gold. Please keep us in the loop.
  7. Manne

    Anything good show up?
  8. Manne

    Oh, and @z00keyuses In-Style Collision, they've done really good work with his car.
  9. Manne

    AFM Enterprises have been highly recommended to me, but they're VERY expensive.
  10. Manne

    Damn. Mines trashed and is the same. been looking for a new one for ever, can't find one.
  11. Manne

    You wouldn't happen to have another one of those Front Bumpers would you? Desperately searching for that exact bumper.
  12. Manne

    The thought crossed my mind.
  13. Manne

    oh man, nothing worked, mobile, computer, tapatalk, nothing.
  14. Manne

    Did anyone else get a bug where they couldn't post? It's been days now.
  15. Manne

    I'm very happy with how she is running.