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  1. Anyone looking to buy or know anyone looking to buy a Skyline? I'm drowning in medical bills at the moment so I have to part with the car. Just swapped the engine last November to another RB25 with half the km's on it along with the nismo front bumper.
  2. I was able to get them from Nissan for about the same price once you factor in shipping.
  3. I need to get some replacement rubber stops for the R33's bonnet, do you guys have a local place to get them or a preferred online store?
  4. Can you fit an entire front bumper in your car?
  5. Hello Everyone. Back in February my motor died, i'm pretty sure it was the head gasket but I'm no expert with these things. I've finally found a new engine and am having the swap done next week and need to sell the old one because I have no room for it, don't plan on rebuilding it and need to make some money back from swap. I will have more photos of the Engine once it is out of the car. These motors are getting harder to find, and they're getting more and more expensive. I've looked on Gumtree and other dead RB25's are being listed anywhere from $600 - $1200. I'm asking for $500 ono for the engine. Pickup from the Cannington area. Note: The Painted covers will be going on my new engine and it's standard grey will be going on the broken one. Also, I will have photos of the engine out of the car some time this week. Secondly, I'm also selling the front bumper from my car, as you can see in the photos below it's pretty thrashed, but i'm replacing it along with the new engine being put in, so, same story there. I'm asking $200ono for the front bumper (including the fog lights, which from what I've seen online are worth about $100) Same deal as above, pickups from the Cannington area, WA. DM me if you're interested in either, or if you have any further questions.
  6. Same car. Engine Swap. Old one blew a head gasket, basically.
  7. Hey guys!, sorry I vanished for a little there. I haven't had much to talk about since the car died, so I've just been working my ass off trying to get enough money for a new one and so fourth. Things are looking up now though, the blown engine is for sale and i'm selling my front bumper too (because I bought a new one before the engine died). Should be back on the road "soon".
  8. I can vouch for C-Red, Mark is a great Mechanic, you'll get nothing but honesty from the boys there.
  9. Bummer. Part out or fix? At least it made it home for you. Fix it then possibly Sell and try break even. Stock Turbo. It was just an old, high KM Engine, remember the car was parked up in a Trucking yard with no Rego for years and had a very questionable past. So now I'm looking for a new engine which, these engine are stupidly expensive, and I'm going to sell my old engine to anyone who'll take it for maybe $500...
  10. Was driving home from work, turned onto my street, had 0 power on acceleration. Engine "shook" got power back, but there was so much smoke blowing out the exhaust that I looked like I was doing the sickest burnout ever. When I pulled into my driveway the idle was terrible the engine was shaking, I turned her off, tried to start her again and she wouldn't. she spent 2 days at C-Red and they told me that 2 cylinders lost compression, the oil line to the turbo split and the turbo blew up too, and the head gasket went as well. While they were looking at her she seized up completely.
  11. Anyone got a running RB25 or 26 sitting around they'd be willing to part with? *puppy eyes*
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