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  1. alekseymenkov

    I find a way to adjust the TPS! First, you need to calibrate base idle to 600 rpm. Next, you need to adjust the ignition timing to 15 degrees. At last, rotate TPS to 0.5V, like an manual, and do following: Key to IGN -> wait 5 sec -> Key to OFF -> wait 5 sec -> Key to IGN -> wait 5 sec -> Key to OFF -> wait 5 sec -> key to IGN -> check "TPS closed" flag in Consult. It will be ON! You need to do 5 turn of key, or more with 5 seconds waiting. Duncan, I want to calibrate all sensors to stock values (like in manual) Before, my TPS closed at 0.42V.
  2. alekseymenkov

    Hey guys, I have a problem with my skyline R34 rb25det neo MT I adjust TPS sensor to 0.5V (like in manual), but in consalt, flag "Closed TPS" is OFF. How to learn TPS? I hear, there is a way of 5 times turn a key to IGN, and back to OFF position.