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  1. Unused Magnaflow 3 inch hotdog resonator. 22inch long, reduces to around 2.5 inch in the centre. $40
  2. Jasma 3 inch stainless steel diff back exhaust in excellent condition. No rust, holes or dents. Comes with hangers to suit an R33 gtst perfectly. Reduces to 2.5 or 2.75 near the tip (can be seen in pics). I had this on my car with no other mufflers and it sounded great, had that deep, clear rb25 note and made the perfect level of noise. Fairly loud but never drew the wrong attention or made you deaf from drone. The exhaust is angled. Selling because i don't like the look of canon exhausts and got an oval muffler instead. My car made 250rwkw fine with this exhaust. Might get restrictive once you get to 270-280 but im not an expert. $150 ONO
  3. Description from Scotty's customs: When changing to an aftermarket fuel rail you used to require an aftermarket fuel regulator, but with this adapter that’s a thing of the past. Screws into most aftermarket fuel rails using an 8an thread with Oring. Bought from scotty's customs for $80, will sell for $40 posted ONO. New, never used. Went with an aftermarket fuel reg instead. Located Melbourne
  4. When the car is on jackstands check for play in the wheels. If they have movement it could be worn tie rods.
  5. vic 

    The GT badge on the front right guard under the indicator definitely looks blue
  6. If anyone is looking for these bushes the superpro part number is: SPF1638K These will fit 100%
  7. No it isn't legal as it doesn't have an airbag. You'll get defected for the steering wheel which will result in a fine. It's not worth doing, the standard steering wheel is nice anyway and its not a great idea to have no airbag. This question has been asked and answered multiple times. If you do a google search it'll come up
  8. It should look good imo, will stand out more than black or silver if thats what you are hoping for. Just have a look on the net for pics of grey cars with gold rpf1's
  9. Thanks Eddie, i have the GK tech hicas delete kit. The bushes were found to be faulty and loose fitting, allowing play in the arms (could be just a batch of the gk tech bushes) I contacted a seller on ebay that sells a delete kit with superpro bushes and they told me the part number was spf1638k. It should come in next week, will post whether it fits or not.
  10. Can anyone confirm the superpro part number for this bush is SPF1638K?
  11. Ill buy them off ya. Pm sent
  12. ..

    Where can i get one from?
  13. Bring the car back to your dad, get a refund, then buy a cheap P plate legal car. You're not going to be able to get an exemption, doesn't matter if your in the Army or work at KFC.
  14. From what i have read 275 or 285 is the recommended width for a 10.5 inch rim. 275 on a 9 inch rim isn't recommended as its too wide.
  15. Wish i could play forza horizon 3 but i have a PS4. Last game i played was the newest need for speed which was okay. Really enjoyed gran turismo 5 on ps3, how does is compare to FH3?