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  1. Yeah slightly less top speed in 6th at .794 vs the .759 for the 5 speed, looks like give & take, might be good at some points & crap at others lol, yeah longer 1st & shorter middles like a lot of bikes do it be good No hugs for the cd at this point
  2. Did seem like you'd be going through gears a lot but rolls start at 40km so would have more revs on & around 80km third gear would be better with more revs on, may end up slower for drags with an extra shift though
  3. Yeah didn't seem ideal looking at the rough calculations but thought someone may have tried it, have a lsd I'd rather not swap centres as was a bit hard to set it up last time
  4. People have used lower ratio's with a cd, there's someone on here with a 4.3 but is yet to run it. Be a trade off but would possibly make third gear more useable at lower speeds
  5. Looking to swap in a cd009, with the current diff the speed in gears will be lower than with the 5 speed, not sure whether the car would accelerate faster with that setup. This is roughly what the gear speeds would be, anyone run a cd with a 4.3 diff? Running a 25 around 400kw.
  6. Doesn't seem too likely if you break a ringland it goes through the turbo? Does happen but rough guess at the odds of it happening?
  7. This is the problem with these cars now, I know a few people that did get paid out but not what the car was worth so after high premiums & high excess it's a losing situation. I could only get an insured value of 35k but payout is on market value or whichever is less so I'm sure they'll fudge the piss out of if anything happens, meanwhile they'll take the premiums & 3.5k excess
  8. What's it like in OZ for the old RB cars getting stolen? Getting stolen & high insurance costs is pretty bad in NZ
  9. Been a while but the switch closer to the bellhousing is reverse
  10. 2GRFSE can sound not bad for a v6 with the right exhaust
  11. Cheers, I was looking at the Kelford 262 9.3 or usual poncams but don't know enough about ramp rates, overlap etc & seems to be not much posted about results for the Kelfords
  12. Thanks, will leave it and see what happens later
  13. Looking for opinions from people that have done 2530s. Would you do the 30 if the 25 is still running well? (25 neo around 350kw)
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