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  1. Is there much lost by plumbing in the wastegate with the 3 inch exhaust?
  2. RB25 Throttle Body standard vs 80mm throttle control After opinions on how the throttle felt when swapping the standard throttle body to Q45/80mm,
  3. Is there quite a few Kando T67s that have failed at around 23psi on a 25?
  4. Thanks Johnny, I'll be fitting them at the dyno so didn't want to have to make any spacers or anything to fit.
  5. BOLT ON INJECTOR & RAIL KIT Anyone know of a top feed injector & rail kit that bolts straight onto a RB25 Greddy plenum without playing with spacing etc?
  6. NZ STREET CARS RUNNING E85 Are many street cars in NZ running E85 or E85 mix? Wondering if the limited availability & cost will be too much hassle & end up back on 98 anyway.
  7. G4 flex tune To do a flex tune on a link G4 which is currently tuned on 98 would you have to do numerous tunes starting with a low amount of 98 then add 5 or 10 litres of e85 at time?
  8. At a guess would you think it would be enough to make it worthwhile or too close of a sidestep?
  9. Would the R595 be an upgrade for a T67? Looking for a T3 open option.
  10. Anyone know the approx limits of the coppermix single?, is on a 25 2wd with mainly street use, anyone run mid to high 300rwkws with one?
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