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  1. Thanks, will leave it and see what happens later
  2. Looking for opinions from people that have done 2530s. Would you do the 30 if the 25 is still running well? (25 neo around 350kw)
  3. Seems pointless to change them while the car is running ok & isn't getting any other work, was just interested if anyone had or expected issues with them
  4. Do Nismo 740cc injectors become a problem with E50?
  5. Is there much lost by plumbing in the wastegate with the 3 inch exhaust?
  6. RB25 Throttle Body standard vs 80mm throttle control After opinions on how the throttle felt when swapping the standard throttle body to Q45/80mm,
  7. Is there quite a few Kando T67s that have failed at around 23psi on a 25?
  8. Thanks Johnny, I'll be fitting them at the dyno so didn't want to have to make any spacers or anything to fit.
  9. BOLT ON INJECTOR & RAIL KIT Anyone know of a top feed injector & rail kit that bolts straight onto a RB25 Greddy plenum without playing with spacing etc?
  10. NZ STREET CARS RUNNING E85 Are many street cars in NZ running E85 or E85 mix? Wondering if the limited availability & cost will be too much hassle & end up back on 98 anyway.
  11. Are people doing head studs for 22psi on 98 with stock motor?
  12. G4 flex tune To do a flex tune on a link G4 which is currently tuned on 98 would you have to do numerous tunes starting with a low amount of 98 then add 5 or 10 litres of e85 at time?
  13. At a guess would you think it would be enough to make it worthwhile or too close of a sidestep?
  14. Would the R595 be an upgrade for a T67? Looking for a T3 open option.
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