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  1. Hey guys, Here is part two! Part three is yet to come.. http://motivedvd.com/motive/2016/06/30/st-hitec-gt-r-festival-heritage-display-part-two/
  2. I forgot to mention, I can just mention first name if you'd like to remain anon.
  3. Hey can everyone PM me through their name for the R32 and R33/34 article? Missing a few on here Also tell me what car you have
  4. Hey guys, below is part one: http://motivedvd.com/motive/2016/06/18/sau-nsw-heritage-display-part-one/ Thanks,
  5. I can't thank you guys enough. This article is going to be epic! I will also be writing one for NZ Performance Car magazine's website too! So plenty of coverage for the club.
  6. Hey guys! I work for Motive DVD, and I am hunting for information required for an article on the heritage display vehicles. Hope you all enjoyed the GT-R Festival! Thanks,
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