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    Attempted to download the manual but couldn't find the wiring diagram. But furthermore I agree as I've connected the amp/subwoofer back onto the positive terminal and noticed that the drain is back down to 50mAh which is O.K I also noticed that by doing this when I have switched the ignition on it has lowered usage from 6Ah to 1.2Ah. So I suspect the Amp/Sub cable somehow creates a better circuit which in turn is pulling less amps. For now I'm happy with my 50mAh drain and 1.2Ah when it is on Aux/Ignition. I wasn't prepared to test parasitic drain on aux/ignition when the amp/sub was on as I suspect this will blow my fuse in the multimeter (10amp fuse)
  2. Hi All! I'm replacing my battery in my R34 GTT and decided I would check to see if there was any excess drain on my battery whilst it was off. Noticed a pull of about 630mAh. Now from what I've read most cars should only be pulling up to a maximum of 50mah. I've identified the culprit to be one of the 60A Main Fuses as see attached. I've been searching the internet to find out what is used by this 60A Main fuse but I have been unsuccessful so far.. If anyone has any information onto what parts of the car uses this circuit that would be great! .... Whilst we're at it, does anyone know what the standard amp pull is whilst the ignition is switched on? (with no accessories connected) I suspect the main issue is that some of the battery cells (as to why I am replacing it) are dead but the battery drains completely after 5-10 minutes whilst on ignition and needs a jump start.