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  1. R34 GTT Window Rubber/Seal/Moulding/Glazing Replacement? Hi guys I'm busy trying to restore my R34 GTT to immaculate condition. I want to replace the rubber seal that goes on the windscreen at the bottom. I looks dried up from the sun and caused it to warp and break. I've attached photos. I would like to know where I can get my hands on something like this as I would like to replace it. Also, on the driver and passenger window upper seals, there seems to be a line of glue that was left behind from previous owners putting wind deflector/visor guards on it. How would I get this off the rubber? Also, there seems to be a huge gap between the rubber and the frame. Is that normal on R34s? Could I just replace it? And how would you restore all the rubber seals so it looks brand new? Thanks
  2. StaceyR34GTT

    Awesome. Can I ask, how much paint did you use? I'm thinking of going to supercheap and asking them to make me my color code (GV1). How many coats of primer, base coat and clear did you spray on?
  3. StaceyR34GTT

    Thanks Jordy. I will have to look into another kit. Maybe Viva Garage, but I've seen some negative feedback from their kits not fitting properly. But I will see. I had a look at your build thread, very nice. I'm thinking of painting and fitting it myself too (well ill get the hubby to do it haha). What grid did you sand with (before spray) and did you use a plastic primer, or just regular primer?
  4. Hey guys I have these stains on my seats that I can't get out on my R34. what do you guys use for cleaning on seats? And also, how can I get these scratches off the radio surround plastic panels? I looks kinda deep like it was scratched with a screw driver from previous owners.
  5. 25mm rim offset for R34 GTT? Hey guys I don't know much about rims. I'm looking to get new ones for my R34 GTT (coupe). The wheels I want to get are Rota Grid 19x8.5 +25.!prettyPhoto What's the maximum offset I can go? I have coil overs and stock guards, fenders. I currently have Lenso 19"x8.0 on all 4 wheels and I think the offset is around-about +42mm. All my tyres are 245/35/R19. I know there's a forum on people posting their wheel dimensions but I can't seem to find anyone with this setup on a R34 GTT. Can anyone check if this will fit. I don't wanna spend heaps of money then find out it scrapes on something when turning...
  6. StaceyR34GTT

    ok, so I've gone to their GTR Z-tune full kit section: and it says it includes: front bar, front lower diffuser, side skirts (pair), rear pods (pair), and mounting bolts and screws. so GTT will be the same right? If this is true then that sucks. Because currently I have an ugly Bomex body kit on my GTT (thanks previous owners...). So if I got the Z-tune kit then I would need to get OEM side skirts and rear bar to fit those z-tune skirts and rear pods on correct? cos I pulled the bomex side skirt away a little bit and could see that the OEM side skirt (idk what its called, ill upload a pic) is missing. And the Bomex rear bar is one piece meaning you don't attach rear pods to it.
  7. Anyone have R34 GTT Nismo Z-Tune Full kit? Has anyone bought the R34 GTT (Coupe) Nismo Z-Tune Full kit from Jsai? I'm interested in buying this kit but it doesn't list what's exactly in this full body kit. Does it come with front bumper, front diffuser, bonnet lip?, side skirts, and rear bumper? And would I have to trim my GTT bonnet to let the front bumper fit on or is this made for GTT bonnets? And hows the quality of these? I've heard Josh's work is pretty good. Cos I just wanna send it to the paint shop and not have to f**k around with imperfections
  8. StaceyR34GTT

    :UPDATE: I got my Apexi Power Intake from Justjap today. I compared it with this fake/genuine article: Then compared it with this video: Mine looks like the genuine one in the video. But the brass screw genuine design on that other article looks different to mine and the video's genuine intake. weird... and mine is 75mm ID ? Anyway check for your selfs
  9. StaceyR34GTT

    I'm thinking of buying a radar detector for my R34. I'm not a hoon and I don't speed but I do want to be cautious. I was wondering if any of you guys get picked on from cops for having radar detectors. There's a shop in Perth that sells radar detectors and they say it's 100% legal in WA. Can cops in WA pick up signals from radar detectors and will know that you have one? I'm looking at buying the Valentine 1 as it seem to be the popular choice
  10. StaceyR34GTT

    This looks promising! Surely JustJap won't sell phony stuff will they? Also, one could just bolt the apexi pod filter straight onto the factory MAF (with the gasket ofcourse), right?
  11. StaceyR34GTT

    Have you shopped for Apexi Power Intakes from this site before? Just want to make sure they are legit I also saw this from Apexi USA: (will this fit on my R34?) But the gasket in that pic looks just like the fake one that Dobz posted about. The shape of it Im confused haha I just want to buy a legitimate one for the cheapest price
  12. Heya Im looking at buying a new pod filter for my R34 RB25DET Neo. Last owner had a DRiFT one in there. I want to get the APEXi Power Intake pod filter but I've heard there's alot of fake ones out there on the market (ebay). So I want to make sure that I'm buying the official one and not the fake one. I saw some ones on ebay from china, philippines for like less than $40, so that to me sounds like fake. There is this one on ebay for $84 from Aus: Does this one look legit?
  13. Helllo everyone I bought my R34 not long ago. I have these strange white marks on my Lenzo 19" wheels/rims. They look like scratches but it's not from curb rash. The scratches were on there from the previous owner(s). I want to get rid of them. I don't know if these are aluminium, chrome or alloy. I'm kinda new to this. I've tried cleaning/rubbing it good and wont come off, so it's not bird shit or paint lol. Could this be brake dust eating into the wheels? I've attached the pics in this post. All other 3 wheels look the same. I did sand a little area on one wheel to check if it goes away with 2000 grit sand paper. Would one suggest to sand the wheel with 2000 or 3000 grit sand paper then polish it good? Or does that look like chrome paint? and if so, should I just spray it with chrome then hit it with a clear coat? Any help or advice would be much appreciated!
  14. Thanks guys haha yeah I was just a bit concerned about that. Now I know it's power steering fluid. =)
  15. Hi everyone . I'm so new to all of this. sorry for the noob post but I've recently bought an R34 and I have no idea what this thing is: It sits next to the air intake pipe. Seems like theres oil inside of it when I open it up. Could this be the oil that cools down the turbo? :s Im curious to know because I got my oil changed at a service station but do I need to change this aswell?