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  1. Finding it hard to find parts for my mr30 in australia, im looking for things such as interior plastics, badges, hotplates etc etc. Any websites i would apreciate if they have new/old stock or aftermarket stuff that would fit in the MR30 thanks guys Kelman
  2. Just bought a MR30 looking at fixing the old girl up.Would a 240 wooden steering wheel fit without any alterations?.
  3. Looking at doing a swap of interior /door trims on my MR30 sedan, is the r31 interiors/ door trims able to fit in the mr30? any advice would be grateful.
  4. Howdy Looking to replace a radiator out of a Mr30 , can't find a r30 radiation anywhere, does anyone know any good alternative radiators the would fit? Do the 31 radiators fit, I've also heard the 33 radiators fit well too.
  5. You end up getting this mate?
  6. Cheers mate I had one back in the day when I got my licence over a decade ago.... I've always liked them and I love my 31's but I haven't seen a 30 for sale for awhile or even on the road.... God knows why?!?.
  7. No worries GTSboy , I may as well not worry about it then. Seems like a hunk of junk.
  8. Cheers mate, so from what you can see it's a base model? (Executive)?. I'll try and snap it up.
  9. Howdy guys, Been a member for a while but never posted.I found a reasonable condition(Runs, Drives, starts and stops) MR30 here in Adelaide, South Australia. I need help on identifying what year , model and any other information that would help. The guy has had it 11 year's and wants to part ways with it. Its a matching numbers car as far as I'm aware but unsure if it has the usual L24 in it. Doing some of my own research they came out with many different engine variations. I know its not a Ti either, but any information would help. How much would it be worth ball park? Are these getting harder to find? If so why?, I've had one in the past but don't see them anymore. Hope Ive explained myself well enough. Cheers Kelman
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