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  1. that's a decent thread to reference for the "squirrel" trick, it's taking that reference pin and supplying the 5v source to the 3 other pins. The diodes roughly drop the voltage about .6v per diode so just roughly do the math listed in the thread to get the output you need for each pin.
  2. Just wondering if these will need conversion lines brake lines? They're the 2 pot opposed piston calipers, car already has internal ebrake. Doesn't look like the banjo bolts on the current set up want to fit into the z32 rears, just tried to fit them and the banjo bolts are extremely long and don't seem to want to fit nicely. I believe the z32 shares the rears with r33 gtst and r32 GTR. Thanks everyone !
  3. i did not.......and now i am expecting the car to explode oil at some point....no leaks at the moment though so I'm praying no problems for the mean while.
  4. Gates belt, was tensioned using two turns on crank and a bit more, leaving me with about 1/4 turn twisting the belt. Pump, tensioner, idler was all done as well.
  5. Just wondering it it's possible to adjust tension after you've finished putting everything back? Can i just take off the fan, belts, CAS, upper cover and re-tension? Car sounds like its got a super charger and bothers the crap outta me and makes me fear a snap one of these days at high rpm. Thanks guys.
  6. just running off the base gtt map from nistune I'm guessing as well ? also where did you grab the pressure source for the waste gate? and last but not least any plans on a boost gauge ?
  7. Nice, coming along really smoothly for your car! How long was you oil feed? I'm going to be teeing it off the oil pressure sender so just wondering what lengths and how much slack/extra there was for you guys.
  8. Nice, time to do direct voltage mod while your at it for constant voltage or else that pump will be very unhappy. I've also seen alot of kits use the 342 pump over the 341 but as you can see either will work. Im slowly reaching the point of all parts ready to go on too, got most of the piping stuff and oem tubby for under 600 all together.
  9. You guys are all lucky in terms of costs for this conversion haha. the cost of a good condition det motor in Canada is at the very least 1500+ and potentially double for the manual tranny attached. The cost of me swapping to a gtt in better condition than my current setup is also gonna set me back 3-5k at least assuming I can get market price 10k and a decent gtt for 13-15k. I honestly also feel the same way aleks feels about the car, in that I also pretty much wanted to learn and loved the car before the conversion talks. the exhaust part I also got done essentially subbed the original exhaust stuff a little in front of the cat to a 2.5 all the way through to a borla muffler at the end car sounds mean but quiet enough while crusing.
  10. Yep definitely got the ecu last night! 135 for ecu is a steal! also I saw that but probably thought it was too small by the picture! looked tiny till I remembered AN12 would be about the size of the the 3/4 adapter. I thought about the angled adapter not pointing right as well but I feel it would definitely help with gravity drain.
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