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  1. so my gtr was crunching third to fourth, took it apart and the 3 clips on the synchro are worn out, where can i buy replacement ones? contacted a local gearbox place they said 3 weeks to get them in... cheers
  2. darkparagon

    so which one has the 3 spoke attached to the rear? later models?
  3. difference betweern r32 gtr steering wheels i have heard that there are 2 different r32 gtr steering wheel one from 1989- 1992 and one for 1993 - 1994, how can you tell the difference and are they interchangeable?
  4. darkparagon

    which company did you buy the synchros/bearing etc from?
  5. R32 GTR synchro needs replacing so in my r32 gtr when changing from 3rd to 4th over 60 km it crunches so im guessing the synchro is gone i am planning on pulling the gearbox and replacing the synchro, i have a friend who can do it for me but he has never done a 32 sychro replacement, anything to look out for or tips also where would you recommend buying the synchros from? do they have a part name? thanks,
  6. method for cleaning light dust of exterior paint? what are you guys doing to get light dust of exterior paint? couple people have recommended those thick handheld dusters.
  7. R32 Gtr tomei exhaust thoughts? Looking at getting a tomei extreme ti exhaust system for my r32 GTR, but i heard they are really loud and detectable. Anyone running this setup? What's your thoughts? Better alternative?
  8. darkparagon

    Buying from Yahoo Japan anyone purchased stuff from yahoo japan? i was having a look through and wondering what website people use to import after they win an item, i heard import monster is alright. anyone have experience in this?
  9. Looking to Buy R32 GTR Need advice so I have been in the market for a R32 GTR for the past few months now and and still undecided on what to do. would it be better to buy a gtr that is in need of some work and fairly stock for $20k, or buy one with new paint, built motor, 300kw at wheels etc for 35k? doing rust repair and gettting a new paint job wont cost me much a am close friends with someone in the trade. how much would it cost roughly to get 300kw at the wheels? 10k? thanks a lot in advance for your replies
  10. what import company do you recommend? so im looking to import an r32 gtr to Adelaide, heard good things from iron chef and j-spec imports. what are your past experiences with importing? companies you recommend/ dont recommend. thanks in advance
  11. is it still worth it/cheaper to import?
  12. looking to buy r32 gtr but prices are crazy now? so i am currently in the market for an r32 gtr. but the prices now days are crazy, i remember looking a few years ago and they were like 15k now simillar ones are 30k+ do you guys think the price will continue to rise?