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  1. Will do!!! A side mount is where I want to stay ( I spent nearly a year reading up on air flow..) , I read up that a standard Toyota supra would flow at least 400... they have just released a side mount that will meet 500 so I wil get one if things are hindered .. It’s going to have a compression test I the morning . Cheers Bob speak shortly 👍
  2. Hi, So I paid up today and got my keys back, collecting tomorrow, afr’s are the same as last December as is the way it builds boost. He said he is stumped ...and the thing is I know the guy isn’t a bulls**ter. Also said compression “feels good” hmmmm .. I do really respect the guy and he is probably one of the best (if not the best) mappers for rb’s in the uk. I want to protect his anonymity because he is good and people always judge but I’m a little lost with it. I’ve compared graphs from last year and now, the car has done 900 miles approx since last December but I got the sheets back and they are showing 290 hp at the fly, last year showed 348 hp. I have a walbro 255lph pump so should be fine and not running out of puff.. I really want to go rb25/30 but Rb 30’s over here are like hens hens wisdom teeth.. Im going to do a compression test and see where things are on that front. Pressure drop across the Intercooler? It’s a side mount (big Toyota supra one as don’t want to cut the bumper around and will support 450 apparently) but old, maybe it could have degraded since last year but I doubt it... So, I pick it up tomorrow ... Thanks for getting back to me. Anything else it could be? Cheers Paul
  3. paulzy123

    Welcome Andy mate, it’s paulzy 👍 That rad caps still going strong, wish I could say the same for the car!! Good to see you on here 👍
  4. Hi, The at the fly wheel figures are calculated based on a wheel figure that the dyno measures then is worked back back using a figure to compensate for transmission losses. You don’t really see many dyno graphs showing wheel horsepower over here which is annoying as crank horse power is calculated, having a transmission that’s auto also increases the losses to the wheels over a manual so it’s even more out. the afr’s are ok, I’m not there when it’s being looked at and dyno’d but when it was set up a year ago apparently the afr’s were “super safe” I could post a sheet showing the at the fly wheel and afr’s from the mapping that was done a year ago I’d that helps? The guy pressure tests both before and after the Intercooler. It’s a hybrid turbo built by a very well known company in England. The guy who maps it is a well known guy on the Nissan sr 20 and rb scene and has been established over 15 years with a good rep, expensive but good. its a 3” straight through system, the manifold is a 3mm steam pipe low mount, weighs a ton cost £400. Today I got a message saying that it won’t make any more power with more boost or timing and made 290hp (fly wheel) @.95 bar. I’m guessing either turbo or compression. It did have s boost leak for a while, could this have made the turbo over work to create the target boost to the point it’s damaged the turbo?
  5. Hi everyone, Firstly, what a great forum this is, it’s the fountain of knowledge for everything skyline related, it’s taken years to build this up and is the best forum for skylines out there, it has helped me loads, thank you. So I’ve been frequenting this forum on off for a while now, trying to get the information I need to achieve decent figures in my auto. After sorting the gearbox (401) with an additional bigger cooler (28 row mocal) and an MV auto’s stage 2 shift kit I then fitted a hybrid turbo, 440cc injectors and Emanage ultimate, bigger inter cooler and free flowing exhaust and exhaust manifold, 1.1mm steel head gasket and ARP head bolts. New water and oil pump. Off it went to be mapped, it returned with a nice 348 at the fly wheel figure at .85 bar. I think this equates to around 200rwkw depending in what fudge factor is being used? I could well be wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time... I’ve read lots of posts on here probably the automatic performance thread back to front at least 5 times but I still forget stuff. The car went off to be mapped again last week as I really want that 400 at the fly figure which I’m guessing is around the 250-260rwkw mark. After they found and fixed my very leaky rubber inlet manifold gasket they got her on the dyno. I got a message asking what I have changed on the car since it was last mapped as it’s only making 300 at the fly now and turning the boost up makes no difference. My mapper said it is like an exhaust restriction and asked if I have a cat but I haven’t, it straight through. The car has barely done 1k miles since it was mapped at this time last year so I’m a little stumped.🧐 It has a standard bov, and a gizmo boost controller, they have leak tested it and there are no boost leaks. I’m also told the injectors are not maxing out and that turning the boost up isn’t making any difference. I’ve asked for him to look up the exhaust tomorrow to see if anything is up there that shouldn’t be, failing that???? It’s a rebuilt hybrid that went in when it was mapped last year. I only ever drive it gently all the way to the drag strip and then home again, maybe I’ll take it out and cruise around once in a blue moon but I never go flat out other than half a dozen times at the strip. The air filter has been checked and is fine also. Some of you guys will know this one even though what I’ve just written in my mind doesn’t compute. Any help or advice on this would be greatly appreciated as I’m not going manual even though I get a fair bit of flack for being auto. Thanks in advance Paul
  6. paulzy123

    Slight miscalculation with funds till payday .. DOH! Good luck with the sale mate 👍
  7. paulzy123

    Would you split as only interested in the yellow lighter? Cheers Paul
  8. paulzy123

    R33 Gtst spec 2 Auto emanage ultimate hybrid turbo 440cc injectors z32 maf 2jz gte side mount no nos .85 bar of boost 14.2 100mph going backwards now 🙄
  9. paulzy123

    R33 Gtst spec 2 Auto emanage ultimate hybrid turbo 440cc injectors z32 maf 2jz gte side mount no nos .85 bar of boost 14.1 @ 104 mph struggling to get off the line cleanly.
  10. paulzy123

    Haven’t got the harness no, I’ve taken the supply and fused it direct from the battery and put it on a switch. All works well though, really pleased! Gotta add at least 3rwkw! ;0) Thank for your help on this. Cheers Paul
  11. Hi StefanjR33, whats the diameter of the horns? Cheers Paul
  12. paulzy123

    Thanks guys, the thing that threw me was looking at the lambda sensor apparently the black is the signal and cream is the ground. As tridentt150v says black is used as the nuetral in all other things. I'll give it a try when i get home, Richmond98 thanks for the shout on that hopefully mine will do the same. Cheers Paul 👍
  13. paulzy123

    Hi, So I picked up my puretron a couple of weeks ago and have had a look and there doesn’t appear to be any indication of positive and negative on the power cables for it just a black and a grey cable. My better judgement would say black is positive but I’d like to be sure as I don’t want to pop the electronics inside it when I wire it in. I’ve had it apart but can’t make out which is positive and negative as they are on a small connector that connects to the blind side of he pcb. If somebody knows this one it would be much appreciated. Thanks Paul
  14. paulzy123

    Ah shucks, I picked one up a couple of weeks back, sorry I should have updated this thread. Paul
  15. paulzy123

    Mate I think they're kept in between the buckets of unicorn horns and hens teeth! Thanks for the response, the search go's on..