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  1. Which box? Hi guys, I dropped the car off off earlier this week for some nice additions and let's just say things haven't gone to plan 🙄 So now I'm going to forge it and in a final act of defiance I am thinking about a powerglide but looking around there seems to be lots of different ones, do any of them serve in the skyline or is there a particular one that should be used? I only really use the car at the strip now. Thanks for your help #bentrods
  2. Nicccceeeee! Keep us posted on the progress mate 👍
  3. Welcome Loris, no better place to grow up! 👍
  4. Welcome Reilly, as PranK say plenty of useful info on here to help you on you quest 👍
  5. A lovely spec 2 mate awesome, gotta say I agree with them being fun drive! 😎
  6. Good stuff, sounds like you know what you want 😎 keep us updated 👍
  7. Interesting build plan.. welcome 👍
  8. Skyline all the way mate, have driven a mustang, very nice and lots of character but you'll never match the character of a skyline in my eyes. i wish I had a £ for everyone that had a skyline, then sold it, then wanted one again..
  9. Looking good man,, welcome 👍
  10. Welcome to the best place to be mate 👍 Whats the plans?
  11. Well done amber 👍 Cool pics I'd imagine skylines are pretty much unheard of in Belgium but, correct me if I'm wrong? You car is gorgeous by the way! Nice one mate 👍
  12. Trade the 7 and buy a massive turbo with upgrades to set your beast free 👍 Welcome mate
  13. Welcome mate. Got any pictures of your ride ?
  14. Welcome, I only dream about owning a beast such as yours..👍
  15. That's banging, looking forward to future posts 👍