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  1. Mate I think they're kept in between the buckets of unicorn horns and hens teeth! Thanks for the response, the search go's on..
  2. Hi, I'm on the hunt for one of these units with the remote and holder for it. If anyone has one sitting around they'd like to sell then please respond. Cheers Paul
  3. So further to my earlier post, I got the car in for a few bits, 1.1 mm HG, arp head bolts, new belts of course, z32 maf, suburu 440cc injectors, hybrid turbo, aftermarket exhaust manifold, - little bit of fabrication to the intake (a new polished ally item sits there now) and to the down pipe also, 2jzgte intercooler now is squashed into the spot where the stock item once sat. All wrapped together with a emanage ultimate. The car made 248.8 hp at the fly wheel @ .8/.9 bar Quite pleased although I'd like a little more but my mapper was scared of hurting the box as it's auto, can't knock him for playing safe.. Comments, constructive criticisms or outright mickey takes welcome. 😎 I've already been told by the manual boys over here that I've almost got enough power now to pull the skin off a rice pudding! 😂 Cheers Paul
  4. Which box? Hi guys, I dropped the car off off earlier this week for some nice additions and let's just say things haven't gone to plan 🙄 So now I'm going to forge it and in a final act of defiance I am thinking about a powerglide but looking around there seems to be lots of different ones, do any of them serve in the skyline or is there a particular one that should be used? I only really use the car at the strip now. Thanks for your help #bentrods
  5. Nicccceeeee! Keep us posted on the progress mate 👍
  6. Welcome Loris, no better place to grow up! 👍
  7. Welcome Reilly, as PranK say plenty of useful info on here to help you on you quest 👍
  8. A lovely spec 2 mate awesome, gotta say I agree with them being fun drive! 😎
  9. Good stuff, sounds like you know what you want 😎 keep us updated 👍
  10. Interesting build plan.. welcome 👍
  11. Skyline all the way mate, have driven a mustang, very nice and lots of character but you'll never match the character of a skyline in my eyes. i wish I had a £ for everyone that had a skyline, then sold it, then wanted one again..
  12. Looking good man,, welcome 👍
  13. Welcome to the best place to be mate 👍 Whats the plans?
  14. Well done amber 👍 Cool pics I'd imagine skylines are pretty much unheard of in Belgium but, correct me if I'm wrong? You car is gorgeous by the way! Nice one mate 👍
  15. Trade the 7 and buy a massive turbo with upgrades to set your beast free 👍 Welcome mate