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  1. I purchased a new battery yesterday and and moving it on the weekend to another storage location. I will take some more pictures of it then. I am negotiable on the price within reason and am happy to bundle the car, spares and trailer. Ryan
  2. Pete, this would be awesome to test your skills up against Neil!
  3. Thanks Roy. It has been around a long time just like your 32. I have my fingers crossed
  4. Thanks Birds It was a massive part of my life for many years but now I feel it needs to go to someone like I was to save them some money and enjoy it. I will miss looking at it. Fingers crossed it sells fast it was hard enough posting the add haha
  5. Hello all, For sale is my 1995 R33 GTSt log booked race car. Attached are some old photos of the car which are 99% how the car sits now, I have also attached the old dyno sheet. I was very conservative on the dyno as I was really after response and longevity out of the package not a huge dyno number. The car has the below modifications: · HKS cams 256/264 · HKS exh cam gear (VCT remains on the inlet) · HKS timing belt · N1 water pump · Low temp thermostat · Plazmaman Plenum · 550cc injectors · Walbro in tank pump · Nismo fuel pressure reg · GTR intercooler · Custom stainless steel intercooler piping · Turbosmart BOV · 10 row oil cooler with remote filter · Z32 airflow meter · Apexi Power FC computer · Apexi AVCR Boost controller · Stainless steel high mount manifold · GT3071R turbo with 0.64 rear hsg ( also has a spare 0.86 ceramic coated rear hsg) · Tial 38mm wastegate · 3” exh with no cat ( comes with a cat to bolt in if required) · Custom 10 ltr sump · Splitfire coil packs · Rear head drain · Ross racing balancer with reduction on W/P and P/S ( A/C removed) · 5 puck brass button clutch · Nismo short shift gear stick · Nismo gear knob · R33 GTR Brakes, RDA rotors, Hawk pads · Patrol master cylinder · Braided lines · In cabin mounted bias adjuster · Stack dash with shift light · 1.5 way mech LSD · Alloy bushed rear sub frame with alloy spacers for roll centre adjustment and sub frame pitch adjustment · Complete interior strip out and paint · 6 point weld in cage with cross in main hoop and rear legs · OMP WRC drivers seat · Sparco Passenger seat · OMP passenger foot rest · Takata drivers harness · Sparco passenger harness · Selby sway bars front and rear · Various Whiteline bushes throughout the car · Completely stripped out wiring and interior and race prepped. The wheels are Advan’s and have old RE55’s on them 17 x 8 front and 17 x 9 rear. The suspension has been removed from the car that I was running as it was built to suit a non-roll caged car and it did not really benefit the chassis. I was looking at updating the rear hubs to R34GTR alloy items and then getting new suspension made to suit. I have since fitted some stock suspension so it can roll around. The next phase of the car for me was to fit some equal sized wheels in either 8” or 8.5” with 245 tyres all round and order a set of custom MCA or DMS suspension to suit the car ( R33 GTST front and R34GTR rear with custom dampening spec). The car is a great safe race package and the chassis is where I wanted it I just wanted to work on the unspring mass, tyres and suspension. It will be a shame to see the car go but I clearly don’t see me having the funds to utilise it like I used to and how it should be. The car is log booked as a sports sedan and the vin and chassis number are still ok to be used on the street if ever required. This was my daily driver and I have owned the car for the last 12 years. The only reason it is being sold is due to a divorce that has finically ruined me and I don’t see me being able to have motorsport as a hobby again till I am much older and I am more financially stable, so I need to move the car on to someone who will be able to use it. I also have a car trailer with 3 mtr ramps and electric brakes I used to tow the car around on which I am happy to let go also. There are also spares that I could throw in with the car which I can go into more detail if you or anyone is interested. The car is in storage where it has been on stands for the last two years. I have to move it from its current location and will get some updated photos by the end of the month. I am chasing $13,000.00 for it with all the spares which includes a disassembled short block and ready to go overhauled head. The trailer will be extra but am happy to negotiate a deal. Feel free to PM me and I will share my mobile number to discuss further. I am located in Newcastle NSW. Regards, Ryan
  6. I have some super advans in 17x8 and 17x9 that I used to use as track rims. They still have old RE55 runner on them. I am in Newcastle PM me if you are keen. Ryan
  7. Looks good bud. Any reason why all the wires are white?
  8. Hi all I am chasing some stock R33 GTSt suspension or cheap coilovers to roll my car around on. Thanks Ryan
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