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  1. I know, thats the wierd part.. Forgot to tell you guys that there is a Getrag 233 on the car! (r34 gtr). Maybe that has something to do with ratio on front diff? Because i checked the ratio by spinning the prop shaft (correct name?) the front one. Whats the price on a r32 front diff without sump? Anyone ships to sweden? Okey, thanks. Ill probably try to change diff without getting the engine out at first. Or just drive rwd.
  2. Hello! I need to change front differential in my R32 gtr, do i have to take the engine out or is it easier to just drop down the front end? And is there anything else i should know/think about? I bought an engine, then my gearbox broke. I checked the front diff ratio and it was 4.5 while rear diff was 4.1 (R32). And ofc I forgot to change it before a the new engine came into place.. Any idea what the front differential might be? Thanks
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