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  1. My limited understanding is those holes must line up. I could be wrong here but if they're a different distance they may not all (3) be lined up when you put the wheel on. I'm afraid I'm probably no further help though specifically on this one though. Sorry, best of luck. [emoji106]
  2. Ok, sorry. I was misleading you. My recollection (while correct for me) isn't what you need. The wheels you have need the three little holes there lined up perfectly. I would suggest that they aren't quite lined up exactly. To this I would start by measuring the holes on each wheel to make sure that they are exactly the same. If they are great, it should then be a matter of just adjusting your boss kit ever so slightly until the new wheel drops into the alignment points. Once it's there it will cancel the indicators for you. It might take a few goes to get it lined up right. You might want to use some tape or a pencil on the top of the wheel to ensure you can line up the top hole correctly.
  3. IIRC there should have been two plastic tabs/poles on your old steering wheel. These are used to cancel the switch when you start turning. From the looks of your new wheel you're missing them. (I might be off topic here as I'm referencing 10 year old memories).
  4. This car is $5k for the entire lot, it takes a up a lot of space in my driveway/carport. I'd be happy to entertain all interest (interstate etc). I can prove it runs, moves etc. Happy to take more photos (of specific items) or create videos. Happy to assist with transportation depending on the situation (i'm not going to drive it to Broome). The car is genuine, and is (I feel) quite cheap. The cost of the safety items alone tallys to around $4k, so call it another 1k for the car, the wheels and the spares. There's a Lemons event coming up at Calder park. They're using the banked turns, surely someone is keen to participate with this car.
  5. Hello. Welcome. There's a wealth of knowledge on RBs in this forum. You can search for just about anything you need here! Do you have an RB powered car now or are you just browsing?
  6. Steve85

    2019 Chrome

    +1 on what? Is the Chrome vs Firefox debate? [emoji848]
  7. I'm sorry I missed this. I've just had kid prevention surgert (vasectomy) so am not really up and about. Hopefully I'll be there next time! [emoji16]
  8. I believe this is king of all the wagons... I'll hear nothing against it. (As long as you've got 20k for maintenace a year!)
  9. I'm glad you found this info... never occurred to me. [emoji848] I was going to suggest using an FM transmitter and see if the radio works when your transmitting from in the car. Come back if your new antenna doesn't work. Happy to keep throwing ideas at you. [emoji16]
  10. If the radio came from Japan *(installed in the car already) then the frequency band will be out. If it is an Australian radio it shouldn't be an issue. Assuming you have an Australian radio check that the antenna is connected to the head unit properly (it just pushes in). Air gaps in RF systems aren't normally helpful. Make sure the cable hasn't been damaged or cut anywhere. An antenna cable that has been crushed is as good as useless as it will be creating an RF short, thereby meaning no signal will run the full length of the cable. Check the antenna cable for damage.
  11. Welcome. For sure you've come to the right place on the internet. There's a wealth of knowledge on this site. Give the search button a go for some generic info, otherwise ask away! [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16]
  12. The trims make the interior look brand new. You have a real eye for details. [emoji16]
  13. Steve85


    Lol. Suits me just fine. I've still got to fix my wagon with a broken engine. 🤣
  14. Very cool. The car is looking amazing. [emoji106]
  15. Steve85


    I think i covered this earlier in a different thread but I'll have another go. As someone who wasn't here ten or fifteen years ago I assume that the landscape was slightly different. I imagine that 10 years ago an owner here would daily or have only the one car that was a Skyline. I would be surprised if it were the same now. In those ten years my own personal experience of trying to daily a modified car by keeping it running, trying to dodge cops for fear of canaries and just plain effort that is required to drive a loud obnoxious car has proven that running a strictly daily car and modifying a weekend car is king. Having a daily frees you up to have a nice car and sweet/fast/crazy/low project car that's fun on the weekends. It stops people from project car burnout or at least delays it. In fifteen years the import scene has changed dramatically, as has the public opinion of "dangerous driving styles". I'm sure most people knew idiot drivers back then, but now in the age of phones with HD video and imaging, ACA beat ups and dashcams, driving like a dick on the road costs dearly. You can't do it like you used to. We need to be more organised and above board when we go out for cruises or track thrashes. So how is this relevant? It's relevant because we all want to be included. We all want to have fun without ruining it for everyone else. If you've never driven a true exotic car try it. Having 500+ hp at the wheels is amazing when it can be so comfortable and compliant at everything else. Sure my GTR will destroy all on a drag strip. But I'd be lying if i said it were comfortable, easy to drive and I didn't stall it five times everytime I took it out. We all have our own Skyline goals, but there's only so many 10s of thousands I'm going to throw in before a nice Aston, Porsche or Ferrari starts to look tempting for the same price I've dumped into my car. At some point I'm going to move on from Skylines (probably) and I'd like to stay here. We should always be striving to be inclusive when people are respectful and they meet the same principles we hold ourselves to. There's enough hate and bs in the world already. Car people need to stop hating on other car people already. End rant... [emoji106]
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