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  1. Not the first time, i've been made redundant once before, but there was no issue last time because it was just me and my girlfriend (now wife). Now though, my wife was working part time and we have two children. It didn't help that it was kind of my dream job, and I loved it. It was also handled very, very poorly by the company (they shut an entire office, we all had different end dates, sworn to secrecy etc etc). I told my psychologist that part of the problem was, I got into a "loop" of negative thinking about that redundancy. What will I do for a job, how will we pay bills/eat etc. The totally stupid thing is, we have enough savings to last quite some time and not only that we have to GTRs that we could sell for money. I was super fixated on the negative aspects, thinking i'd never be able to find a job, worried about money, worried about our future. It is one of the things i discuss constantly with my psychologist, I was concentrating too hard on "what ifs" and theoretical situations. Instead, in the last month or two, i'm focusing more on what i can do and what I can change. Ironically, after panicking, it turns out my skill set is sought after, especially as a private contractor. I've been silly, but as I mentioned above, I just couldn't see the forest for the trees. Right now, i'm very happy, have a degree of freedom in my work like never before and am able to better balance work and life. It's all come good, I just need to see some of the positives of actions and not always jump to the negative side of my thinking.
  2. Hey all, Just a quick update to this one. I'm still here and feeling much better about life in general. I've managed to, after being made redundant which sort of started all this, create my own consulting business, find a couple of contracts and am now earning more than I ever did prior to now. I have also started: Going for a walk or bike ride every day (no excuses even just to the Post Office or on a conference call). Eating 3 meals a day. Signed up to help with Cars and Coffee Melbourne (a positive, me only activity) Seeing a psychologist. I guess i just wanted to just re-assure everyone here (thank you all very kindly for being so supportive), that I am doing very well and to make sure that anyone who reads this in the future can see that improvement does come, if you work on it, if you make change and most importantly, if you say something to someone who can help you. It doesn't need to be a psychologist or doctor (but they're both good options), just speak to someone you trust and tell them you're not feeling right. Anyone who dismisses you isn't the right person, keep trying people want to listen and help you. Obviously it's not a quick fix, but I do feel better, and can see the difference in my thinking. I'll keep updating as I go.
  3. YES! Well done. I don't think you will be disappointing, that car looked amazing. Keep us up to date... I'd love to hear the full story if you do go ahead.
  4. I gotta go with the consensus here... it's a good looking car. It's in amazing condition. Time for a PPI and a deposit. [emoji16]
  5. Man. That is super obnoxious. How hard can it be for a freight company to send freight...
  6. I will add you to my running list of potential buyers. It's not for sale, but if it ever is you'll hear from me. [emoji16] Have you considered seeing if someone you know will toss the keys to their 33 at you? That would be a great way to know if you should do it!
  7. Yes please we love pictures. Also feel free to ask people about models for sale and don't forget to check out the "for sale" section here. A lot of cars are sold here before making it to carsales. [emoji16]
  8. If you have a solid 32. I probably wouldn't part with it (or any decent GTRs these days). But if you must 33s are great. They're a bit more roomy, i think they look good and they're a known quantity. I made a "what to look for" video but i ramble and awful lot in it. Finding an unmodified car in good condition will be very difficult, a lightly modifed car in good condition wouldn't be so hard though. I'd recommend that you don't rule out basic mods to cars otherwise you won't have many to choose from.
  9. My R33 in a shiny, clean workshop [emoji16]
  10. Good choice. I've got RE003s on my daily's. Probably the best tire (for the money) that I've ever driven on.
  11. I also am not a huge fan of the kit... but it certainly looks good on your car. Congrats on owning such a cool and unique car. Also belated welcome to SAU![emoji16]
  12. So some of you may know, i have an Istagram feed full of my car, my wife's car and any other meets i go to. I get a lot of questions via DM about cars people are looking to buy and if they are "good ones". With this in mind I made a video that covers what I look at to attempt to tell the condition of R33 GTRs using mine and my wife's car. Feel free to use it if you get the same questions:
  13. mo powa babeh ftfy 🤣
  14. This was six years ago. May i suggest you pop up a thread of your own. There are a few of us here who can help. [emoji16]
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