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  1. Steve85

    Solid advice and a cheap solution to my problem. Unfortunatly I did not do this though. [emoji848] Found a reasonbly priced ctek charger. Purchased that and put it onto the battery. Gotta love plug in cars! [emoji16]
  2. Steve85

    For those of you who mentioned the lack of cleanliness (hehe) in the video that I created for this car, here are some pictures post wash; Also as is pretty evident, the car hasn't gone anywhere yet. Still haven't even put the plates on it. All that's happened is it's killed a battery, so I have taken apart the boot and have put a charger in. You've probably all seen these images already. But i know you're all suckers for images, and who am I to deny you!
  3. Hi all, Proof that she still runs! (fyi: this is 10kph in 2nd gear). Took a friend out in the car for some cruising around a month or so back. My friend and I drove around for a few hours, I really started to come to grips with the car. In particular new brake pads have really helped to give me a lot more confidence in the car. It's always a bit of a shock getting into it, as it's so low, so loud and importantly fast! As always I've been keeping a low profile thanks to work and family. Just recently someone, managed to get his Championship Blue GTR impounded at a fairly decent speed. Think i'll just continue to lie low for a few weeks. For those of you who are expecting big changes... none. Even though I had the fuel system moved around, i still haven't built the interior of the boot or got to work on the stereo. (in fact, points off for me, as I took apart my wifes car to access the battery). For the most part, I just go out and stare at it in the garage. It makes me feel happy seeing it in the driveway (and less guilty for not driving it). Edited Version.mp4
  4. Steve85

    Oh, you're going to be spoiled for choice.
  5. Steve85

    This car is looking so damn good now. Absolute credit to you. 😍
  6. Nice. Looks really clean, you sure do move quickly on these things. Here's the rest of us procrastinating while you're busy tearing it up.
  7. Ok. No worries. But twisting and taping wires should be punishable with a jail sentance. Whoever did this prior to you, hasn't done it right, i hope you can clean it up and it doesn't cause you any problems.
  8. This sounds like a solid plan! [emoji16][emoji23]
  9. Steve85

    Not normally a 4wd fan. But keen to see how this goes. [emoji16]
  10. Thanks for pushingthe thread back on topic. If you're in Melbourne (or elsewhere i guess) and are serious about a racecar, I'd be keen to see the Audi go to a good home. It's just wasting away with me. PM me if you like. [emoji16]
  11. That's still speculative though. It's only based on historic evidence and could potentially go wrong for those of us who are looking to make a few bucks. Not that i disagree mind you, but you never know. My theory is these are the "muscle cars" of our era. I'll pay good money for GTR, but your V8 HSV, Ford or even C63? I'll give you five dollars.
  12. You don't trust Skyline GTR sellers? They know what they got. Hahaha.
  13. This seems like good general life advice... 😂
  14. This regret is what i'm worried about. The Silver one, not so much as it shouldn't be driven or modded. But the LM. Yeah, i don't know.
  15. From what i can tell, most of us have a plans up our sleeve to buy new (old) cars and sell cars that we have right now. I know that most car people have at least one of these plans in their heads. What is your plan? I'll go first: A lot of my car actions are dictated by the Melbourne housing market. To buy a decent inner city house (read; hipsterville), i'm going to need to offload at least 3 of our cars (i don't have $2M or more, so more than 2 cars is a non starter). Potentially sell the Silver and Blue GTRs in 3-5 years. Sell both wagons to other people. Maybe sell the race car, depending on what i feel like (it's not worth shit, so it can stay or go). If I clear out the driveway, i'll be looking to add an E61 M5 (the wagons with a V10) to the house.