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  1. Yep. First time i took mine out i didn't want to racr it around... I'd just spent a bunch of cash on it and didn't want to break it. Fast forward to now and the carefactor for components is a lot lower for me. Just don't crash it for the love of god!!! Get used to how it drives gently and find your way into driving it fast at your own pace. You have spent up big on it. Enjoy it at your own level. [emoji106]
  2. Mine does too. I have narrowed it to a couple of things that need tidying, but by far the biggest culprit is the amount of fuel i dump out of the exhaust. Ever seen an F111 dump and burn? That's me!!! 🤣
  3. I am a bit the same. But I feel like i need a third GTR. Like a high mileage stock one. Maybe in Midnight Purple. Then I have an easy to drive, no problem, already depreciated GTR on my hands that i can run into the ground. Or am i being greedy??? 😂 No worries. I show them off to everyone who pops round for parts and fixes. So far everyone reacts like you did. We're all the same, kids in candy stores round these cars. Also I'm learning that the KR4 car gets the big wow factor over the LM. Never thought i'd say that, but there you go. 😂
  4. Oooh yeah. That sounds good to me. I just love the boxy look of these. [emoji16]
  5. This has come up a few times... everyone's different. I'm all about 33s, but would love a set of GTRs. I prefer 34s over 32s but that's probably only because i don't fit in 32s.
  6. Front pipe and Cat Sold. Steering wheel surround still available.
  7. Hey all. Some time ago, i said i would take some photos of the interior and engine bay... Obviously you should have learned by now that when I say i'll do something, i mean in a few months. In any case here are some interior shots of the stock GTR for your viewing pleasure. BTW, the car is slightly dusty, and has some leaves and dirt in it, the photos make it look very bad, but it's not as severe as it looks. I took a lot of images of the stickers on the car, as I suspect there wouldn't be too many left with these stickers intact. I also grabbed images of the usually suspects for wear and tear in an attempt to convince those who aren't (there's a few out there - mostly facebook experts) that the car has been rolled back or had a changeover cluster and other parts. I'm convinced that isn't the case, unless someone has changed every single component on the car, in which case, it's an amazing rebuild (which it isn't) and would be worth the cash monies I paid anyways. Ok i'm losing track of my point... See the images below.
  8. Thanks for the kind words. I know the feeling of no time. I've two girls of my own and find myself super time poor almost always. We all live vicariously through one another here. Glad you're enjoying it! [emoji16] If you're a fan of long stories written by me check out my wifes car that i write about. https://www.sau.com.au/forums/applications/tapatalk/index.php?/topic/475448-The-Stock-R33-GTR The Stock R33 GTR
  9. Glad to hear it all worked out. You know where we are if you ever need help. [emoji16][emoji106]
  10. Nice. It looks super clean. Congrats on such a great car. I'm sure the wagoneers would like to see it! It might be worth starting your own build/maintenance thread.
  11. Almost new Cat for sale. This cat came with my car from WA. I would suggest (although I can't confirm) that this cat was fitted for almost no time. I'd suggest the moment it passed inspection/emission the cat was pulled from the car and boxed up. There is no gasket on the flanges as they look to be in excellent condition. The cat has been painted black, i assume in high temp paint for that stealth look (probs helps rust too). Unfortunately, I have no idea what this cat is or its make or model. Please don't request cell details, i have no idea (apologies in advance). Asking $20. Pick up preferred, but happy to box for someone arranging their own shipping. I'm in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne. You can reply to this thread or DM me. I'm active here so should see your replies.
  12. For sale: Steering Trim / Steering Column Trims for R33 GTR (and probably GTS, GTSt etc). These were pulled off my car when it was broken into. As such the trim itself is in poor condition with scratch marks all over the key hole area. It's not the end of the world, would suit someone who just needs this to clean up their missing interior. Asking $10. Checking ebay this doesn't seem unreasonable. Doesn't come with the screws to put it in though. I can put up more photos if you need. I'm located in the inner northern (hipster land) of Melbourne. Reply here and i'll see it.
  13. For Sale - RB26 Front Pipes. These have been in my shed too long. I'm not going to use them like i thought i might. Pipes themselves are in ok condition. Some manipulation of the pipes has been undertaken by a previous owner/workshop. The gaskets are still in place, so some obvious cleanup is going to be necessary. The tabs (for mounting) are also mostly missing, so suggest you have a welder handy. You may want to remove the heat wrap too. It was there to support my custom turbo setup (different turbos, same position), so it may not match any one else's requirements. The exhaust was on my car originally when i purchased it and was good for 500kw so there shouldn't be any issue with these. However, with that said, i'm not an expert, please come and inspect them yourself if you have concerns. (Emphasis on this line!). Prefer pickup only, but if buyer wants to arrange their own interstate transport, i'm cool with that too. Selling for $50. Nothing wrong with them, just want them out of my life. Edit: I'm in the inner Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. Best contact is here on the forum (i'm a lurker). We'll move to PMs for my details.
  14. My limited understanding is those holes must line up. I could be wrong here but if they're a different distance they may not all (3) be lined up when you put the wheel on. I'm afraid I'm probably no further help though specifically on this one though. Sorry, best of luck. [emoji106]
  15. Ok, sorry. I was misleading you. My recollection (while correct for me) isn't what you need. The wheels you have need the three little holes there lined up perfectly. I would suggest that they aren't quite lined up exactly. To this I would start by measuring the holes on each wheel to make sure that they are exactly the same. If they are great, it should then be a matter of just adjusting your boss kit ever so slightly until the new wheel drops into the alignment points. Once it's there it will cancel the indicators for you. It might take a few goes to get it lined up right. You might want to use some tape or a pencil on the top of the wheel to ensure you can line up the top hole correctly.
  16. IIRC there should have been two plastic tabs/poles on your old steering wheel. These are used to cancel the switch when you start turning. From the looks of your new wheel you're missing them. (I might be off topic here as I'm referencing 10 year old memories).
  17. This car is $5k for the entire lot, it takes a up a lot of space in my driveway/carport. I'd be happy to entertain all interest (interstate etc). I can prove it runs, moves etc. Happy to take more photos (of specific items) or create videos. Happy to assist with transportation depending on the situation (i'm not going to drive it to Broome). The car is genuine, and is (I feel) quite cheap. The cost of the safety items alone tallys to around $4k, so call it another 1k for the car, the wheels and the spares. There's a Lemons event coming up at Calder park. They're using the banked turns, surely someone is keen to participate with this car.
  18. Hello. Welcome. There's a wealth of knowledge on RBs in this forum. You can search for just about anything you need here! Do you have an RB powered car now or are you just browsing?
  19. Steve85

    2019 Chrome

    +1 on what? Is the Chrome vs Firefox debate? [emoji848]
  20. I'm sorry I missed this. I've just had kid prevention surgert (vasectomy) so am not really up and about. Hopefully I'll be there next time! [emoji16]
  21. I believe this is king of all the wagons... I'll hear nothing against it. (As long as you've got 20k for maintenace a year!)
  22. I'm glad you found this info... never occurred to me. [emoji848] I was going to suggest using an FM transmitter and see if the radio works when your transmitting from in the car. Come back if your new antenna doesn't work. Happy to keep throwing ideas at you. [emoji16]
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