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  1. Do you promise you're not a murderer? lol Just introduce yourself on social somewhere (with your real name) or in person, you never know.
  2. Hi car people! This Sunday there is a meet at Westerfolds Park in Templestowe. I am going to be taking my Blue R33 and hope that some of you will be there. I would love to put some faces to some of your screen names. If you're coming please feel free to reach out. I would love to meet you. https://www.facebook.com/events/262358017986190/
  3. This is getting old... accidentally tripped over the power lead the other week. Double checked the connection to the car. All good. Fast forward to last weekend, attempt to start car to move from Garage. Nothing. No life whatsoever. Dead battery assumed. Check battery, cables, power lead, all seem fine. Look at power outlet, the damn plug has pulled out there... uggggh. Chuck the multi-meter on it. 4.2Volts. Wow... Cue pulling apart car and retrieving battery for "fixing" with a power supply and 100 odd watts being jammed into it. I'm sure it's just on it's last legs this time.
  4. Had an internet friend come around... we took the LM around the block a couple of times. Quickly. (but at compleeeetly legal speeds). I don't have any pictures or video... We spent most of our time talking nonsense and comparing the cars. He has an awesome Series3 R33. It's super duper clean and looks amazing on gold BBS LM rims. We also spent some time poring over the magazines and brochures we have. It was fun to have someone around who is also super excited by these irrational items.
  5. @Col Shaw Is the car an Automatic or a manual? And if you can provide the exact fault code, that would be a great help. Also @GTSBoy just saw your signature... lol
  6. It didn't sound entirely terrible. Maybe it's just your top end being noisy? I'm no expert on SRs (or any engine for that matter). Does the sound follow RPM? Does it change at all with anything you do?
  7. It looks as though you are in for a world of hurt. Different compression levels is not ok, they should be even across the four cylinders, not all over the place like you have. Getting the car into gear could be any number of issues, but if it the clutch it's not the end of world. However, that is also likely to be reasonably expensive if you replace it. I'm not an expert, but you need to do some basic maintenance. Drop all fluids, replace. Change all plugs, change coil packs as required. Then see what the car is like. However, based on what you've mentioned, I wouldn't get my hopes up. Sorry...
  8. Welcome. Sounds like you've contracted the same illness the rest of us have! I don't know enough about R32s to help. But I can guarantee someone here does! Also if you're searching remember we call hoods "bonnets".
  9. 100% I don't know. But if I had to take a guess, i'd say it's a piece of trim or bracket from near the rear boot latch.
  10. Welcome back! I'm sure you'll find the help you need here... we are all pretty opinionated. I'll remind you of this statement in years to come... most of us have said this at some point. "Yeah, keeping it stock except for rims, oh is that an RB30 and a giant turbo and a sequential?" 🤣 May I also say that S14 is gorgeous. You really made an amazing looking car.
  11. In my opinion R33 GTR rims always look amazing on R32s especially GTSt's. Welcome one and all. A quick search should help you with your fitment queries. This thread should be good for you...
  12. Boooooooooo, i wanted to see flames. 😂 Keep us posted to what you find, take a bunch of pictures and upload them if you need help.
  13. You'll be alright. I'm a total noob at car fixing (i'm way better at breaking them). Just remember to come here and search what's going on... all the main things have been answered! Regarding police attention, I find that it is more your attitude and what you were up to that is the difference. If you have been a tool expect the works, if it's a random stop or breath test, cops are actually pretty cool about these. Most of them, obviously some are still remembering the 90s well and expect a backwards cap and serious attitude. I've had a cop at a breath test tell me how cool my car was. I was pretty chuffed. And all my interactions so far have been very positive with the police. I do try to pick my moments for spooling though, lonely roads at night or freeway on-ramps, it would be a shame to have my car made un-roadworthy or impounded.
  14. That's cool. I love these kinds of unexpected engine changes! But the real question: Who does this build annoy more? Holden people or Nissan people? 😂
  15. This sounds like a serious failure. Some 90s Nissans have main fuses, others have fusable link (rated lengths of wire). This and the grounding (as mentioned above) is where i would start. Some cars require a particular RPM to be reached before they switch the alternator circuit. If none of this is helpful, i'm afraid you'll need a wiring diagram and to go hunting... 😮
  16. Man that is a good looking car. Love it. Welcome aboard. Keen to see how you find the car.
  17. That's pretty awesome. What made you decide to make these changes? I seem to recall the car was already pretty sweet when you purchased it.
  18. Hello. Welcome, i'm no mechanic. But as a keyboard warrior... well not real great there either. Your parts list looks pretty good. Certainly not seeing any red flags. The wheels appear to be a copy of the Volk GTS range. As long as they are up to the task, it's your preference on them. Do you happen to know who built the car, or who tuned it? That can give you a lot of info if you can chase them down.
  19. Welcome. Such a cool and unique looking 33. Especially love the bonnet.
  20. So you have a 400R (or reproduction) front bar. You have a 400R widebody style guard extension on the back. The rear spats might be a copy of the Top Secret items. https://www.madmotors.co.uk/body-kits/nissan/nissan-skyline/nissan-skyline-r33/knight-racer-nissan-skyline-r33-gts-93-98-top-secret-rear-spats.html Sideskirts... i have no idea. Most aftermarkets come with the vent in the side of them. These don't. I have no idea and 5 minutes of google didn't help me either.
  21. Can anyone explain what on earth this actually is? To me this raised a red flag in my brain about it being a scam, paying bulk cash for entries to a "lottery" always puts me on edge. Is there anything else behind this? Forum, contacts, information otherwise unavailable etc... @adrian626 I don't quite understand what this is. Any chance you could explain it to me? Thanks.
  22. I'm not always as bright as the colour of my car. 🤣 But yes, I thought I was pretty anonymous, perhaps not...
  23. Welcome to SAU. That's a good looking car. A 26 into one of these is a good start... That said, there is a fan club of the RB20. Supposedly a pretty tough engine. I like seeing what Americans do with their cars, I feel like even though we like JDM, Americans do things I've never seen before. It's cool and interesting (to me anyways). If you have questions we'd love to answer them (not me though, i'm a professional at "have you turned it off and on again guy) and maybe give some thought to a build thread. I feel like you might need it!
  24. It is indeed. I'm starting to realise i'm not as difficult to find online as I thought... 😂
  25. This makes waaaaaay more sense... i'll just excuse myself from this thread.
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