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  1. From what i can tell, most of us have a plans up our sleeve to buy new (old) cars and sell cars that we have right now. I know that most car people have at least one of these plans in their heads. What is your plan? I'll go first: A lot of my car actions are dictated by the Melbourne housing market. To buy a decent inner city house (read; hipsterville), i'm going to need to offload at least 3 of our cars (i don't have $2M or more, so more than 2 cars is a non starter). Potentially sell the Silver and Blue GTRs in 3-5 years. Sell both wagons to other people. Maybe sell the race car, depending on what i feel like (it's not worth shit, so it can stay or go). If I clear out the driveway, i'll be looking to add an E61 M5 (the wagons with a V10) to the house.
  2. Nice. Looks really clean, you sure do move quickly on these things. Here's the rest of us procrastinating while you're busy tearing it up.
  3. Ok. No worries. But twisting and taping wires should be punishable with a jail sentance. Whoever did this prior to you, hasn't done it right, i hope you can clean it up and it doesn't cause you any problems.
  4. This sounds like a solid plan! [emoji16][emoji23]
  5. Steve85

    Not normally a 4wd fan. But keen to see how this goes. [emoji16]
  6. Thanks for pushingthe thread back on topic. If you're in Melbourne (or elsewhere i guess) and are serious about a racecar, I'd be keen to see the Audi go to a good home. It's just wasting away with me. PM me if you like. [emoji16]
  7. That's still speculative though. It's only based on historic evidence and could potentially go wrong for those of us who are looking to make a few bucks. Not that i disagree mind you, but you never know. My theory is these are the "muscle cars" of our era. I'll pay good money for GTR, but your V8 HSV, Ford or even C63? I'll give you five dollars.
  8. You don't trust Skyline GTR sellers? They know what they got. Hahaha.
  9. This seems like good general life advice... 😂
  10. This regret is what i'm worried about. The Silver one, not so much as it shouldn't be driven or modded. But the LM. Yeah, i don't know.
  11. Steve85

    Welcome. Sweet car and colour. I love wagons, there's plenty of others here who do as well. Check in this section for more in depth stuff: Do you want to tell us the story of how you go it? Did it all go smoothly? I imagine you've been waiting for a while to have it delivered (although i don't actually know). Looking forward to more pics and details.
  12. Steve85

    Ah nice. I wondered. I thought it might have been chopped up for "drift style points". And picking up someone else projects can be fun. It's how i got a couple of my cars on the cheap. Welcome aboard. I'm sure there'll be heaps of people interested in this. Maybe start a build thread so I can follow along with your progress.
  13. Steve85

    Welcome back to the club! I hate to be a downer, but it looks like your car is missing a component. 😂 The body looks pretty clean considering most of these have been turned into drift missiles. Is there an interesting story behind how you picked it up? (also more pictures please).
  14. Steve85

    I take my cars to RacePace. When i'm not around (which is starting to feel like always), I tow truck it to them. It's only about $100 from the city, so factor in another $50 from your side of town.The tow truck driver doesn't even need to know how to start it, as long as he has access to the interior (to release handbrake, and pop out of gear). Gareth and Chris at RacePace have been excellent to work with and explain everything down to the last detail. It must be annoying for them as every customer must start at a similar point of knowledge and Gareth and Chris must both spend half their lives explaining the same things over and over. Would recommend 10/10.
  15. Steve85

    The main issue you will run into though is the ceramic components in the GTRs turbos. These give out after a certain amount of boost is applied and can do serious damage. You will want to search the limits of the GTRs turbos. I am in no doubt that this would have been covered a number of times. Hit up the search button, see what you can find. Actually here you go;
  16. Jesus. That is one hell of a mess. I'm not an expert on these things, but potentially it could be as you say, an after market ECU. It could also be (have been) alarm/immobiliser/tracker or possibly even a drive control module (to adjust front to rear bias). What ever was there, probably doesnt matter too much now, but it would be wise to tidy that up and make those connections neat and safe. Even if it doesn't fix your issue now, that mess is guaranteed to cause problems down the line.
  17. 100%. We are pretty well ahead. And you are the second person to give me this heads up so, i guess i'll have to start looking into it.
  18. Not quite, we did well in Melbourne Real Estate then got sick of it. We tried to pick the top of the market and missed by about 12 months. Missed a cool quarter of mil (guesstimate obviously). We rent in hipster paradise, never had it easier. we'll go back into the housing market in a few years, when we think it will be at it's lowest, but for now we're just coasting, buying what we like, having fun and trying not to burn through the money that came out of selling.
  19. I wasn't stupid in school, i was just never there, cause i was a little know it all prick, i guess. Have spent the last 10 years slaving away to get ahead in the corporate world. sigh, if i'd just knuckled down instead of being an arrogant jerk, i'd be doing even better. Still sometimes you just gotta figure the world out on your own.
  20. Yeah agree. The back of them are the the problem. It's solved if you get the E61 (the wagons). Bloody love em. (Also love 33s soooo, yeah i'm weird).
  21. I also fit this white description. I believe pastey is mentioned often regarding my completion. My friends called me "Tip Top" because that's how white i am. Also I can recommend a bog standard E60 530i if you like cruising around in comfort. We have a wagon and it is just perfection. Just enough power for overtaking, nice soft suspension (ish), and the interior noise is non-existent. It's also cheap as hell to fix if you can read codes and operate torx screwdrivers.
  22. Steve85

    @Beaudr33 That looks good on those wheels. Were they on it when you bought the car or have you already started down a long and never ending path?
  23. 100% understand that. I was super lucky with the LM. I put a lot of trust in people i didn't know. It worked out for me, thankfully. But I can definitely understand wanting to make sure everything was done right/your way. The LM still needed cosmetic works but the mechanicals are solid so it's a good starting point. Fast and reliable... all i can say is never buy an E60 M5. It ticks one of those boxes and utterly fails on the other. What were you saying about a flash cable and credit card? 😂
  24. You've got to buy someone elses built GTR. It seems to have been somewhat successful for me! [emoji16]