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  1. not my thing. V8s just don't do it for me audibly. 5 or 10 cylinders is my jam. A V8 just doesn't get my blood pumping.
  2. Oh sorry. i missed your sarcasm. lol I do agree though that prices of these cars is not tied to their actual technical capabilities and more to the owners (or potential owners) willingness to pay to have the ultimate dream car of their own. (not that I can talk of course, but at least I was early).
  3. This is where i think people have it wrong. You give me the cleanest, best condition GTHO and i'll pay you maybe 50-100k (gun to my head). You find me a 400R or LM Limited that i love and i'll pay way into the hundreds of thousands. I believe there's an entire generation (that i'm in) that couldn't care less about 70s muscle, but will put themselves into eye watering debt for their favourite 90s JDM icon.
  4. So quick update. I'm still lurking around... I've actually just returned from a sleep study as it appears I do not sleep particularly well. This tends to fit with sufferers of depression as it it a fact that those who have depression tend to have reduced sleep quality. Being in Melbourne, I am currently in Stage 4 Lockdown. I can honestly say this sucks big time. I'm here at home with the children and my wife all day, every day. My wife is being very supportive but as the primary worker, she gets a nice office in the house, while I get to share with the children. I love my children very much, but holy moly. I've had enough of them for 2020. There is no escape from them and they are ever more demanding day on day. If you're in lockdown too and you read this, get in touch, let's swap horror stories of partners/children etc. My motto at this point it simply to take it day by day. I am not planning much other than the children's activities as best I can the day before. I am very much waiting to be released from lockdown to handball the children to a grandparent and do nothing, or anything. Happy 2020 to all. /s
  5. Welcome to the club! Hopefully we can answer some of your queries here.
  6. Welcome aboard. Looks like a good example you've picked up there. Hopefully we can all be of some help to you also if you should ever need it.
  7. Nice man, this things looks like an amazing example. Hope to see more of this!
  8. Best way is to find an old POS skyline and take it's non rusted pieces. It's been done before and will continue to be done until we run out of non-turbo automatic models. lol A decent front cut chassis will do.
  9. Yeah sorry. We've got a 33 GTR that's stock with no kms on it. It's a lovely car, but I wouldn't describe it as fast. I had it dyno'd at CRD before i bought it. 177kw at all four. I've the sheet somewhere. A better test, was match against my blue car, the stock one on boost at full throttle was as quick to 100kph as my blue one off boost in 2nd from 15kph. Once my blue one reach boost and grabbed third... lol I'd be surprised if our Silver car could lose a modern hot hatch. It could probably keep up, but 1997 was a looong time ago. Anyway to OPs point, it's how you drive the car that matters. Some of the most stupid and dangerous driving i've done was in my 1990 N13 Pulsar with maybe 70kw at the wheels. I often think about the dumb shit I did in that car and how lucky i am to be here now.
  10. There is an unmolested 33 out there. And i can tell you without a doubt, it is slow as all hell. A wopping 177kw at the wheels makes you feel like... like you're sort of moving. If you've driven anything that has even a basic premise of "sporty" then you'll be ok. To be honest, the big thing is not treating the throttle like an on/off switch. Turns out all cars can be driven pretty damn slowly if you aren't heavy on the throttle.
  11. Well this is bullsh*t. I've got four cars (down from 5). Millennials all have cars. It's the generation after us that doesn't bother.
  12. Wow! NOT what I was expecting. This is so cool. Did you find this and buy it or did you go the long route and build it yourself? Any details on the specifications? I'm not too familiar with these myself.
  13. I think most of us are old and wise enough to know better than to come out swinging on this stuff. Sometimes we all make mistakes and sometimes sh*t just goes wrong. Live and learn! *Plus we know you're not a troll and are always helpful...
  14. Welcome Mark. Are we talking about a Datsun 1200? That's pretty sweet. Let us know some more details and maybe a picture or two?
  15. Nah. Family life. I'll drive very nicely with them on-board. Currently looking for a car to drive itself down the freeway... (V60 or Model 3 maybe). GTR though... yeah. Some of my antics cannot be discussed here without me getting in super duper double trouble. lol just like the rest of you!
  16. OP has never driven a good manual car. Autos are wonderful for freeway driving on cruise the family and stop start traffic. That's it, manual is better for driving fun everywhere else. (oh Auto better for drags). Manuals are better for track, twisting roads, even freeway pulls. Double clutching, heel and toe, clutch in revs, choosing your own RPM for launches, flicking the lever through a fast change at the cutout. All these things bring me great joy and satisfaction. Autos are for when I am not interested in driving for fun and simply want to arrive at my destination without any interest in being a hoon or having fun. For what it's worth, a slushbox GTR would suck in my opinion.
  17. Me too... I have no idea what it's doing. Of course, i don't often have time to look at it though.
  18. I don't know enough about wheels, suspension or spacers to be of an use here, but glad that you only had this minor amount of damage. I shudder to think if it had let go at high speed... I am happy that you can post it up here though, sounds like you got off reasonably lightly all factors considered.
  19. These end caps for my 33 are my favourite. They sell for approx $300-500 now on Yahoo if you can find a set.
  20. Here are some comparison cars for you; https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/nissan/skyline/r34-series/coupe-bodystyle/?sort=~Price
  21. One of us! One of Us! ? Legit, GTRs spend half their life being transported to mechanics... Poor timing though. If only it had made it 99% of the way. You could have parked it, dropped the keys off then casually mentioned, by the way it doesn't run now. Hopefully it's just a replacement for you. Better to happen now than while you're out blasting around in the hills.
  22. Yeah. I have times when I just up and leave the project for an hour/day whatever it might be. Especially if i am stuck. I find that ignoring it completely will make me want to go back out and give it another go after a little time has passed. There are times when I will work through a problem by slowing down and looking at the issue one small bit at a time and sometimes it's a case of head inside, ignore or youtube it and then go back for another crack. I often find I will jump from car stuff to artwork to xbox so as not to get bored with any one thing.
  23. This is good news. My entire goal for 2020 is to survive. That's it... i'm setting the bar real low.
  24. Sounds exactly like every single other person here. Welcome aboard!!!
  25. God damn man. Save some parts of the rest of us!!! ? Super jealous of the dash upgrade!
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