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  1. Anyone have any experience or info on one of these kits, was mostly curious.
  2. A little off topic here but this seems like the best place to ask, how would response be on an Airwerks turbo in twin scroll on a built 2.6L. Something like a S362SXE compared to the -5s on sitting on my shelf.
  3. My car has this sticker on the side window for this alarm system. Does anyone know where I can find any info on it? I haven't gone looking under the dash for a module yet but if I do find it would anyone know where I could find a key fob.
  4. I just tore apart my engine and I am curious if it's something someone slapped together with whatever they had or actually N1. It has 24U block with all cast internals.
  5. My friends 33 gtr came off the boat with a set of tein coilovers and if you told me it had some 4x4 fence post cut to size and stuck in there to hold the car up I would have believed it. The ride was so stiff you would lift out of the seat if you hit a dip in the road, after an afternoon out you were sore. I took them off the car and installed a different set a year or two ago but I can'r remember the brand off the top of my head. Ive heard good thing about the fortune 500 coilovers with swift springs, built in the states so easy to get but I haven't had any first had experience.
  6. Cheap coilovers ride terrible, they ruin a perfectly good car.
  7. I thought mine was fairly clean until it was outside one day and it got hit by some debris when we had a day with 120km/h wind gusts?
  8. I was taking apart the ecu from my R33 getting ready to put the Link G4 in when I found it has been socketed. Would anyone know anything about it? It was running a N1 engine if it matters, I only noticed that it has no speed limiter and 9000rpm limit.
  9. I used to drive a modded Subaru Outback turbo for a daily but now I drive over 1000km a week so I got myself the hand me down civic from my father when he bought a new one but then I got tired of fueling up twice a week so I bought a beat up tdi Jetta wagon that's coming up on 500k km but goes almost 1200km a tank. Now its to damn cold to work on the gtr, the engine needs to come out to get the shortblock rebuilt with some forged bits and new bearings. Then after that's all done I have a pair of -5 turbos and all the supporting bits to go on.
  10. It's that time of year again, a brisk -25C and once you throw in the wind it feels like a nice -35C.
  11. Out for a wash with a friend.
  12. Could someone check BCNR33006861. Thanks, Josh.
  13. Hot enough you could have baked some cookies for free.
  14. Seems like you guys got record breaking high temps with animals literately falling out of the sky dead and here I am trying to get my snow blower out of the backyard....
  15. Looking for some build suggestions My engine started knocking over 4000 rpms on the last day out for the year before going into winter storage( go figure) and will be pulling it out soon, it is a N1 engine if it matters. I already have a pair of GT2860R-5s along with some 720cc injectors, Link G4 pnp ecu. The goal was for about 500hp and I am debating on how serious of a rebuild I will be getting into, this car is a nice summer day kind of car and not a track car and I am not all that interested in a huge hp monster build. New bearings, upgrade oil pump to spline drive, oem rods with arp bolts but I cant decide on what to do for pistons. The only experience I have with forged pistons was with subaru engines and everyone I had seen with forged pistons was noisy when cold and used a lot more oil compared to oem or is will that be something I will need to live with for reliability sake?
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