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  1. Hi I have recently purchased a hfm57 master cylinder for my R34 gtt, does anyone know what tolerance u need to adjust the booster push rod to the master cylinder, thinking of doing it to 1mm. Or if the unit already is made to fit with the factory pre set on the standard booster
  2. So an rb26 kit will do the same, found a kit from Autobarn88 that seem to look good might give it a go. For genuine looks like you have to pay an arm and a leg
  3. Hi, trying to look for a good coolant hose kit to replace on my rb25det Non neo. All the small coolant hoses under the intake manifold and heater hoses, had a look on kudos and couldn’t find anything. Ebay only showed hoses from China and not really a fan of getting cheap quality products. Anyone have an idea of where to get a full hose kit?
  4. Any idea on how to properly test the fan. Whenever cars on seems to spin ok
  5. It's still a stock gauge. Doesn't tell me in deg c. It doesn't overheat for awhile I done about 5km of driving in traffic stayed about half way. As I got into the driveway slowly started to rise up again till 3/4. Top hose was hot but the bottom hose was luke warmish slightly hot if that makes sence, the heater was abit hotter but still not crash hot as what it should be, and now I got the big triple core radiator on it, new thermostat and new temp switch. Definatetly a lot better than the old radiator it would of just overheated in the driveway but it's got me puzzled
  6. Today I put in a triple core radiator, both bleed points bleed out with coolant, heater got abit hot. And temp sat in middle. Took it for a 20 min drive temp stayed fine until pulled into driveway. Rises till about 3/4 then we cracked off the top bleed screws again alittle air came out and temp dropped alittle but still sat just under 3/4. Definatetly a lot better than before but still rises slowly. Bleed with car jacked up plus coke bottle so done the right things
  7. Hi all, had the car couple months. Making 300kw. Overheating on freeway but cooled down in traffic then would rise up slowly. Drained coolant and replaced thermostat. Heater wasn't working when I got the car. Went to bleed via x2 head bleed screws, rear one bleed out but front one had nothing come out as car continued to overheat. Any ideas on the matter?
  8. Hey guys same issue with my r34 gtt running 300kw. Other day overheated on freeway. Cooled down in traffic but still would slowly rise. Done a full coolant flush and replaced thermostat plus coolant temp sensor just above top hose. Went to bleed system with x2 bleed screws. Rear one bleed through but front one didn't, plus heater doesn't work when was hot. Any ideas?
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