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  1. Look up your car on Amayama and you should be able to find the part numbers.
  2. Also forgot to mention that I can't help with the wheels, sorry.
  3. My 33 went through Dickson fairly easily a couple of years ago. At the time it had coilovers, manual boost controller/bleed valve, return flow FMIC and a 3" turbo back exhaust with a quiet/rego muffler at the rear which I had made up. The guys who did the inspection were pretty nice and only warned me that my car was exactly on the minimum legal ride height. For what it's worth, after the inspection I mentioned to them that lots of people had told me I would get a hard time taking it over the pits because it's an import. They said that's because people bring shit cars in that clearly aren't roadworthy and have bad attitudes. They said the car was in good condition and I had clearly made an effort to get it ready for the inspection. They also said they knew I would take it straight home and put a loud exhaust back on. I don't think the turbo or ECU are allowed but not certain. Other than that, I think just make sure your ride height is ok and have a good attitude, especially if they don't pass you first go. They're just doing their jobs 👍
  4. I use this stuff: http://www.bowdensown.com.au/products/exterior/agent-orange I've found that bug and tar remover doesn't quite do the job.
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