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  1. https://trust-kikaku.myshopify.com/
  2. Check this out, insane amount of skylines, parts and GTRs
  3. Left the office at 10 just after I signed my release doc!!
  4. Nah just gonna be glad to see the end of it!
  5. Hey y’all last week at work!! Woot woot!!
  6. Lol no plans or employment as yet, going to take a short break then start the hunt unless something amazing comes up.
  7. My last day is 23rd August then I’m redundo time for a holiday!!
  8. Nope some time off then go hard I reckon
  9. But it’s so much fun!! [emoji24][emoji24]
  10. Initially I’m gonna take some time off then start looking!
  11. Or adventurer and 4 wheel driver! Yeew!
  12. Basically I’ve just been given my 4 weeks notice!
  13. Hank was at your place the whole time??
  14. Hey bish you home yet? Cold n fkn wet enough for u?
  15. Now your thinking straight, flights from Broome to Perth, see ya love! [emoji23][emoji23]
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