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  1. Playlist is on my YT https://www.youtube.com/user/TheShoey85
  2. From what he told me Sunday it smoked a fat one big time!
  3. I was starting to think SAU had been decommissioned! I went out in the 4b and played with the drone:
  4. That isn’t the end date only my last day before Hawaii [emoji23]
  5. Yup, but more importantly only 17 working days till I’m on leave!
  6. BTT has heard you fellas, just make sure it’s skin not skins!
  7. Yet to be seen lol, will be doing some in Hawaii for sure
  8. Yea redundancy awaits, no idea of my future employment at this stage, applied for a job in Mackay today.
  9. Who knows lol never been made redundant before
  10. Sup fam, looks like the count down has begun!
  11. Awesome I should be unemployed by then!
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