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  1. shoey85

    Ok agree let’s reschedule to jan
  2. shoey85

    @t_revz @Hank Scorpio @ElleAli76 @Beyond Blue R33 @z00key @Stinky Rooster @Manne @turboedsloth @Zod @R33kizza are we doing Nandos Vic Park Saturday 15th lunch yes? who's in?
  3. shoey85

    Sounds good but not carousel it’s insane now what about the usual Nando’s? Vic park
  4. shoey85

    Sounds good we doing lunch bbq dealy at a park? BYO food and drinks
  5. Guessing that’s because it sits tucked up into the chassis unlike a normal 4x4
  6. shoey85

    Yeeeeeow Cletus hold my beer!!!
  7. shoey85

    Already booked on 15th
  8. shoey85

    And I can bring Ash!
  9. shoey85

    We usually need a month or two to all catch up [emoji1787][emoji23][emoji1689]
  10. shoey85

    So when we gonna do the SAU Christmas catch up beers at a park with BBQ! We should aim for this as a stretch goal:
  11. shoey85

    Aren’t we so lucky to have you [emoji3590]
  12. shoey85

    I like your thinking!!
  13. shoey85

    When is everyone free?
  14. shoey85

    Was beginning to look as exciting as my sex life! [emoji1787][emoji23][emoji1303]
  15. shoey85

    Hey family who’s keen for a pre Xmas catch up?