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  1. Yes do this! But don’t worry about Darwin!! [emoji23]
  2. Speaking of swimming, we went 4x4 it was wet as fk it took 8 hours to do 20km!!
  3. Correct, you should have been there to pull me out!![emoji228]
  4. Go watch me get bogged, you’ll love it!
  5. Yeah I was thinking thanks for the support woman lol
  6. Lol only claimed what she took, she actually ditched it all next door so we got it back but it was all f**ked scratched or cracked
  7. Yeah, Hema, UHF, Oakley prescription sunnies, drone charger and an asthma puffer cops came in about 5 mins and she was arrested within 10 it was insane how it all lined up so well
  8. Hey all, sounds like everyone is down in the dumps, have a laugh at my expense
  9. Playlist is on my YT https://www.youtube.com/user/TheShoey85
  10. From what he told me Sunday it smoked a fat one big time!
  11. I was starting to think SAU had been decommissioned! I went out in the 4b and played with the drone:
  12. That isn’t the end date only my last day before Hawaii [emoji23]
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