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  1. Hi, I recently installed my rebuilt N/A 30/25 and took it for its first run and it won’t select 5th gear, won’t let me push it in far enough to engage the gear, if I push and Hold it then let the clutch out it grinds as soon as I take the pressure of its like neutral, was working fine before, any ideas of why this could be happening. Thanks Scott.
  2. Hi Hemal, I have the same box in my 240z, it’s an RB20 DET box.
  3. Yes it is the standard throttle body, I was considering getting a Nissan Q45 as I’m not sure about the 80mm eBay ones. At this stage it would be easier to get a larger tb and a retune and look into the itbs later. I do like the look of the Plazmaman ffp and being able to keep the long runners for the torque Thanks for your input.
  4. Hey Mr Lith, Thanks for the feedback. I recently bought a cheap second hand fabricated ff Plenum with standard bottom half manifold the plan was to fit the plenum for now to see how it responds with the shorter intake pipe and later use the bottom half to modify and fit Rb26 itbs. The GReddy plenum is also an option and I will do some research.
  5. So I finished the rebuild in December, which included, Spool 3.2lt crank RB26 Ross forged pistons 86.5mm mild down to produce 10.9 - 1 comp. Standard rods New water pump, oil pump, timing belt etc. Arp bolts through out Ported 25de Head with 256 Tomei pon cams 2.5 inch exhaust with Factory exhaust manifold and inlet So it made 135kw and 349nm, yes I was disappointed with the numbers but it drove better with the extra torque and figured it had plenty more in it. Fast forward 6 months and I had some extractors fabricated and new exhaust system which included 6 into 2 extractors twin pipes to the diff into a 3 inch Retuned it made 161kw and 403nm yes much happier now and still has more in it. Below dyno pic shows red line is new exhaust and blue old Yes I know I could have turboed it and got way more power and cheaper, but that’s not what my Zed is about. So the next thing to do is the inlet side, option 1 rb26 throttle bodies with long trumpets would give it the wow factor and a great sound. optoin 2 ffp with the biggest throttle body I can find. Plazmaman top half would be good so I can keep the standard bottom half for the torque. Any ideas or different options would be appreciated.
  6. My old Rb30DE VVT ported head 9.5:1 forged pistons Tomei Poncams Kalmaker Engine Management Maffless tune, Pod filter Standard Headers with big free flowing exhaust 130 rwkw Oil pump failed so just did a rebuild with extras, off for a retune with dyno results in a few weeks.....
  7. I recently replaced the Master cylinder, as for movement at the slave piston I’m not sure but will jack it up and check tomorrow. Roughly what is an ecceptable amount of movement.
  8. Hi, I have a 240z with a RB30DE and RB20DET gearbox, I believe my clutch is going ( very little peddle, hard to get into first gear and reverse at idle, selects other gears while driving ok with correct revs ) Ive checked clutch fluid, wound the clutch adjuster out with a small improvement but now I need a pro to inspect. Looking for RB experienced or a good clutch mechanic to check and replace if needed between Newcastle to Coffs Harbour.
  9. Yes they are expensive, I know a guy with a stroked L-series in his 240Z producing 220rwhp that cost $25k to build. My 30DE peak power was at 5800rpm, and I will be replacing my dirty old cast manifold with some extractors and new exhaust soon. Will I need a re-tune for extractors and exhaust ?
  10. I recently got 130rwkw from a n/a RB25/30 with Tomei cams, pod filter, good exhaust no extractors, 10.5:1 comp. You could spend approx 3k on head and cams and only really get another 20kw. I’m looking for a Supercharger
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