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  1. Yerh i got hyperdrive booked for friday. So i gotta wait till then. but quick question. my mate drove my car and he said might just be the clutch ? What you guys rekn? Cause i have heard from one person only short solid shifter is bad for the clutch. And i asked what slipping is and he told me that when u go to change gear and you rev it the gear doesnt go in properly so your just pretty much reving and it not in gear properly ? what you guys thinks? Cause it clould be that and my and timing cause engine vibrate crazy ways to
  2. Thanks alot guys cause i really think it is missing a tooth cause defs i think it the cams. It my first car and im just learning as im going
  3. They said they tuned it to get it running. But costed me $3500. I paid for a second hand head that they got and cleaned it and that and i came in bought the poncam so they can put it in while it was open and did other stuff
  4. I really dont know what it is but my car is fucked Can someone please help me with my 1996 r33 gtst series 2. I bought it 4 month ago at 290hp with apexi power fc and fmic and apexi pod filter and straight pipe exhaust with some shitty exhaust but still it sounded good still. ever since i played with my pfc hand controller and dnt know what i did bt it wouldnt start. I got it fixed by hyperdrive they put new spark plugg and and put the setting back. but what im on about is i got yellowed sticker took it back to hyperdrive found out the head was f**ked got a new one and put poncam in and now it pretty much a piece of shit
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