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  1. Jaylyons1

    So, it looks like this issue isn't resolved quite yet. I believe it is a short somewhere. The car continues to randomly lose all power when driving. It doesn't start again until I wiggle the wire coming off the positive terminal. After that, it fires right up every time, but it dies again randomly. I can run for a 10 seconds after I get back in the car or 10 weeks. I'm going to get it back into a shop as soon as I can but the local shop was unable to find the problem. I've got a new battery, new injectors, and various other new components though as part of the trouble shooting process.
  2. Jaylyons1

    Looks like it was that block on the positive terminal. Everything looks secure but it fired right up after I checked it over. Weird. Thanks for the assist!
  3. While driving home from work, my R32 died. Dash lights lit up and it stalled. It fired back up and then died again a few seconds later. No crazy sounds. The weird thing is that the dash lights and radio lights turn on when you head light knob, but nothing else turns on. If you try and start it, nothing happens. No clicking, no fuel pump priming, nothing. This happened once about 6 months ago and I took it to a mate in town to check it out. It fired right up for him and the problem couldn't be duplicated. Couldn't make it stall again. I feel like it's an electrical issue somewhere, but unsure where to start other than fuses. The clock has always been intermittent since I have owned the car. It comes on when first started, but eventually just turns off. This morning, it came on and off 4 or 5 times which lead me to believe something was up. This evening is when the issues started. The car also has a "flicker" issue that I have always noticed. The headlights will flicker every 5-30 seconds, but there is no consistency to it. My wife doesn't see it, but it's obvious to me. Has anyone had a similar issues? I've searched and found issues w/fuel pumps, alternators, batteries, etc. The big thing that seems different is that with all these issues, the car at least tries to turn over. Wondering if it's some random ground wire somewhere.
  4. Jaylyons1

    WTB: R32 Parts I am looking for some parts for my R32 GT-R. They are as follows: - front undercover - side "GT" emblems - boot trim pieces - factory scissor jack - factory space saver wheel/tyre and bolt I'm sure I'll come up with more as time goes on.
  5. Jaylyons1

    Awesome! Thanks man.
  6. Name those wheels! Hello everyone! I have a question about the wheels I have on my R32. All I know is that they are 17x8 Speedlines, but I have not been able to find any information about them other than that. Thanks!
  7. Jaylyons1

    What tape would hold up best? My drivers side skirt is falling off up front. The passenger one doesn't look too bad. Not sure if it was the heat that did it in or not. It's normally parked undercover, but it still gets pretty damn hot here. Definitely bugging me though.
  8. Jaylyons1

    My experience hasn't been the best with ebay built products. Then again, I'm a bit OCD. The ebay badges for example don't even have the curve to them so they fit properly. If you end up pulling the trigger, be sure to let us know how it turns out!
  9. Jaylyons1

    That's great! I'd be interested on the price. I'm going to need to get mine done and this seems to be a more affordable option than sourcing a new wheel. Probably not easy to find installers in the Alice either!
  10. You can get cheap rubber pucks on ebay for various jacking points. I have a few of them depending on where I'm jacking up the car. Nice to have since whoever owned my car before me didn't know where to jack it up apparently and I've only got a few good jacking points.
  11. Jaylyons1

    Reviving for my two cents. I'm a fairly fit and thin dude. I was thinking about getting the R34 seats for my R32 just to get something newer and in better condition. However, after sitting in them, I couldn't bring myself to do it. They feel like regular run of the mill seats where as the R32 seats hug a lot more. Nothing compared to a racing spec seat, but still way better, in my opinion, than the newer seats. It sucks because now I have to figure out what seats to get. >.<
  12. Jaylyons1

    Anything going on in Alice lately?
  13. Jaylyons1

    I'm in this boat now myself. Replaced the hinges and it didn't help at all. Going to try and look at it again tomorrow after I finish installing my coilovers.