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  1. I'm super interested to see the results as this is the same combo (from a high level) that I am going to run as well. I haven't bought the turbo yet, as I'm having pre-buyer's remorse, but can pull the trigger any time. Keep us posted.
  2. .64. I don't remember exactly but I think at the time the .85 wasn't available when I bought my kit.
  3. Like all RB26s, shitty 4k or under. But after that, pretty good driveability.
  4. I made 780awhp (e85, 29 psi), 650awhp (93 octane, 22psi) on a conservative tune on twin EFR 6758s. RB26 (forged internals, stock head), 1500cc injectors, twin pumps. I've since been able to get 850awhp (e85, 35psi) after further mods to the build.
  5. @Full-Race Geoff or anybody really: Are there any EFR based (single) turbos that can achieve 1100+ hp (to the wheels)? Running a 26/30 (3.2l) (the thread for this is incredibly dry) for reference.
  6. I think there is not an apples to apples comparison between the two turbo options. I couldn't find anybody running these twins on RB32. Whatever the 9180 does is probably not very useful or indicative of twin 6258/6758/7163. But I am open to being educated. Very real possibility these snails are too small. I am not smart enough to know.
  7. @Full-Race Geoff Any experience with 6758 on 3.2l?
  8. I currently have a twin 6758 setup on my RB26. I'm moving to a RIPS RB3.2 stroker. Has anybody had any experience with these turbos on this motor (or a 3.2 at all)?
  9. Do you have any results from 7163's from Mustang dyno's? Everything I see is from DynoJets.
  10. @Full-Race Geoff Is it just a matter of swapping turbos from 6758 to 7163? Is anything else needed?
  11. @Full-Race Geoff Do you think an upgrade from 6758's to 7163's would be worth it power-wise on a RB26 platform? Are there any other twin-EFR options that can do 1000+ HP? I might be looking at chasing more power and I like the EFR lineup so far, so am trying to see if there's something that makes sense for this platform.
  12. Port and polish, bronze valve guides, retainers and valves (I don't remember the brand off the top if my head). Cams are Poncam B's.
  13. Sorry, I will take a better picture. 641 on pump at 26psi. 758 at 32psi on e85. The car is really fast. I've been in 9 second cars before and I am more than confident that this is one. I will try to get setup for the track this year to find out officially.
  14. Here's the 91 pump gas and e85 dyno plot overlay. Let me know what other information you need that's not represented here. I will get whatever you need. Also, I'm running a megasquirt standalone so I might be able to get the tune as a whole. This is not to say that the tuner did not do a good job, because I believe they did a fantastic job with this build.
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