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  1. mrn32r

    Maybe mate, but most importantly your passion and enthusiasm are still there.
  2. mrn32r

    You mean one like this junkie - was given to me by Ryde Nissan back in 1991. Apologies for the poor quality photo. :-)
  3. I am glad you are liking it Alex as I am the nutter progressively raiding my archives and scanning anything BNR32 GT-R related so it can be viewed by anyone interested in it! In your line of work though I reckon you would be well versed on what that entails! I have the original July 1989 Wheels issue so if not uploaded already it will be soon. Here is a copy of the cover as a tempter. :-) Cheers, Mark
  4. mrn32r

    I aquired this JDM one two weeks ago. They are still out there! Apologies for going off topic!
  5. A big thanks to Hobson Motorsport and in particular Chris Pither for showing Ethan around the R35 today. He absolutely loved it!
  6. mrn32r

    I wonder why it is? I am happy with what came with my car in any case. [emoji3]
  7. mrn32r

    Another shot of ADM driver's mat.
  8. mrn32r

    Thanks Bob. Some very nice machinery!
  9. mrn32r

    Is there a link to the pics guys? Would love to see them. Thanks!
  10. mrn32r

    Sorry guys but I am unfortunately a non-starter tomorrow. I look forward to meeting you all on a future run. Enjoy the drive and breakfast.
  11. mrn32r

    Also a first timer and in pending family commitments. Thanks guys.
  12. Hi Peter. I recently went through this exercise and was able to source all OEM parts from Andrew at Kudos Motorsports - I recommend getting in touch with him as he has a fantastic selection of parts and most are usually available immediately. He and his team are also brilliant to deal with, offering great service. Cheers, Mark
  13. You have a great car there - congratulations on your purchase!
  14. Sounds very interesting and I hope all goes well - best of luck. Would love to see some photos.