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  1. Can't agree more, trumpets on RB's is somthing that needs to be done more often, they look and sound amazing. Its what i plan to do on mine and i can't wait for it all to come togeather. Also love those N/A RB 240z's they are a work of art that one especially.
  2. Thanks man! Yeah i absolutely love the thing to bits and don't think ill get rid of it once i can go turbo since ive already done so much work to it. Im actually going to build the 25DE in it, ive had alot of inspiration from some old jap tuning house builds from back in the day and even some new ones like GTR Proshop Garage Active's sequential RB30DE R32 GTR that they built. Won't be pulling massive numbers but it'll be cool nonetheless.
  3. Welcome man, love the color. Im from SA myself so if you start taking it so some meets we'll probably end up bumping into each other haha.
  4. Not sure if I'm allowed to bring this post back up as I've already introduced myself, but I just realised that I never had any photos of the car in my first post so I just wanted to do a little before and after to show what's happened to my 33 since the first post up until now 4 years later.
  5. I don't know if I will turbo the one I own. When I'm able to I will probably sell the r33 and try and get a turbocharged r34, But that's a couple years away. As for future mods on the current one, due to me only being a learner driver, soon too be p plater, any performance enhancing mods are a no no. And visually the car already has vented widebody front guards. 17inch Sparco racing ns-ll pythons. And some type of aftermarket skirts and front bumper. But the front bumper has been damaged and really brings down the look of the car. So I'm looking at putting a nismo 400r front bumper on it. And thanks for the welcome Dan!
  6. Hi my name is Tyler, i have found myself coming to SAU quite often recently and thought i should sign up. i have always loved skylines and basically anything Nissan. i have recently bought myself a 1998 R33 skyline GTS and made it my project. i am currently only a Learner driver and am a few months off of my p plates. We all know what that means!!! its N/A, but i love it anyway.
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