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    If I decide not to swap it that's definitely in the plans. I'm not sure when the last fluid change was on the trans and diff. How difficult is transmission removal on these? I was underneath working in suspension the other day and it seems pretty accessible. I'm used to working on my z32 where transmission pulls aren't the easiest. The reverse issue is hit and miss. Sometimes it does it once when I start driving, other times it will happen a few times. I find that if I make sure I pull the gear lever to the right hard when shifting it usually doesn't grind. Im hoping the transmission I have sitting is in fact different so I have another excuse to work on it.
  2. With my recently aquired 83 RSX (Iron Mask) I received a second transmission. In my research I managed to track down the first US based owner that purchased the second transmission. In our discussion he said that he had found that the Turbo C came with a stronger trasnmission. The issue is I am having a hard time confirming this, or even how to confirm that this is an 84+ transmission. So far I have been able to find the transmission's in FJ20et models were FS5W71B. I do know there are a few variations as this was a popular Nissan transmission even today it seems. The only information I can find are two part numbers, 3201007S61 for 83 cars prior to August and 3201007S60 for August 83 to 85. Even if that were the case being an August 83 car I should already have the later transmission. If there are variations specific to the Skyline, any documentation or details as to what they might be? I might end up swapping the transmission anyway to try and eliminate a grind I get shifting in to reverse.
  3. First to get it out of the way I am in the USA (Cleveland, Ohio), I am willing to pay appropriate shipping to get what I am looking for if you are willing to work with me. There are a few things I am wanting to replace/add to my newly acquired DR30 RSX, mine is a late 83 (Tekkamen) so no intercooler factory. Aftermarket intercooler setup including piping- looking for something made for the car from the era, Greddy, HKS, Tomei etc. HKS PFC FCon, harness, GCC Mint floor centerconsole (I don't know if the silver area separates from the armrest and black trim but that's the main thing I'm after) Black rectangular plug that goes next to the emergency brake Passenger side tail light (not sure the differences besides hot plate and afterburner, the issue is the interior of that light is black where driver side is silver, I need a matching silver for that side hopefully with bulb harness) 3" downpipe if one was ever made HKS exhaust manifold Jenesis cluster, shift knob, oil cap, etc. (older design stuff) I know most of this is pretty hard to come by, I look daily on other resources too, just thought I would put the feeler out here too