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  1. Yaw/G-sensor issue. Hey guys, I wired a switch into the orange wire of the Yaw/G-sensor under the centre console. I was really careful with handling it and to not let the wires touch the body, however now i'm not able to reactivate traction. The orange wire has no power running to it any more. I've tried 1. reconnecting the orange wire (removing the switch from the circuit), 2. resetting the ECU, and 3. checked TCS fuse. Any help would be greatly appreciated as i'm at a complete loss over here. Cheers guys :-)
  2. Hey guys I'm in the market for a new steering wheel (leather is starting to peel pretty bad) and I've found a few decently priced steering wheels at wrecking with airbag in tact. The price difference between the v35 and v36 wheel is minimal ($25) and I prefer the look of the v36 wheel. My question is - would it be a straight swap to put a v36 steering wheel on my v35? Cheers.
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