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  1. I spotted you! Hi folks! I did a roundtrip through NZ during June and spotted a lot of Skylines and other JDM cars during my trip. So I wonder if maybe I found some of the members here. Let's see if some of you recognize themselves: 14.06. 08:20 am Kaikoura grey/silver R33 GTST in front of Caltex gas station 17.06. 02:00 pm Wellington purple R32 GTR at Te Papa parking lot 17.06. 02:15 pm Wellingtongrey R32 GTST near Te Papa 18.06. 03:15 pm Taupo white R32 GTR at Lake Terrace 18.06. 04:15 pm near Rotorua black R34 GTT on Thermal Explorer Highway to Taupo 19.06. 12:45 pm Rotorua black/dark grey R32 GTST in front of Te Puia 20.06. 03:15 pm Hamilton grey R34 4door at Victoria street 20.06. 03:40 pm Hamilton grey R32 GTST at Victoria street 20.06. 03:45 pm Hamilton white R34 4door parked on Grey street 23.06. 03:45 pm Auckland silver R33 GTST parked at Z gas station on Beach road (was parked there the next day too) 24.06. 11:10 am Auckland silver R34 4door with damage on left front fender at Queen street 24.06. 11:40 am Auckland black R33 GTR with GReddy FMIC on Queen street 24.06. 02:45 pm Auckland white R34 GTT on Hobson street near yacht port 25.06. 03:05 pm Auckland white R33 GTST with GTR wing and pretty loud Quay street near Hobson street 25.06. 03:10 pm Auckland white R34 (GTR?), silver R32, red R32 both wingless 25.06. 04:10 pm Auckland grey R32 wingless with visible FMIC and oil cooler in front of a white Impreza WRX on Queen street uphill sooo...who has found himself? and btw: was there a JDM meet on the 25th somewhere in town? I saw so much nicely built cars like Skylines, Silvias, Evos, Imprezas, Supras, a ton of hondas and so on on that sunday....that cant be a coincicence, right?
  2. I guess I can feel blessed to live so close to the Nürburgring. For a car maniac like me, it's better than every holiday I could imagine, to drive my car the winding roads through the Eifel and do a quick lap around the Nordschleife after relaxing some time at the Brünnchen. I just can advise everyone to do the trip to the Ring and get yourself a rental for a turn and make the experience by yourself. It's a blast! Haha, das hab ich nich erwartet, dass hier jemand auf Kölsch platt antwortet Kommst du aus Köln bzw. hast du Kölner Vorfahren? I understand you so it's okay Since I have no big plans for my GTR, I guess I'll stick with my introduction thread in the newbie forum rather than posting a project thread in the build section. So here is a short summary about my car. I imported the Skyline from the japanese auctions in July 2015 via an importer at a town next to me. When I bought it, it had run 111.000 km and was grade 4/B. The "problem area" is the underbody. At the jacking points it hase some little rust, but i think every Skyline has these problems. The little spec list is as follows: - 5Zigen Miracle Fireball Catback - 9x17 inch Boyz CST Hyper Zero1 Rims with Kumho KU36 Semislicks - Blitz turbotimer - tinted windows - japanese Kenwood radio (I cant hear radio in Germany with that thing because it works at a differen frequency range. But who needs a radio in a Skyline anyways huh? ) - cleaned trunk lid - HKS air filter mat in the original filter box Some future updates I have planned, are a nice front pipe with turbo elbows and 100 cpi race cat, an oil cooler with filter relocation kit, a bigger radiator, some nice coilovers, repainting of some parts in the engine bay, some aftermarket gauges for oil temp, oil pressure and broadband lambda, a blow off valve, stage 1 mapping on a link ecu with elimination of the 180 kmh speed limit and maybe a decent carbon spoiler blade.
  3. R33 from Germany Hey guys, my name is Michael and I found my way to your forum all the way around the world from Cologne, Germany. I own a '97 R33 GTR V-Spec. Here are some shots: As you can see, I already used the opportunity to live near the Nürburgring, to drive my GTR around the famous Norschleife. Well, thats enough of me at the moment I guess. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Let's have some good time on here. Cheers