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  1. Hey guys I need to know if everything for the aircon from the firewall forward in a gtst r32 fit into a r32 gtr? I've done research but found absolutely nothing Cheers fellas
  2. Thats unfortunate mate. As long as your old man was fine tho. I want to upgrade the turbo in my r32. Just doing some research. Thanks for your feedback!
  3. Hey, sorry abit random i know, but after changing your turbo to OP6 did you get it tuned?
  4. Hi guys. Ive had a good look but couldnt find anything. So my apologies if it's been discussed about already. My question is, will my type m skirts sit properly if i were to get gtr front guards for my car? cheers, Sam.
  5. Anyone selling type m skirts and pods in VIC MELBOURNE?
  6. Try and do general stuff your self. Oil change oil filter and all that jazz. They're fairly straight forward. You'll also save some money too
  7. update guys. I replaced the afm with my mates one. Now shes back in action
  8. Okay, ive got a mate with a 32 so ill try his one. Ill see how things go then
  9. Hey ghost can you please provide me with some links? Not being lazy or anything but ive been trying to find a solution for a while now. I havent been able to find much about it. Thanks sam.
  10. Idle, rev issue. Video provided 1990 nissan skyline r32 Stock engine besides pod filter and full exhaust. Anyone know why my car is doing this? Ive checked cas, afm. Also happens when i drive. Cant accelerate. Almost like hitting a rev limiter. 20170206_151930.mp4
  11. UPDATE; I took it for a spin today. It was driving fine. No cut outs or anything. Was boosting harder than ever. I dont wanna keep driving and the next day it plays up on me. i doubt the problem fixed it self lmao
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