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  1. The front right sensor cables seemed to be hacked in the past. It had a join. I think it was just a crap join and it got loose. I re ran a new wire and problem solved
  2. @GTSBoy @MoMnDadGTR Problem is now fixed. It was a broken cable inside the driver side foot well. I appreciate you guys for helping out. It was a simplem mistake. Check your wires for future readers Cheers
  3. Are any of you boys in Melbourne? I can pay for you to come and help me out
  4. When I test the pins on the harness plug that connects to attesa ecu I get no reading
  5. Testing multimeter at 20k ohms Front right wheel sensor - 1.24 ohms Front left wheel sensor - 1.24 ohms 13/14 - 1.28 ohms 15/16 - 17/18 - @GTSBoy Mate I'm.so confused
  6. @GTSBoy I have tested front driver and passenger. I get Infiniti on both when tested at 3ohms and 500ohms setting Sorry if this is annoying You if I'm doing it wrong
  7. @GTSBoy @MoMnDadGTR So these are results tested with a ir tester. Tested at 500 ohms 13/14 I had 300 15/16 I had 300 17/18 I had 250 19/20 I had nothing
  8. @GTSBoy Understood. I will test today and get back eith results
  9. @GTSBoy So now we are on the same page. I can re test them today or are the numbers I've written down roughly right?
  10. I can't choose for example 20k or what not. .it'll only do a continuity to see if the circuit is contunious
  11. This is what I've got mate @GTSBoy
  12. Okay @GTSBoy I've got a fluke clamp meter. My bad. It only measures continuity and not resistance eith a scale. @MoMnDadGTR I've got 2 sensors of a mate. I'm just going to replace the front right sensor and see if that fixes my issue
  13. Okay i understand. The meter I've got is a fluke multimeter. It hasn't got the setting to change over to 20k ohm etc. I'll need to buy one that can give me those readings.
  14. @GTSBoy I just want to clarify I have tested 13 to 14 15 to 16 and so on with my tester. There is no continuity. So my next step would be to test the terminal 1 2 3 and 4. Can you confirm this is correct
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