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  1. Can someone point me in the direction to a post with anyone pushing between 400 and 500hp with quick spool and stock block?
  2. Indeed I must note to I'm only looking to push a little over 400hp on these stock internals. And I just got a full set of braided lines with the restrictors because F#$@! Those stock copper line never again!!!.
  3. Well supposedly the turbos we're freshly done before I got them. What my theory is maybe they need restrictors sense they are only supposed to see 45psi oil pressure and I believe the stock RB26 hits around 60psi at 4k rpm? But I could be wrong. If anyone with experience could share there experiences that would be nice.
  4. Totally spaced it 😋for those who were confused I'm working on a 1990 gtr r32!!
  5. No emissions here🤣. You guys are braking my Hart... I spent so much time and finger skin putting this together. Not to mention the parts I've collected. Being Nismo Maf's Tomei headers HKS dumps Greddy down pipe ARC intake.
  6. Sorry for not explaining more I will fill in more blanks when I'm off work. But as much as I like the single look, I really enjoy the stock look. Ive had the car for a couple years now and i got it bone stock with a little over 50k on it. Shooting for a vary Street able daily driver. I'll also put a list of mods and I have in boxes and on the car later.
  7. Trying to figure out if I should continue with them if find something else. I haven't been able to find any posted about them.
  8. Hello there fellas. So I bought these turbos awhile back they are 2560s with gtx blades on them. I put them in and I'm blowing oil smoke every once and awhile when I bring the revs up. So I'm going to pull them out and put restrictors on them.
  9. Dang was looking for a pair of Tomei manifolds for a month. Just ordered them new... If I can return them I will buy yours!
  10. Is it just the cooler kit, does it have the thermostat, is it front mount or does it mount in the fender?
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