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  1. @bilk06169 I wish I had read this before deciding to order with CRG. I was going to post about my experience, but wanted to give them time to respond, but as they will not respond to me or take my calls here goes (be ware, slight rant): I ordered a low mount T3 manifold for my RB25DET around the 9th of November 2017 and they said 5-10 business days and it will be with you... it arrived around the 15th of December 2017 and it was a HIGH MOUNT (see images). After telling them of their error, they said they would send me a replacement by the end of the following week (I realise this is around Christmas but that is what they committed to). The weeks roll by with no contact, despite my repeated efforts, they respond around the 10th of January saying it has been shipped. When the manifold arrives it is a low mount, but I cannot get the car in anywhere due to it being the start of the year. Around the end of February, I manage to get the car into a shop, whom say the manifold flanges have walked by 1.5mm and need to be machined as the amount of walking will cause an exhaust leak. Machining was $230. Once I get the invoice back from the machining shop (2 March) I contact CRG asking for this to be paid for (as well as informing them I am extremely disappointed with the product considering its a $1,150 manifold) who immediately ask for my number to ring me. On the phone (stupid I know should have got it in writing) they say they will pay for the machining. Anyway I sent them the invoice last Friday and have not received a response and am not expecting one. What I have learnt is CRG do not appear to care about the customer unless it is a big dollar job. P.S. they informed me they have a 1.5mm tolerance on all their manifolds over the phone. Take aways: Customer service is terrible Quality control on manifolds are terrible Do not deliver on the time frames they promise Do not order from CRG
  2. Hi all I've been browsing the forum's but cannot seem to find any addressing this issue however if someone has one please link it. I have a slow coolant leak coming from the back of the block and an hoping it is just a hose. I have changed the majority of hoses under the intake plenum except for one. See picture. I have the genuine hose from Nissan, any ideas how to get to it? The bottom seems easy enough by removing the starter motor, but the top is in a shit spot. Clean hosing diagram for reference. Thanks James
  3. Can anyone shoot a link to the Facebook event?
  4. Yeah awesome! Hopefully see a few people there!
  5. WTB - Looking for OEM R34 Rb25det ECU Looking for a OEM R34 Rb25det manual ECU. Located in Victoria Thanks James
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