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  1. WHOP

    I had mine fitted along with the rest of the vacuum pipes. GOOD Value for money, look good too.. WELL HAPPY,
  2. WHOP

    OK, thanks for that John, but it leads to another question if I don't fit the crankcase vent pipe, what do I do with it? Surely I cannot leave it not connected?
  3. WHOP

    So this is my air intake pipe(or it would be if I removed mine) Can someone please explain to me where do all the connections go too?? Are they all necessary? IF I change the main black pipe to the right what else to I also have to attach to make it all work? I know the AFM has to stay on the air box THANKS FOR YOUR HELP
  4. WHOP

    Thanks Guys for all the advice and suggestions and I am going to try 350Z struts for a start.
  5. WHOP

    2003 AR-X in England and yes it's raining. But the Old Girl don't mind after all she's just been detailed.
  6. Bonnet Struts, Some Help Required, Please OK, here's the rub in D-I-Y'S they talk about Bonnet Struts BUT nowhere does it explain where the struts fit or any measurements that would allow someone to fit struts. Now, come on, Guys and Girls please share the way you have fitted your bonnet struts and where. The measurement's for Bonnet struts where given in D-I-Y'S and yes I brought them from the Gas Strut Guys in Australia and import into England. Please help because it's hard to lift a normal Stagea bonnet from a wheelchair. THANK YOU
  7. WHOP

    Well, its been an expensive month so far, new brake discs fitted along with new brake pads, both EBC, 3GD discs 296mm and Redstuff pads. Add to this a new BC-Racing Coil over suspension set designed for my AR-X and now a new rear Sway bar by Whiteline products, Australia. I would have fitted a front bar as well BUT it did not fit my suspension set up on the AR-X despite Whiteline saying it would. Now, trying to get my money back!!!
  8. WHOP

    Thanks Josh, that help no end.
  9. WHOP

    Idiot Pom Needs Help! Hi All, I now own an 2003 NM35 AR-X with a VQ25DET engine which I brought in October16... and I live in England. Getting help and spares is a bitch, so I need some help from you, Ladies and Gentlemen. Now I have brought my spark plugs NGK LFR7AIX are they the right ones, YES or NO? What numbers are the Air Con Active Carbon Filters and who makes them? What number is the pollen filter and who makes it? On Filters I would like to use K&N Filters if possible. I have a factory fitted Sat Nav fitted with TV etc. How hard is it to remove the whole system and replace it because the main unit in the grove box is shot? Are there any panels to replace the bits I would like to remove, like the controls, etc.? Thanks for all the help, people.
  10. WHOP

    conan, Thanks for the advice regarding mechanics and breakers but as Stagea's are still uncommon in the UK I think breakers are few and far between. Luckily we have a very good Stagea Club Chairman in Green Machine who can get most parts and if not knows a man who can.
  11. WHOP

    iamhe77, Could you please explain why as an M35 owner you suggest your choices of a transmission cooler and cooling system mod first? I can just about understand the transmission cooler but what cooling mods would you suggest? By the way, I have to have an automatic gearbox due to my disabilities ( nothing works below my waist) so I have ( big toe) brain problems too.
  12. WHOP

    Stripey, Thank you but I think 295mm Brakes all round will give me a better result as I can get four piston ones to fit easily. My AR-X runs on 18 inch wheels with an 18 inch spare and putting different sized brakes on her seems wrong some how, don't you agree?
  13. WHOP

    Having read all your comments and I thank you all for them. Yes, I am really enjoying driving again for the first time in 20 years, all my previous cars were just a means of getting from A to B with my wheelchair. Driving this is such a pleasure it makes my smile just sitting in it. As my carer travels with me and also drives it and I have to keep her safe, safety is the most important thing. I don't know enough about engines, etc. to put in Innovate Motorsports SCG-1 what ever that is nor do I know what it does (Sorry datmoo). So it seems to me that as I'm in a wheelchair and very limited knowledge of mechanic's I should start with something I do understand. I'll get the brakes upgraded first then the exhaust, I'm not sure about lowering the car at present because at its present height I can transfer easily form my wheelchair. Please don't forget I'm in England so suggesting parts that are only available in Oz and really not helpful but thank you anyway.
  14. WHOP

    Help Required Please I now have my Lovely M35 AR-X VQ25DET and I've had fitted my hand controls and wheelchair hoist so I can get around. Replaced the Nissan Rims with 18X8 rims with Yokohama tyres and TPMS fitted, its great to drive. Now, what mod should I do first, Brakes , Suspension or something else? So if your going to suggest something I would like to know why that brand and the sizes. Also my M35 is equal to which Skyline model as so far three people have told me 3 different models? All advice gratefully received if not acted on.