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  1. Hey guys thanks for the suggestions. Pulled the mfd apart last night made sure everything was in its place and then powered the unit up but still no luck. Will get on FB later and post it on the gtr owners club
  2. I did speak with him, and he recommended i send it to him but i'm just unsure if i should, its so far away and mfd units are so valuable
  3. Can anyone shed some light on what has happened to my mfd in the gtr? Took it out for a weekend drive and notice the screen had a green tinge, nothing i could really do so i kept driving and then 10 minutes later the screen was still working but fully blank. Any ideas on what this could be would be great or even someone who can get it working again
  4. Can you post up some more photo's engine bay etc? What suspension is it running?
  5. Depends what has been done to it. 30k us is pretty expensive for a gtt and thats if it is a gtt?
  6. Exhaust and intercooler already sorted. Exhaust is a 3 inch jasma all the way through
  7. Nothing beats that rb sound though or maybe a jz engine lol
  8. Keep it coming guys. I'm reading all the posts, still deciding on what to do. The 34 is currently sitting in my garage fully stripped for new paint and gtr conversion without the wide body plus a shit load off aftermarket parts, bride seats, steering wheel, gear knob, carbon gtr bonnet, brand new interior the list goes on lol Hoping to have it all done by December and then I'll work the engine so keep posting you're ideas [emoji106]
  9. So i'm thinking of going for the e85 and a hypergear turbo, will probably do ffp. Top mount with external gate and a bigger fuel pump aswel once thats done I'll get a chip and tune. Thoughts?
  10. 500hp would be my max. I'm also after a specific rb sound
  11. Sweet thanks I'll have a look at hypergear
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