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  1. one question, is scrutineering between 8am-9am and driver's briefing at 9?
  2. hahaha sounds like an idea the "leet" crowd would entertain in their minds... thanks for the explanation
  3. Any SAU Vic motorkhanas in the works from here until next year lads?
  4. note: I am advertising this on behalf of someone else FOR SALE: Link Plus ECU in unused condition This ECU suits twin cam RB heads and is plug-in. What you will receive: USB data cable Wiring Loom MAP Sensor Water temp sensor Adapter box Air temp sensor Installation manual The ECU itself Some capabilities of this ECU: Variable fuel pump speed and relay control Interfaces with engine coolant temperature, fuel temperature and intake air temperature Boost control solenoid compatibility Variable Valve Timing control A/C fan control Launch Control Advanced fuel injector control Intercooler water spray, vehicle speed and shift light capability, there are too many features to list here! $2,500 Or Best Offer, Located in Bendigo, Victoria Please don't hesitate to enquire for more information or pictures, the seller can be reached on the following phone number: 0417 513 871
  5. Are the supp regs the same as the DECA motorkhanas?
  6. Hi guys, for future reference, does anyone know of some motels near sandown, and philip island, where my car is less likely to get pwnd by thieves?
  7. stanced triumph with a #barra and overfenders, put concept art on internet for pre-likes and rake in the cash
  8. That looks like a good event, are there registration info + regulations documents anywhere?
  9. In my experience you hand your proof of ownership papers and RWC certificate to them, the attendant will come outside to inspect that the chassis and engine numbers match and likely glance at tyres/easy stuff/shiny performance bits to satisfy themselves that the car didn't present as obviously unroadworthy EDIT: Should mention that the engine number is the same as declared to vicroads, so it doesn't have to be the original engine but they must know about it and you declare the engine number on the form too. I haven't done this with a modified/engineered car so I can't comment on that. Making the engine number on the block easily visible makes their job easier too
  10. Yeah I loved the DECA day in february so will be jumping on a spot for the next one when available too. Thanks
  11. Hi guys, anybody know of any motorkhana events for the rest of this year? hosted by SAU or other clubs? i'm keen to get back out there
  12. not trying to be a nuisance, but what's the reasoning with cash only?
  13. true, but at high speed you pretty much are waiting for the guy to screw up, unless you want to do a PIT at 120+ km/h....
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