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  1. Thanks heaps
  2. Okay got that awesome news haha. Cars running awesome, done about 150kms so far and hasn't missed a beat. I also just passed my licence so I can now drive on my own
  3. Okay, so.. this is a little bit kinda big update lol. So after fixing the fuel gauge, I went out for the maiden voyage as such feeling that the car was all fixed and running perfectly. Ha. 200m down the road I stopped to give way at a roundabout... too bad the car didn't wanna leave the roundabout. It completely stalled out on me leaving me thinking that the flathead screw driver piece in the fuel lines... I spent the whole of the following Tuesday taking off all the return fuel lines trying to find the bloody thing. Probably spent about 4 hours trying to find it. I could not for the life of me find the thing, and it wouldn't have been able to get into the metal lines due to size so I was confused. I had looked around the top of the tank thing where it screws in, and I couldn't find it there the other day. But I decided I'd take one more look before calling my uncle lol. Well... there's the fkn screwdriver piece... So then why the balls is the car stalling out on me? I put it all back together and called my mate over to take it for a drive, he drove it pretty hard and it didn't cut out on him nor did he feel anything wrong with it. I thought it must have just been a random fluke and maybe there was air or something in the lines I'm not too sure. So with me being confident that it was fixed I went for a drive that night. Only to fkn stall out again only 50m from my house... I was trying to figure out why it stalled out at night but not during the day, both times the only difference between the times it stalled and when it was fine was that it was night time and the headlights were on. So I started checking the battery and electrics thinking it could have been that, was getting fine readings for all mock situations I put it in. Not thinking about doing the CEL test with the paper clip I did that... code 12.... afm... wtf. So I bought another AFM the next day and picked it up. Put it in, went for a drive at night with headlights on, was fine. Cool. Now the old AFM is on the left and the new one on the right. Notice any differences? The sealant maybe? This lead me to believe that my one had been opened and repaired at some point in its life and was back to haunt again. So on my one drive I've done hopefully my problem is fixed... I just seem to be away every time I need to drive or fix the car. And on another note when I was pushing my car someone.. unfortunately me... curbed my wheel... Okay that's it for me hopefully until Wednesday! Then hopefully I'll have some good news to share lol
  4. Hey, last night I picked up another AFM. I chucked that in and went for a 5 or so minute drive in the same conditions as when it cut out both times (night with headlights on etc) Changing the AFM seems to have fixed it which is awesome. It seems as though the AFM that was in the car before had been opened at some point and resoldered as the sealant wasn't factory. New AFM is on the right (new to me lol)
  5. Okay, so I checked battery. 12.38 car off, 14.28 car on. All sweet. Thought I'd give getting fault codes a go. Think I did it correctly, got code 12 which I believe means AFM. Guess I'm on a hunt for a new AFM, kinda weird how it works some times and not others and maybe it's not even linked to lights but just random? Here is a video of the code, 1 short and 2 fast? 12?
  6. As far as I can see it only has issues with headlights on, BUT After managing to get the car home, I left it for about an hour and I just went to turn it on, it started, revs fluctuated and then the car died (no headlights, radio or aircon etc) I started it up again and it's idling fine and fine when revving, tried different situations with lights on, full beam, aircon, radio etc and it had no issue staying on or starting. I'll try the multimeter in about an hour to give it the same amount of time I did before. I'll see what it's reading when off and what it's reading when the cars on. Don't have another battery easily accessible but I'll try clean the terminals and check them as well.
  7. Okay tides have changed. Went for a drive and the car made it 200m before loosing power and stalling. The only difference between the two drives is that the headlights were on when it stalled. I'm thinking alternator or battery. Here's a video of it cutting out, doesn't matter if it's in reverse or drive still cuts out the second you take your foot off the brake.
  8. Ok I'm not too sure what's wrong with it. The car got driven about 3 times the distance with no issues at all about 20 minutes ago. I'll go for another drive later on tonight and see what it's like then. If it drives fine, well, I don't know what went wrong If it breaks down again I'm gonna go back into the tank. Thanks for your help Duncan!
  9. Car was running fine the day before I opened up the fuel tank because my pump came loose and stopped my fuel gauge from working. I fixed that and thought everything was sweet Installed a new coil pack about a week earlier but had driven the car heaps with no problems. Car idles fine. I'll check battery voltage and look for air leaks etc. I'm stumped because I backed it out of the garage, let it idle for a few minutes while I was waiting on someone, backed onto the road and took off and got to the roundabout, went to take off again and stall.
  10. Ok, so I drove about 800 or so metres, got to a roundabout and stopped so the car could go, went to take off again and car just turned off. Got CEL, oil and battery I think. Then the only way to keep the car from stalling out was giving it a shit tone of gas and left foot on the brake changing from park to drive otherwise when you changed it would cut out
  11. Ok scrap all that I must have the fcking lines around the wrong way because I've just found the piece. Can someone please show photos of the internal lines going to the lid or float piece? They must be the wrong way around? Or is it possible that there was just fuel in the lines and a few good revs would fix that?
  12. Ok I need some major help regarding my lost flathead into the fuel return line [emoji849] The piece isn't big enough to get through the metal pipes circled. So where has it gone? I'm not 100% that it went in there but I don't know why else the car would stall out? Other thing I can think of is I got the fuel lines in the tank to the top bit the wrong way around. But the car runs and fuel comes out the return line[ I'm in the process of getting off that hose but I can't feel anything in it... Thanks!
  13. April 11/12 I'll start off with saying that a family friend who owns a panel beating company has offered to help repair my wheel arch as long as I help on some aspects of it which I'm stoked about! He said it's gone in quite far so will probably need to go on the chassis straightener, then we'll probably have to bog it up then paint it. Awesome news Now I started getting into the fuel gauge issue. Heh. Honestly the reason why it wasn't moving (I won't say working because it always was) is actually quite amusing and no one would be able to guess unless they saw it. It took me honestly about 3 hours to even get to the top of the tank, the hardest part was removing the hoses for the out and in, I managed to loose the removable flat head piece for my screw driver, I'm hoping it didn't go into the return line lol. Another issue was that Niagara Falls seemed to have found its way to the outlet, turns out taking off the fuel cap really helps relieve the pressure I stopped there because fuel just went everywhere and filled the plugs so I couldn't test the float. Second day I plugged in the plug after the fuel evaporated and to no surprise it didn't work (makes sense now at least haha). I really didn't want to take off the hoses and plugs for the pump under the float mainly because it looked quite daunting lol. Anyway as I do I unplugged them and pulled out the float Next I plugged in the float and as gravity works, the float moved to the 'full' position And the gauge moved! But that doesn't make any sense right? Because if it freely moves and the gauge works, it should work inside the tank right? Is that a floating fuel pump maybe? Hmm... that's not where it should be. Much better. So, all back together and it's working! I finally have a gauge that works.. no more topping up fuel every hundred kms haha. So.. why wasn't it working before but is now even though nothing really changed? Well I'm going to take an educated guess and presume that the fuel pump was sitting on top of the float which means it wouldn't move or a fuel hose was stopping it from moving. Anyway I'm super happy that it's fixed and for free!
  14. Sweet, I'll try give him a ring.
  15. Today I got my faulty coil replaced and had a wheel alignment done. Too bad my f*kn fuel gauge isn't working now. Can never win. I feel like it broke when I got a flat battery. Don't wanna buy a new sensor and it be the dash, vice versa. I also got ahold of some brand new carpet for free! No longer have to look at my stained boot It's starting to look awesome! Also is anyone here in Auckland a panel beater? Or knows of a good one that's reasonably priced. Looking at this smashed in arch is driving me bananas