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  1. spudtatoe

    Yeah would be sweet as if we could get this forum up and running, maybe even some meets if there’s enough interest.
  2. spudtatoe

    Cheers, no budget for mods yet. Just want to enjoy it for a bit first, quite a bit different to the old slow 25de 4wd stag I had beforehand. I just need to change the BOV to a recirc one as the car idles quite rough at the moment. Otherwise its pretty mint
  3. spudtatoe

    I've been gone a loooong time. Old stagea blew a fitting at the back on the firewall and lost all my coolant.. temp gauge never moved and ultimately killed my engine. Spent a couple months without a stagea and really missed it.. so here I am again, just picked up this RS-v on the weekend, 25DET manual rwd. Sunroof too. Extremely happy
  4. Picked up a second hand canister from a wreckers today for $12 so easy as. Cars now back together and all good! thanks again for explaining what it was.. interesting stuff
  5. Bloody awesome help mate! I guess I shall now try find one locally, if not online it is lol. Wish I didn’t break it in anger now 😜
  6. I thought that was the black canister located near the intake duct at the front near the radiator? Is there anyway to bypass this canister if so? or if its low pressure would super gluing the nipple back on work?
  7. Hi all, was changing my oil pressure sensor and broke the nipple on this fine can of emptiness last night, has 2 vac lines going to it... located under the intake runner/plenum thingy lol. Thanks
  8. spudtatoe

    So I haven’t posted in a while here but I picked up a Takeros kit which needed a bit of work and paint and it’s slowly making its way to being done. its had the fibreglassing work done thanks to one of the awesome dudes at my work, I just need to bog it from the front and sand everything down and prep for paint. I will need to remove my tow bar which is a bummer but not the end of the world.
  9. spudtatoe

    What did you end up cutting?
  10. spudtatoe

    I’m about 6’2-3 and it’s fine to drive but a little more room wouldn’t hurt. Can’t help with anything else though
  11. spudtatoe

    I'm long overdue posting an update.. don't even remember what the last thing I posted was lol Anyway, some stuffs has happened, most important one is that my car no longer pings... Took it to E&H Motors out in Pukekohe and they found that the timing was off, which is what I had suspected. A fair chunk of money later i'm happy that the car is now 100% better. On a cooler note, I bought a LSD diff which I was gonna chuck into a 4WD stag casing but I derped and forgot about the ABS stub axles.. so now I need to try and find some 3x2 LSD ABS stub axles that I can use... otherwise I might try find some 5x1LSD ABS stub axles and put them in it, but that involves buying the axles as well... Also got given a spare casing, but I can't use that anyway. You can see the ABS ring on the stub axle that I need, apparently the open diff one that I have is too short to be used in the LSD unfortuantly. Also changed out my coolant and changed spark plugs/coil packs to brand new ones. Other than that nothing cool has happened haha
  12. spudtatoe

    My towbar is rated 500kg unbraked and 1600kg braked. S1 RS4 (Non turbo)
  13. spudtatoe

    Okay so I have a blitz axelback, wich is 2.5", and then I was able to measure the o.d. of the pipe right around the diff, it's 2", I'm thinking it's same all the way through? No idea with M35 but a neo det exhaust is 2.5" and a DE neo is 2.25" i think, and its the same the whole way through
  14. spudtatoe

    I would but it's winter here in Canada and I don't have access to a hoist at the moment Should be able to measure it from under the car while its on the ground, unless its slammed to its guts