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  1. Hey, Once you remove the screws underneath the center console storage that should lift up. Then you will be able to unscrew/pop out the cup holders for the rear seats.
  2. I don't get email notifactions or notifacations on the app (iOS) anymore. And I still have the popup saying "Emails that we send to you are being returned to us. If our emails continue to bounce, we will stop sending emails to you and require you to update your email address."
  3. I have the tweeters that came with the previous setup, but then I have some fusion ones that i'm considering putting in as my front door speakers are component. I definitely would have done soldering, and should have. Would probably have been cheaper too lol, it cost about $38 for the connectors and $33 for the stripper/crimp tool. I got a decent heat gun for when I was going to paint my headlights.. I still haven't got around to doing that haha
  4. Aight, today I fixed up all of the wiring I've done on the car, which is just the tail lights and the radio wiring. We'll start off with the first thing I did, the tail lights. I've had the tail lights installed for well over 6 months now but the wires were only ever twisted together. And for the trailer wiring I just cut away at some of the wire then had just twisted and taped the trailer wire to it, which was super dodgy and would be 50/50 chance of it working lol. You can see here that I've done the indicator wiring I think? I've used the wire tap blocks for the trailer wiring which were quite good. Then I've used wire joiners for the indicator bulbs for the tail lights And then here you can just see all of the wiring fixed, this was kinda done to the best of my abilities lol. If I had the equipment like a soldering iron etc I would've used that though. That's it for the tail lights and trailer wiring. I verified that the trailer wiring works by using a test light. Now I moved onto the radio which took about 2 and a half hours max. I went into this job not really trying to achieve anything other than making the wiring more safe I guess, rather than the wires being taped together lol. Previously I had been using a piece of wire going from the antenna on the back of the headunit running up along to the side of the dash. Worked average in the beginning and over time it just got worse and worse to the point where I stopped using the radio and stuck to Bluetooth. I was at the point where I didn't really care about the radio and was just going to put up with using Bluetooth. So I took the centre console apart... nice wiring mess haha Along with some dirt n shit that I never cleaned out last time. I have my best shot with a vacuum and cleaned up what I could in there but it's certainly still not nice looking. You can see here in this next photo that the wires were just taped together and some had already come undone.. the previous bullet connectors were for tweeters that were still plugged into the front speaker ports, meaning that the speakers I installed into the front doors weren't even being used lol. So I started making all the wiring look nice nice and put the bullet connectors on. Now I just went and bought a pack of different connectors from super cheap. I definitely wouldn't recommend buying them for anything other than what I've done here, probably not even that. They're real shit plastic things that don't even really work that well lol. And now after taking out all the wiring you can see here that I've got 2 wires left over, can anyone shed some light on what the wires are for? Currently they are just left as is and have been for the last 8 months so I presume it's old wiring or something. This next bit kinda peeved me off a bit, whether it was me 8 months ago when I hacked in this radio or whether it was the previous owner(s). The previous owner I got the car off did tell me when I test drove it that the radio was wired in and shouldn't be too hard to do. So I'm not sure whether I cut the wire or they did, I'm sure if it was me I wouldn't have been stupid enough to cut it so far down... (Blue wire) I didn't really have much clue on what to do about the wire, I knew by the end of the night I would have it connected to the blue wire coming from the head unit and I knew it was for the antenna (I didn't think the wire even worked because I swear I tried connecting it to the yellow wire for constant power 8 months ago, but it would've been from the wrong end lol) So yup, I took the pin out and added a connector to the end of it, if the radio ever stops working one day I'm gonna guess this gave in haha. And here is the wiring harness all sorted out with connectors going to the right places And now everything's back together!! I tested it out and the radio wouldn't turn on, 99% chance it's always gonna be the earth which it was. I had wired the earth from the head unit to the factory Nissan plug which didn't even have anything come out into the harness that goes deep into the cars heart haha. Don't worry the interior and centre console went all back together until it was working 100% So now I've got a working bloody radio!! After 8 months or the whole time I've owned the car I can now listen to crystal clear radio!!! I was so stoked on having it working. Here's all of the old wiring that I've pulled out that went nowhere or just got removed, a lot of it is from the tweeters that sat on the dash which I removed. Anyway thanks for reading lmao
  5. Probably due an update lol, Don't really have much to update on, I put on the sideskirts that no longer fit nicely lol. Stagea meet was a blast, i've now got some plans for this car... Here are some photos from the stagea meet, mine of course wasn't washed because the Wash World was fully packed with a certain type of people in their Commys and straight piped pulsars ^_^ In the future id love to find a turbo sunroof model, strip it back, rust repair and then paint it some sort of pearl purple/blue... wishful thinking and should probably just sort out this one first. Last thing; does anyone know anyone parting out a WK1 stagea (Pearl white with silver strip) who has a right hand rear door for sale! Anywhere in NZ i'll find a way to get it whether that be drive to the south island or drive just down the road. ive been looking for 4 months now and still can't find a door, you'd think white would be the easiest colour to get panels for but its seriously not.
  6. Meet is this saturday guys! I'm going to be at the Wash world in manukau next to the repco and BP at around 2:15PM. A few others might meet there, then after that we will head to the meet location for 4PM. Would be cool to see as many Stags as possible! Thx
  7. Location has been changed to the Ford HQ/bnz kinda carpark thing in Highbrook. Mission Bay was probs gonna be a pain. And if you want pre meet at the Wash World in Manukau next to the BP. Cheers
  8. Yeah my guess would've been it was sucking the power, glad you got it sorted.
  9. Oh thats wicked, i'll try remember to tell the host to message him. Will we see you there?
  10. Yeah, would've been cool to see your stag
  11. NZ - Auckland Stagea Meet 27th May Was gonna post this in the North island forum but its stagea only related so not too sure - mod/admin feel free to move/delete. Just in case any of you aren't on Facebook and are in the NZ and want to come It will be on May 27th, 4pm at Mission Bay. Would be cool to see some stageas there. Heres the facebook event link - https://www.facebook.com/events/1433071343433371/
  12. Thanks heaps
  13. Okay got that awesome news haha. Cars running awesome, done about 150kms so far and hasn't missed a beat. I also just passed my licence so I can now drive on my own
  14. Okay, so.. this is a little bit kinda big update lol. So after fixing the fuel gauge, I went out for the maiden voyage as such feeling that the car was all fixed and running perfectly. Ha. 200m down the road I stopped to give way at a roundabout... too bad the car didn't wanna leave the roundabout. It completely stalled out on me leaving me thinking that the flathead screw driver piece in the fuel lines... I spent the whole of the following Tuesday taking off all the return fuel lines trying to find the bloody thing. Probably spent about 4 hours trying to find it. I could not for the life of me find the thing, and it wouldn't have been able to get into the metal lines due to size so I was confused. I had looked around the top of the tank thing where it screws in, and I couldn't find it there the other day. But I decided I'd take one more look before calling my uncle lol. Well... there's the fkn screwdriver piece... So then why the balls is the car stalling out on me? I put it all back together and called my mate over to take it for a drive, he drove it pretty hard and it didn't cut out on him nor did he feel anything wrong with it. I thought it must have just been a random fluke and maybe there was air or something in the lines I'm not too sure. So with me being confident that it was fixed I went for a drive that night. Only to fkn stall out again only 50m from my house... I was trying to figure out why it stalled out at night but not during the day, both times the only difference between the times it stalled and when it was fine was that it was night time and the headlights were on. So I started checking the battery and electrics thinking it could have been that, was getting fine readings for all mock situations I put it in. Not thinking about doing the CEL test with the paper clip I did that... code 12.... afm... wtf. So I bought another AFM the next day and picked it up. Put it in, went for a drive at night with headlights on, was fine. Cool. Now the old AFM is on the left and the new one on the right. Notice any differences? The sealant maybe? This lead me to believe that my one had been opened and repaired at some point in its life and was back to haunt again. So on my one drive I've done hopefully my problem is fixed... I just seem to be away every time I need to drive or fix the car. And on another note when I was pushing my car someone.. unfortunately me... curbed my wheel... Okay that's it for me hopefully until Wednesday! Then hopefully I'll have some good news to share lol
  15. Hey, last night I picked up another AFM. I chucked that in and went for a 5 or so minute drive in the same conditions as when it cut out both times (night with headlights on etc) Changing the AFM seems to have fixed it which is awesome. It seems as though the AFM that was in the car before had been opened at some point and resoldered as the sealant wasn't factory. New AFM is on the right (new to me lol)