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  1. Done a bit to my stagea in the last couple of weeks, got some LED headlights, which are bloody awesome. They were just some from ebay for about $30 or something NZD. They literally light up EVERYTHING... especially sign posts from 100m way lol. I also picked up a series 2 exhaust (there is a length difference between the S1 and S2 exhaust) the main reason I got this exhaust was to smash out the cat for more pop pop :P. But... As you can see the cats already been smashed out.. saves me time! I installed the exhaust and it sounds pretty damn good, the S2 exhaust did have a bigger centre muffler too which was nice, interested to see whether there is a difference in sound between the S1 and S2 though. Before I got this exhaust my rear muffler stuck out a little bit which looked ugly, and now it sits further back, but now the hangers are weird so I'll need to get them re-done at some point. I also managed to get my hands on a rear lip which im bloody stoked about. I did run into a issue with the towbar, which I knew I would but I was kinda hoping I could just get away with it (which I kinda did) Installing the passenger side part was easy as and I only screwed it in at the bottom mounts and ends, I didn't bother with drilling the ones to attach it in the middle or whatever lol. I used some brute force a couple of days later and got the other half on.. which also cracked it more... You can kinda tell from those photos that its a little squished where the tow bar is but im fine with that and supports it in there quite well. Extremely happy with it though. I'm not sure whether I'll paint or or leave it as is, it's almost making me consider getting silver side skirts and a silver front lip just to go with the flow lol. Last thing i've done over the last couple of days is black out my headlights. I'd never done anything like this before so the first headlight was a bit of a struggle to open, but then the second took me about 10 minutes. Pretty happy with the end results too.. I did buy another set of headlights to do this on as I wouldn't trust myself doing it on my only headlights lol.
  2. mm yeah, so many things to get sorted like the pinging issue. Maybe this Stagea needs to go at some point and get a turbo stagea lol.
  3. Is there a difference between MCP-1440 and MCP-1430 Neo Coilpacks? Hi all, I have a set of MCP-1340 coils (which came with the car afaik) and one of them went bad so got a set of MCP-1440 coils and just swapped one of them in so i'm using 5x MCP-1430 and 1x MCP-1440. Now i'm not too sure if theres any difference between the two coilpacks or if I should be using the full set of MCP-1440 coils. Theres pretty much 0 information elsware on this topic either. The MCP-1440 coils came from an R34 RB25DE Neo, and the MCP-1430 came from a RB25DE Neo 4WD Stagea.
  4. Thanks, so judging by that my timing is off by 10 degrees (Judging from using that loop)? When I retest the timing using the number 1 coil and if I get the same result, should I be checking the camelt timing or should I adjust the CAS first?
  5. Need timing info on RB25DE NEO Hi all, I've got a pinging/pre ignition detonation sound, can hear it when cold with the engine under a bit of load. I put the timing light on the car but I used the white loop at the back of the coil harness and didn't disconnect the TPS which you're apparently supposed to do.. so not sure how accurate this timing reading was, i'm not too sure if this is where the timing should be and have serched everywhere and I all get is bloody 25DET stuff, which im unsure if its the same timing as 25DE. Another thing to note is that my CAS is backed almost all the way to one side as shown here (I made the yellow marking) Would just like to know where the timing should be or if its already correct etc Thanks
  6. gonna go for a drive out to Maraetai on Friday seeing as I haven’t been out there in yonks... but now I need to sell off the 235/45/18 RE003 that were in my boot lol.
  7. Okay, so i've finally done the CV joints and boots all round. Again, for everyone that says its hard and not worth it and send it off to a mechanics/cv specialist, it's not actually that hard, it takes a couple of hours and is worth it if you want to save some money. Along thing I would note is that the CV Joints from Partmaster have a 32mm nut and it doesn't have a splitpin as backup but a crush thing to stop it from comig undone (which I don't really trust). Repco gave the wrong drivers side inner boot so don't bother going to repco for that part as they dont have it. Autostop has the correct boot though. It's bloody awesome having 4WD back, more yet having ABS back lol! Along with getting the cv joints done I also put some Potenza RE003 all round... omg... feels so good.... didn't reaise the stagea could ever be that smooth and nice handling. They are 245/45/18 which is quite a large sidewall but I prefer that over a ugly thin sidewall people like, each to their own. I have a pre ignition pinging issue too, i'd had it for a while but didn't really think much of it until my uncle took the car for a drive after the cvs were done. We put a timing light on the car but used the white wire at the back of the coil pack loom which apparently isn't accurate nor did we realise you're supposed to disconnect the TPS lol. But from doing it that way it did show I was on the second mark? I think thas 5 degrees or whatever. One to the right of the bigger white mark. Unsure of what mark it should be on for a 25DE Neo.. I can ony find info on DETs.. My CAS is also located almost all the way to one side which I don't think it should be. Quite possibly when the previous owner got the cambelt done they just put on the cas however as I haven't touched it since I bought the car. But I finally have my dash all back together and have working LEDs all round now
  8. It's the same one I looked at last night, I can send you a copy of it if you want?
  9. heh, yeah bro I shouldn't have tried to go the cheaper easier way haha
  10. Heh, thanks. It's no 1000 HP engine building but its the story of the 25DE piece of poo stagea haha. Every listing Repco had for a stagea and R33 GTR/ GTS4 came back to these ones, I even got them to bring out another one to confirm. I take it back to cheap chinese manafacturing and cost cutting, because this means even people asking for R33 GTR cv joints are going to get the same crap, not that i'd expect a GTR owner to go to Repco anyway lol. Mate im bloody stoked on the door aye! No more hideous camo, although I probably will miss it in a weird way and yeah, sometimes (a lot of the time) I forget to double click and half the px size lol. Smaller photos are so much easier to look at
  11. Aight, so repco, hah, dont get me started on them. They're useless, don't go to them for CV Joints... This is what they gave me... mines on the left and the two they gave me to the right aren't even the same.. wat.. lol also went to Autostop who couldn't help, and then to ADL who wanted big $$$$ as they needed me to buy the cv joint then $70+ ontop of that to machine the correct ABS ring on or something. So I ended up heading to Partmaster who had the correct ones (hopefully) cost $270.. Hopefully i'll be able to put them in on sunday and oh boy I can't wait to have 4wd back, oh and abs!!! ^_^ Also picked up some second hand RE003 tyres for the rear seeing as the current ones have gone hard and are from 2012. Now onto some bloody awesome news, I finally found a new door which took 9 months! I bought it sight unseen and it wasn't in good condition, wish I had known before I bought it but I probably would have bought it regardless anyway lol. I reckon a clay bar and wax/polish and it'll turn out nice and white minus the 10 little dents lmao. So hopefully I will get the cvs done and the tyres on next week after doing a good skid
  12. I'm still getting this notification
  13. Nup, no matter what stagea they searched it all went back to the wrong ones. They called up ADL Auto Parts, because they have ones that fit but i'll need to swap the ABS ring over. Unfortuantly, because I bought the joints from repco with 30% off the money I got back won't be able to pay for ones from ADL... so maybe ill have to get second hand axels
  14. See thats what pisses me off the most. I vividly record asking for R33 GTR joints... at least I have a photo to compare against now...