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  1. I’m about 6’2-3 and it’s fine to drive but a little more room wouldn’t hurt. Can’t help with anything else though
  2. I'm long overdue posting an update.. don't even remember what the last thing I posted was lol Anyway, some stuffs has happened, most important one is that my car no longer pings... Took it to E&H Motors out in Pukekohe and they found that the timing was off, which is what I had suspected. A fair chunk of money later i'm happy that the car is now 100% better. On a cooler note, I bought a LSD diff which I was gonna chuck into a 4WD stag casing but I derped and forgot about the ABS stub axles.. so now I need to try and find some 3x2 LSD ABS stub axles that I can use... otherwise I might try find some 5x1LSD ABS stub axles and put them in it, but that involves buying the axles as well... Also got given a spare casing, but I can't use that anyway. You can see the ABS ring on the stub axle that I need, apparently the open diff one that I have is too short to be used in the LSD unfortuantly. Also changed out my coolant and changed spark plugs/coil packs to brand new ones. Other than that nothing cool has happened haha
  3. My towbar is rated 500kg unbraked and 1600kg braked. S1 RS4 (Non turbo)
  4. Okay so I have a blitz axelback, wich is 2.5", and then I was able to measure the o.d. of the pipe right around the diff, it's 2", I'm thinking it's same all the way through? No idea with M35 but a neo det exhaust is 2.5" and a DE neo is 2.25" i think, and its the same the whole way through
  5. I would but it's winter here in Canada and I don't have access to a hoist at the moment Should be able to measure it from under the car while its on the ground, unless its slammed to its guts
  6. The top one is stagea and bottom is GTR correct?
  7. Holy that sounds mint!
  8. Interesting to know, might try call him as well, M&H want $65 to scan then most likely more from then on lol. my guess is the timing is off because I’ve got a flat spot/jerk around 3500RPM that I can reproduce in second gear every time. My only thing about taking it to a workshop is if they don’t know how to properly time it (not using the loop at back of coil loom, unplugging tps etc) i’d rather have it done once and done correctly.
  9. Have contacted E&H and hopefully can drop my car off next Saturday. its a shame none of them seem to be open on the weekend as that’s the only time I can make it there (I work in onehunga 8-4:30) cheers for that help.
  10. Hi all, i'm in need to get my timing on my 25DE Neo fixed. Im getting a load of pinging and i'm thinking its to do with the timing, I don't have the gear or time to really get it sorted on my own. So what I was wondering is if anyone has any recommendations to get my timing sorted in auckland? Cheers
  11. Interesting, but S1 ecus cant have a nistune chip? and I'm able to have a nistune chip fitted because mines a S1.5 or neo correct? But yeah no point in doing that on a DE... just interesting on the ECU difference I guess.
  12. Hi, I also have a S1.5, mines a 25DE Neo. The ECU I have is a Hitachi and is not tubable. But yeah you should have a key with the two buttons on it to lock/unlock. Seems as though the previous owner may have lost that key and got a standard one cut or something?
  13. Just use Z32 AFM, thats what everyone uses right?! That is if you wanna keep a AFM
  14. Done a bit to my stagea in the last couple of weeks, got some LED headlights, which are bloody awesome. They were just some from ebay for about $30 or something NZD. They literally light up EVERYTHING... especially sign posts from 100m way lol. I also picked up a series 2 exhaust (there is a length difference between the S1 and S2 exhaust) the main reason I got this exhaust was to smash out the cat for more pop pop :P. But... As you can see the cats already been smashed out.. saves me time! I installed the exhaust and it sounds pretty damn good, the S2 exhaust did have a bigger centre muffler too which was nice, interested to see whether there is a difference in sound between the S1 and S2 though. Before I got this exhaust my rear muffler stuck out a little bit which looked ugly, and now it sits further back, but now the hangers are weird so I'll need to get them re-done at some point. I also managed to get my hands on a rear lip which im bloody stoked about. I did run into a issue with the towbar, which I knew I would but I was kinda hoping I could just get away with it (which I kinda did) Installing the passenger side part was easy as and I only screwed it in at the bottom mounts and ends, I didn't bother with drilling the ones to attach it in the middle or whatever lol. I used some brute force a couple of days later and got the other half on.. which also cracked it more... You can kinda tell from those photos that its a little squished where the tow bar is but im fine with that and supports it in there quite well. Extremely happy with it though. I'm not sure whether I'll paint or or leave it as is, it's almost making me consider getting silver side skirts and a silver front lip just to go with the flow lol. Last thing i've done over the last couple of days is black out my headlights. I'd never done anything like this before so the first headlight was a bit of a struggle to open, but then the second took me about 10 minutes. Pretty happy with the end results too.. I did buy another set of headlights to do this on as I wouldn't trust myself doing it on my only headlights lol.