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  1. Braided oil line help Hey guys, I bought a GT3582 the setup come off a subi so the oil lines are different I had a braided oil line made to for a eBay turbo .I no most shops will be shut tomorrow, so is there any one in the brissy,Logan,Goldy area that could help swap the connections on my braided lines , I have cash and I need boost please help
  2. Yeah thanks mate, coz I am getting I collection of Chinese turbos and don't no what to do with them, can't palm them off onto someone else
  3. Oversized restrictor... Maybe, the seals are gone... She got me home fine, just no boost. Next day I cranked her over n just plumes of smoke in my street, thinking about going back to stock. Stock hot side, if I got a complete setup would be a lot more reliable and cheaper, I got a quote today from MTQ $1900 for a gt35r, But I want to be back on the road tomorrow night not 6 months of saving up for a garrett
  4. Chinese turbo problems Hi all, I bought my first Skyline 6 months ago a s1 R33 sedan manual turbo, no rego.. It was loaded with after market parts, was thinking at the time I should buy a car that has a lot of stuff done already as it would get to expensive buying each mod individually so the list mod goes something like... Microtech ltx 12, spitfire coil packs, top Mount manifold. Turbo smart external wast gate, custom screamer pipe, tein coil overs, gtr fmic, alloy radiator, HKS turbo timer, 3in stainless steel straight through blast pipe exhaust system HKS track purpose only middle pipe, then to top it all off.... A eBay Chinese "super T70 TURBO"... Was having issues with it so stupid me replace it with a eBay special super T70 TURBO haha ha so after 6 months of slaving over my engine bay countless hours under my car just trying to get it all up to spec my hard work and dedication devotion to my rb,, it PASSES road worthy certificate. So happy it's Friday night 7pm bout to Start my life as a Skyline driver . I get out the drive way my 33 was running good I am out for about a hour till I loose boost.... Shit, got to injoy the feeling for 1 hour after 6 months of hardship after 16 years of envy. . I get 1hour of bliss. Shit eBay turbo.. So guys be wise and stay away from cheap china turbos nothing but dramas.
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