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  1. I'm worried about cracking the paint if I get the arches rolled so I wanted to avoid that if I can.
  2. Enkei rpf1 Hiya im about to buy some enkei rpf1'a for my r33 Gtr and was going to order them in 18x10.5 et 15, after reading a few threads on here it looks like you have to stretch a 265 tyre to stop any scrubbing without rolling the guards. The other option I thought of was to get the 18x9.5 et 15 and maybe put 10mm spacers on. Has anyone got any pictures of this size fitted to a r33 Gtr to see what the arch gap is like? Or can anyone shed some more light on fitment on the 10.5's my car is on tein coilovers and isn't sat too low Any help is really appreciated cheers danny
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