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  1. Bnr34 interior Complete r34 Gtr vspec 1 interior, grey material, red stitch. front seats, back seat, f+r door cards. recently steam cleaned.Only willing to split if I find parties to take individual items. Gret upgrade for Gtt, or retrofit to 33. $5000 Tim 0410252457
  2. qld 

    I purchased a complete black interior out of a 2002 non vspec, along with its body harness and wiring.
  3. I will take a 34 under engine cover please
  4. Will you still be using your gt4 cross member ? Gt4 chassis rails to Gtr chassis rails are slightly different, mounting offset for bolting member in are slightly different too. If you are retaining the gt4 cross member and would like to sell the Gtr cross member and rack, pm me, I need a spare
  5. What was the cost for freight mate? Seen a few Getrag/26 lift outs over there
  6. And the app won't let me upload photo...
  7. For anyone with an issue like this in future. Been talking to fc hako re a possible repair to the ecu, he suggested I pop open the afm to check for dry joints in the pins at main connector. Joints were good but four this, brand new afm from justjap also. 1 circuit not soldered and the Blob of solder intended for bare joint bridging 2 circuits, unpicked with finger nail, no penetration to solder on other circuits but enough to bridge them. First thoughts would be it should have fizzed at first power up before I even hit the dyno, but it's possible the blob dis lodged and rolled to its final spot. New z32 tomoz, will power up and see if ecu will work per normal
  8. vic 

    You have the seats/ cluster/ wheel/ mfd? When was it imported / do you have import approval paper work?
  9. Any resolution to this? I am having the exact same issue on my 34 Gtt with power fc. Car was warming up and died. will crank twice, fire, then die a second later. Motor has 160-165 across all 6. New gs342 Walbro's are running fine Unplugged afm, still reads same value as tps. unplugged tps, no value registers Tomei plug will only go on 1 way, all soldered joints good. Loom not melted/ no rub throughs/ all behind heat shield. Ecu connector looks ok. No pinched wires, terminals seated in connector. Nothing stands out, Found a shit ground in engine bay near turbo, Ran a test piece to ground motor to strut tower. Same result. z32 and Tomei plug is 500km old tune by Jez on power fc is only 500km old. really hoping I don't have to fork out for a new Ecu.
  10. You running the Gtr getrag or 5 speed ?
  11. sa 

    Hi mate, just purchased a genuine cfrp panel from jp, when it lands will be making a plug to reproduce it in pre preg or dry carbon. Pm me if you like
  12. Speedtek in Victoria is doing upgrade gear sets with chunky input shaft. Group buy special on ATM
  13. aus 

    Sorry guys I thought I posted a price. I am after 22k, I am unsure how I edit my original post
  14. aus 

    They're nismo s tune stripes, extremely hard to find decent fitting items as the originals are no longer produced. Mr fijigold helped me procure the set
  15. aus 

    Only have these 2 videos of the drive home from Jez's on my phone. They were more so recorded as I was impressed with the sound and tone of the 316 screamer I made/wanted to share it with my friends at the time