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  1. Привет, как дела? Nah I live in NZ, but have an Australian passport 😂
  2. Hey guys, Been a busy Summer, traveling NZ. But back at the workshop. I for the life of me, cannot get the old engine out! I've unbolted the gearbox, front driveshaft, front axles, loom and engine mounts. The engine is just not coming out! Have I missed something?
  3. Chur, With your manual conversion did you use v35 parts, or 350z parts? I've never had the fancy fob, for the keyless start ( or keyless entry or the outside boot button) Just the key. I am also aware of the chip, inside the key. This exact concern has been in the back of my mind since day one. As the stagea 250t and the skyline 250gt four, never came in manual, I will be keeping it auto ( I also have a spare 5 speed auto box). Like I said previously, im not a drifter or plan on taking it to the track. It will just be my weekend car. The days of swapping rb/sr engines and manual conversations were absolute gold, over here in The Land of the Used Japanese Import 🤣
  4. Just got off the phone to my uncle. He is being sent over to Japan for 3 years, for work. His son, my cousin, has been there a few years for university. Im going to get them to buy me the missing parts off Yahoo auctions Japan and then send them to me 👍 Unwrapping the engine and seeing the cut loom, has given me ptsd 😂 The engine mounts and gearbox are identical. So I am going to take the gamble and buy a loom, drop the engine and ecu in, plug it in and cross my fingers. Out of interest, seeing as Australia could never import the 250gt four, is there anything in particular anyone would like to see to cross-reference? It has dual aircon, electric seats, navigation, the fancy keyless entry and start( I don't have the fob NZ$440 Nissan NZ), awd and 5 speed automatic and the horrible beige interior. It also seems to have the the 350gt body kit.
  5. Time to start marking what goes where and find out what's missing. Was thinking about taking the aircon out, but as I plan to use it on the road, not the track and the fact that it is a Premium, with the dual aircon. I will keep it. I will be swapping stagea front seats in it. I currently have a stagea as mt daily.
  6. Both the Skyline and VQ25DET are at the workshop now. I've got Summer off, so a lot more free time. The plan is to replace the engine, loom, ecu and sort out the key immobilizer. If it works, it works. If it doesn't, then well, I'll cross that bridge when I get there. Luke
  7. *update* I've got workshop space for it, time to plan the move. Once it's out of my driveway, I will be doing more updates, as I can actually get fully into it. Luke
  8. I think i like the rarity, awd turbo, the way it should have been from factory, not in a station wagon. I've been pricing up parts, while looking for a cheap daily. As Sonicii said, 2 years minimum. I have to think long term, not park it in the driveway. Found a workshop space for lease, so i will most likely go down that path. I was also kind of hoping i could swap out all 3 computers, for Stagea ones. Seeing as all the mechanical parts are the same, just in a sedan body, not a station wagon. So i didn't go too technical with the G35x research, as the computers would be useless. But going to have to get an aftermarket ECU anyway.
  9. Im in New Zealand. Ive got some fun money, but not private import money, haha. Nz allowed them, Australia didn't. In saying that, most of the V35 sedans here are 4 speed auto RWD, as you would be used to. So I actually buy stagea parts for it normally, as it has been my daily for the past 4.5 years. I was thinking about selling it and just getting a 350gt sedan, but I like the AWD and the tourqe that the VQ25DET has would be perfect for the driving I do.
  10. I'm under the assumption that it will "drop in" ( in the sense it will fit, not "plug and play". Sorry, I worded that incorrectly.) as the stagea/skyline share the same platform. The VQ25DET only came in one model car- 2002/2003(?) Stagea 250t. As I have the NV35, it shares the same 5speed gbox as the Stagea the motor came from. In my research so far, I have found a guy in Russia that has done it, but let's be real, how safe and reliable is the workmanship? I've read that there are 3 computers(?), ecu, gbox and the ATTESA awd? I've got an autosparky lined up, but as Australia could never import the NV35 and NZ being absolutely flooded with the RWD models. Research for the last 2 years has been hard. The next best thing was America and the G35x....they seem to have used a mix of their OEM VQ35DE engine and VQ25DET parts, using a piggyback ecu. 20k/2 years, I see as reasonable.
  11. Hey Guys, Been a long time lurker and for the passed 2 years I have been researching the VQ25DET. I recently came into some money and decided to bite the bullet and buy it. I plan on putting it into my NV35 skyline, please correct me if I'm wrong, but should this not simply just drop in? My biggest concern is the electrical system, if i replace the ECU, Then my key will not work in the ignition, due to the immobilizer. It's a shame Scotty hasn't been active for some time, he seemed like a God on the forums. I will keep you all updated on how the process goes. Luke
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