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  1. thebe

    The stock gauges often have a life of their own. Mine started showing correctly after I removed and cleaned it (and fitted to another block). If you are worried about your oil pressure I would fit a good quality aftermarket gauge for a peace of mind
  2. thebe

    First pic its the oem boost solenoid. Do you have some sort of boost controller installed? Second one looks to be somekind of diy switch. Could be for anything really. Possibly a power switch for aftermarket gauges, lights or something like that. Only way to find out is to follow the wires
  3. thebe

    I had my apexi N1 coils (99 spec) repaired last winter by ohlins specialist. Cant remember exactly what he did, but all the shocks had leaked and now they seem to do ok. Ride is a bit hard for a road car though, iirc the springs were around 10/9kg or something like that. Shocks are now at mid stiffness (15 or 16 klicks, goes to 32). Been wondering if I could/should get a bit softer set of springs and which ones to get. Atleast rhdjapan seems to sell lots of generic springs that should fit
  4. What is serious horsepower to you? What kind of supporting mods do you have? Single or twin scroll manifold? Where do you use the car/what you want from it?
  5. So would it be better to remove the can again and block all the pipes/hoses? Lots of info online, but most are very conflicting or so old that all pics have expired.
  6. Hello My ecr33 has had the charcoal canister removed and all the plumbing blocked off. So petrol tank doesnt seem to breathe at all and makes a loud hissing noise when opening the filler cap, which I dont think is good. I refitted the canister and fitted the bottom hose (Leads to a t-piece) and one of the top ones to the curvy hose. I have a Freddy plenum so blocked of 2 at the top which I think originally went to somewhere in the plenum. Would this work as a petrol tank breather and is this the correct and safe way to do it? Or did I mess it up as had no notes as to where the lines originally went In my pic you can see the t-piece. Green goes to the hard line and to petrol tank (i think?), blue down from engine bay and into the bar, pink to the canister. The top hose goes to the original hardline near the can Thanks for any help!
  7. Yeah I've heard there might be some differences but havent been able to find any exact info. Looking to buy a second hand gearbox for my ecr33 and would prefer a s2 box due to cheaper and easier to find rebuild kits and if they have a bit better internals. Problem is, sellers dont usually know what series their box is
  8. So you cant tell the difference between s1 and s2 box by looking at the outside?
  9. thebe

    On my ecr33 my pressure gauge was lazy and sometimes not reacting to revs or moving at all. I removed the sender, cleaned and fitted again (to different a block) and now it reads very close to my new defi gauge. Wouldnt count on it on a tuned engine (hence why I bought the defi) but seems I extended its life a bit
  10. The hicas joint bushes are a real pain in the ass to get out. Without the right tools... I spent hours trying to hack and smash them out. Bought a universal g-press from eBay (which fit the hub perfectly btw!) but even with a ~meter lever the bushes wouldnt come out. Said screw it and took my bolt gun and gave it the beats. Worked like a charm maybe 1 hour later the car was back on its wheels. Definately recommend buying such a tool if you dont have one. Remember to cut the circlip with a grinder before you use th press.
  11. With good enough turbo and supporting mods you dont need them. On a high powered engine the oem ones are the weak-link anyway so better get rid of them straight away[emoji85]
  12. Sure it might be good for them. However most oem manifolds are still rocking good after 25 years so dont think coating them is gonna do much. And even if it did, you could just buy of new good condition second hand one for less than the coating costs. Id rather use that 200$ on a better spec turbo.
  13. I installed a Driftworks hicas Eliminator kit and im happy with it.