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  1. G’day Everyone I’m currently building my R32 Skyline Gts and just wanting to ask to see if anyone knows: Q1: are gts and gtst rear differentials the same or different and whether they have the same ratios or if one is an LSD and one isn’t. Q2: What sort of power have people been able to handle with the stock GTS GTST rear differentials? Q3: is it worth swapping in a GTR rear differential and changing the ratios to suit a rwd vehicle? Q4: is it worth going full aftermarket and has anyone already done so and if so which brands did you use? thanks everyone
  2. Hey everyone, recently found my cold start regulator deteriorated internally and causing high idle all the time and very poor cold starting just wondering if they are all the same and are interchangeable? ie N/A to turbo ones visa versa.
  3. Alright no worries thanks guys ill see how I go, if the pedal turns out shit ill upgrade the master. what do you guys think of those master cylinder stoppers? anygood?
  4. Awesome would the same be for a non turbo? or would i definitely have to change it?
  5. Im converting my R32's brakes to GTR, just curios is the stock master cylinder enough to supply the calipers Efficiently? Has anyone already done this conversion? and if so what parts did you use? - Cheers
  6. Thanks for the reply, I was meaning only the hub and bearing with the studs on it itself, not the entire hub assembly.
  7. Im wanting to do a 5 stud conversion as part of my build on my R32 Skyline for bigger brakes, curious if S13 is the same a R32 gts and if not has any one already done a conversion and if so what hubs,calipers,rotors and brake lines did you use?
  8. Figured it out, it was the way I had the vacuum hoses plumbed in, swapped over now runs perfectly
  9. Is this helpful at all? photo off my rb20
  10. Hey everyone, so I thought I'd change my intake plenum so it was a forward facing one, and when I turned it on, I began to regret it.. It's idle is all over the shot wether it is cold or warm, it sounds and feels like a misfire, it smells rich, spits from the exhaust and the idle constantly hunts.. I've checked for vacuum leaks with Carby clean, yet to do with a vacuum gauge to double check, I've checked all plugs and set the gap to factory 1.1 mm I've remove each coil pack while it's running and all are sparking nicely, Ive made sure the tps is set to 5 volts, I've checked the maf for correct voltage and it's within spec I've cleaned the AAC and the Cold start reg with no result.. Anyone have any ideas?! Please? I will post a video below of the car running
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