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  1. Sack87

    No idea haha, most probably not but it cost me nothing to make. The more the better theoretically. I wanted to make up one that picks up several points but theres just no room under the car.
  2. Sack87

    Final brace made up and fitted. Acts like a floor bar tieing the ends of the frame rails together half way down the chassis.
  3. I have 3 sets of these left and I won't be making any more after these are gone.
  4. Sack87

    So here are the wire colours corresponding to the pin. I've tested them all and done the "pop test" for the speakers. 1 - White 2 - Green 3 - Red with blue stripe (this is a positive wire so don't ground it) 4 - Lime 5 - Black 6 - Red 7 - Green with white stripe 8 - Yellow large gauge 10 - Grey 12 - Blue 13 - Grey 14 - Yellow 15 - Orange 16 - Pink
  5. Sack87

    Double post
  6. Sack87

    THREAD REVIVAL I translated the Japanese wiring chart so hopefully it's of use to some people. I think this is the only one we need to hook up aftermarket stereos. I originally translated the other wiring chart with Navi unit plug (on page 1), but when I wired it in I had no sound at all even though I had that setup. When I get back home today I'll add in the wire colours when I hook mine up.
  7. Mods please delete
  8. Sack87

    Mods please delete
  9. Sack87

    Mods please delete
  10. Sack87

    And you know everything I assume, including how to hack and tune a factory Ecu? Firstly I'm running a Billet Intense RS Turbo and secondly it's safe on 19psi as my AFR doesn't go above. 93v at WOT. And it's "you're" by the way.
  11. Sack87

    Picked these up for a steal from an R34 GTT wreck and painted them up. So much better than the shit that was on it. They just fit behind the 19s
  12. Sack87

    Replaced cam cover seals, spark plug tube seals, new PCV and painted intake and intake manifold wrinkle black.
  13. Since I have got one of each left, I'm selling a full set of these ready to go to stiffen up the big wagon. They are primed ready for whatever colour you choose to paint them. 1x 20MM front bar. (straight bolt in) 1x front rear subframe brace (straight bolt in with hardware) 1x rear rear subframe brace (straight bolt in ONLY WITH AFTERMARKET EXHAUST) These actually make a big difference in steering response and general tighter feeling of the car. $275 posted anywhere in Australia. Contact Brendon on 0402 seven zero two 102
  14. Sack87

    Made up a bunch of brackets to mount the trans cooler I've had sitting here for a few months.
  15. Sack87

    Just the length of the bar itself and how far in you did the bends Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Bends are 130mm from the ends and total bar length is 690. Just make sure you slot the holes in the mounting plates otherwise it's a PITA to get on.