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  1. OEM are like $850. I got my NGK ones from Veales for $600. Spark plugs you can get from Super cheap for $120
  2. Twins Basil, twins
  3. Your coilpacks are buggered. I've had the same issue
  4. Productive day trying out my my new pipe bender. Made up a rear subframe brace to help reduce some flex because the factory welds back there horrid. I plan on making a few more of these up, so watch this space if you're interested in one
  5. Brendons M35 build Thought I'd create a mini build thread on my progress with my first foray into Nissan wagon life and also a place to ask questions/path to follow. I bought the car with f**ked coil packs so I picked it up cheap off some Indian guy. Put a new set of coil packs in and all was sweet for the next 6 months . . . I noticed an oil leak from the passenger side that was slowly getting worse and traced it back to the oil feed line. Ah well no biggy, just an easy fix or so I thought! Having not worked on a VQ before, it wasn't until later on I discovered you can't get the line off without pulling the whole turbo Since the car wasn't far off 200k and the turbo had begun the Dyson whine song, I frantically searched for a new turbo. Scotty to the rescue with a Billet Intense he had spare that got to me in 4 days. In the mean time while the car was off the road I set about fabbing up a 3" bellmouth dump pipe. Then followed it up with a 3"-2.5" intake pipe. (Still need to weld on BOV return bung) And this weekend just gone I fabbed up a 3" catless exhaust system to finish it all off. I picked up 7psi of boost without touching a thing, so it's stuck on 21psi with standard injectors and pump. I've hit up Christian to see if it's possible to run the car safely at this level on 98 with his flash tune, otherwise I will probably put a hi-flow cat in to drop the boost a little. I've got a few other things in the works but all in due time!
  6. Same bolts used on Nissan Maxima so 83-93NM/61-69LBFT as per service manual.
  7. So you have been the guinea pig by the sounds of it Which "non-brand brakes" did you get and what was the quality like? Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but when components are manufactured in China for a big company and the patent runs out, I'm sure that the manufacturing company is free to manufacture those designs from then on without approval? EG, all the carbon frames that the likes of Giant and Specialized get manufactured over there all have identical charbon copies. I know that one big hub company that has $200+ hubs is made under the same roof as the $70 Novatec hubs, only the brand name constitutes massive price hike and QC is not as stringent.
  8. I was looking for something else on Google images and saw them pop up which led me to them. I have bought a fair bit of stuff off Aliexpress like titanium bolts and step drills, and they are well up to the task for the price. Engineered parts though, I'm still a bit skeptical about
  9. Who want's to be the guinea pig? Browsing through Alibaba/Aliexpress and came across these items 4340 FORGED CONRODS BILLET STEEL CRANK CUSTOM CAMSHAFTS BBK 4/6/8 POT I know someone on here bought a similar kit in the Brake thread but there is no follow up from him?
  10. wa 

    One 20MM option left One 25MM option left
  11. And pricing for a whole kit
  12. Also found this by searching
  13. UAS (Ultimate Air Suspension) in the US do air bags that replace your spring on standard struts or coilovers. This would be the easiest route to go on the front as it keeps everything in the standard spot. Then for the rear, you would put these in but they look like they require some chassis drilling to hold the top and bottom plates. And finally a whole management kit to run the show depending on if you want front and back control or all four corners control. I'm no expert on the subject, but IMO this is easily doable for the weekend garage warrior with guides found online and troubleshooting.
  14. Would you be willing to sell this hose off either motor considering it's not connected to the missing BOV's? They can't be hard and cracked though like mine was which split. Cheers, Brendon
  15. wa 

    All sorted. Scotty saved the day with an Intense RS for me