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  1. Sack87

    Started work on the harness to relocate some things and re sleeve it all. All marked out on a board so I know how long each connector sub harness needs to be and when to tee off. The he bits in red are what is getting relocated.
  2. Sack87

    Swapped motor for a Volkswagen V5... 🤫
  3. Sack87

    More concerned about the 20mm spacers I'm running as they stand out like dogs balls
  4. Sack87
  5. Sack87

    Nope but they've got a complete one for $1200. They're on ebay
  6. Sack87

    Bought another engine for $200 to rebuild it. So far it looks like I scored a deal with it only having a blown head gasket.
  7. Sack87

    And so it begins...
  8. Sack87

    Mine does this constantly mate. Even with a full tank my gauge sits about 1/8th from full. I generally get about 100km out of the last 1/4 of a tank.
  9. Not needed as I only wanted the surround for double din. No scratches or cracks on it. Not too sure if the boost and torque gauges work as my car is an AR-X, but the voltage and illumination works. $40 posted Australia wide. Contact Brendon on 0402 seven zero two 102
  10. Sack87

    Have some parts starting to roll in and getting fitted up. RDA R34 GTT front slotted and dimpled rotors with RDA Extreme pads, 20mm wheel spacers and some genuine D1 Spec wheel nuts. Also a genuine NIsmo radiator cap Fitted all the brakes and stuff last night and now the wheels sit flush with the edge of the guard. Still at standard height but not for too much longer . . .
  11. Sack87

    Can you upload this again please
  12. Sack87

    I will be in the same boat very soon
  13. Sack87

    How flexible is the one attached to the intake? It will sit different on mine as I have a custom intake and it's in a different spot. (Closer up to the boost solenoid)
  14. Sack87

    Breathing is better without it plus it's the only way you can run a hose from that location without it hitting the intake or kinking.
  15. Sack87

    I got my hose fittings yesterday and fitted the catch can. I'm not 100% sure I like this location now as the lines are just clearing the bonnet as they are sitting on top of the overflow bottle. PCV delete and hose fitting just have enough room with a 3" intake I will need to beef up the lid bracket and slightly adjust it as it snapped when moving it around. You can also just see the breather hidden away under the guard. I will move this too as it fouls on the guard liner.