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  1. Got the turbo back and they said they found nothing. They said it was either too much oil supply or not draining enough. I asked what pressure they test them to and they said their machine does 60psi max. When I said these engine do up to 120psi and I had drilled the restrictor out, he said that will will most definitely make it leak as its way too much for even the wider seal they put in there to handle it. Burred out my drain as big as I could and under their advice, bought a Turbosmart Oil Pressure Regulator (OPR) These are made to only allow 40spi into the core but at maximum flow. Only place it could go is in the cam cover as it needs a drain. Drilled a hole just below the filler and inserted a tight fitting grommet. Ran new lines and it seems to be all sweet for now.
  2. Yeah, still under warranty thank f**k
  3. So I'm back to doing this again...
  4. Fitted a Raceworks 340lph fuel pump and wired it with direct 12v feed. You can't even hear the thing 👌 FYI, on M35 Facebook book page and Matt's photos, there must be a slight change to the pump since 2016 as it didn't go all the way into the filter. With all my body weight on it and with silicone spray, that is as far as it would go in. Can't run the rubber damper as it would not ever fit. It's not coming though as I modified the base so it cups the end of the pump. (I did have the base on the wrong way in the pic!)
  5. I use Speedflow $$$ or Aeroflow $$
  6. No off shelf replacements, just make your own up. Run it out to the strut tower instead of between the block and turbo for easier install/removal. This is mine below, cost about $60 all up for fittings and Teflon braid hose
  7. Pulled out the nav unit to make way for the EMU. Made up a bracket/fascia to house it and have two provisions for the option harnesses. I still need to wire in the LC2 and mount the unit but that can be done after run in.
  8. Third time's the charm hey . . . Mind the catch can lines, I need to buy some more fittings to clean the hose routing up. VID_20190726_141758.mp4
  9. I could swear I've been here before
  10. Will do 3.5k on the foot brake according to build specs, so pretty much all the boost! $650-$750 depending on internals but it does have an extra friction disc in the lock up now.
  11. Fun times ahead, 3k stall
  12. Finished off Deutsch plugging the engine harness. If I decide to change ECUs down the track, all I have to do is Deutsch plug that harness. It turned out bulkier than I would have liked but it will be tucked away behind the glove box.
  13. Pretty sure mine were grade 0 too. I just put what came out back in and all the clearances came up spot on.
  14. 350z bolts straight in, I have one in mine
  15. Not much happening, just waiting on parts as usual. Whipped up a new bracket for dual port gate and started making another actuator rod.
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