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  1. Finished off Deutsch plugging the engine harness. If I decide to change ECUs down the track, all I have to do is Deutsch plug that harness. It turned out bulkier than I would have liked but it will be tucked away behind the glove box.
  2. Pretty sure mine were grade 0 too. I just put what came out back in and all the clearances came up spot on.
  3. 350z bolts straight in, I have one in mine
  4. Not much happening, just waiting on parts as usual. Whipped up a new bracket for dual port gate and started making another actuator rod.
  5. Yeah apparently this one has the daughter board in it already
  6. Using the tune Matt has online and C-Red to clean it up. No one else will really touch the EMU
  7. Some time lapse vids of engine being built. YouCut_20190614_173628543.mp4 YouCut_20190615_200644077.mp4 YouCut_20190622_164922903.mp4
  8. So, I got the motor pretty much buttoned up on the weekend. Got screwed around with rods bolts not being available for two suppliers and ended up paying 3x as much to get them from over east. EMU was purchased and I just finished sorting out it's harness tonight. Deutsch plugged it so it can be removed easily if needed and labelled all the wires relevant to run. Still need to do the engine harness to match now. Got a Kinugawa dual port gate coming, innovate LC2 wideband, silicone coolant hoses, new catch can to modify and a fuel pump. Need to buy injectors, new coil packs, plugs, Greddy MAP sensor and looking at possibly getting a stall as well.
  9. Supertech end up cheaper than stock and they're better. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F272798735032 Amayama and Partsouq have no rod bolts so you have to pay 3x as much to get them from Melbourne. In saying that though, I got them overnight instead of 3 weeks
  10. Yeah same for mains. You can buy single pistons from Nissan, which I did to replace number 6 and bought another set of rings. All the bores got honed so it's fresh again. They're both headache savers but Amamaya's processing time is a bit slow. Everything is in Australia for this order yet it takes 3 weeks to get it.
  11. You can only get OEM bearings for these. ACL and King Bearings are wrong, full stop. Do not believe anybody who has a listing as fitting VQ25DET, as they don't.
  12. Crank went back in yesterday after getting block back from honing at machine shop. Now I play the waiting game with parts from Amayama. Mid June they reckon
  13. New motor is getting, EMU tune, bigger pump, bigger injectors and the wideband setup. Hopefully safer and with more to boot.
  14. I hadn't got around to welding in another bung or buying a sensor. I was going off what Hobdrive was reading from the factory sensor which according to it, it never went lean. The sample rate must be too slow though. Overboost function was set up but it didn't work. Maybe it needs a bigger range than .5psi to react quick enough.
  15. Took it to work and hot washed the majority of parts. Honed all the bores and deburred number 6 as that had piston melted to the wall. They all came out good but there is slight imperfection on 6 so I will be taking to to my machinist to get it sorted out. No metal went through the oiling system so all bearings and journals are good to go. I dodged a bullet here I reckon.
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