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  1. Sack87

    So I got the coolant bled to a point where I could drive it without overheating and run the engine in for 100km. Installed a GFB G Force 3 boost controller on a little bracket I made up that fits in the vent. I can monitor AFR later on when I put another sensor in and protect the engine incase it leans out. So many cool features with this unit. Also had a mate dip the grill in carbon fibre. Came out really good and matches nicely with the ARX kit.
  2. Sack87

    Thermostat is part of housing so impossible to get it wrong. I did a full engine rebuild so it was bone dry. What's weird though is that it will sit on 104deg when driving but if I fluctuate the engine under light load in a lower gear, it will drop down to 93deg then rise back up.
  3. Sack87

    Why the f**k can't I bleed this f**ked up cooling system. I'm about to drive this flamin mongrel into a pole. I have tried every single way possible for over a week and still it overheats or spews all the coolant out of the radiator funnel. I've searched on here and tried all the tricks you guys have used, all the tricks the 350z guys use, the old fashioned way and nothing works. I'm running the coolant bypass mod and have a tap on that with a funnel filled with coolant and it just continues to blow bubbles or fills up with coolant. I then tried the funnel in the radiator and cracking the bleed but the coolant just starts unloading when it gets hot. WHAT THE f**k AM I DOING WRONG.
  4. Sack87

    Let me test it out first to see how it goes with the heat, then I'll look at selling the STL file if it doesn't melt haha It only just fit on the Makerbot Replicator bed so yours needs to be the same size.
  5. Sack87

    Go speak to Danny at Performance Modifications in Osborne Park.
  6. Download Hobdrive so you can get codes and see if there are any. Providing you have an OBD reader fitted.
  7. Sack87

    All sorted, put wires in wrong pins.
  8. Sack87

    When the water hits the power steering belt it makes that weird noise. You can see the water spitting out of the radiator neck. Took me a few minutes to figure out what it was haha
  9. Fellas, I need some help before I buy a new sensor. Can someone take a picture of their crank sensor wires so I can see if I put them in the right pins on the plug? I'm getting resistance on the sensor itself which leads me to believe it's rooted but just want to make sure first. Cheers
  10. Sack87

  11. Sack87

    So I got it going today but have a few issues. Turbo coolant hose has split, kinda knew it would. Power steering keeps leaking at the pump so just going to use the old setup Crank position sensor is throwing a code so it could be f**ked It keeps overheating. Doesn't matter what I do, i can't get it to not overheat.
  12. Sack87

    Got the airbox mod 3d printed and temporarily screwed it on as it's only minimum infill for trial. Fits perfectly and the cold air inlet sits just outside the main frame rail. Also modified the power steering reservoir by making my own bracket as it didn't clear the bonnet when closed in the stock one.
  13. Sack87

    Haha, not payday until Wednesday and the power steering is leaking from a dodgy fitting.
  14. Sack87

    Didn't happen today, battery is f**ked so need another one. Looks like next weekends job now.