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  1. Sack87

    Don't like how big and bulky the airbox is and the stupid sound suppression part that just collects sand! Started off like this Chopped it in half and then I was left with this nice flat surface to adhere the new mounting section to. Also noticed that the round section actually sits outside the chassis rail in the wheel arch, so incorporated a cold air intake port into the new piece.
  2. Sack87

    Not much of an update but painted N1 vents and parking stick thingo. Also cut out the middle of the bumper to suit the new plates and gain more airflow as these like to run hot.
  3. Sack87

    Built both heads up today. Only put Supertech valve stem seals in and OEM for the rest as there are no aftermarket springs or valves available for these. I now have a 4 week delay on rod bearings from Japan so that's pretty much all I can do until the new year.
  4. Sack87

    Cleaned up the front subframe and resprayed. So much oil and CV grease covering it. Fitted new inner LCA Whiteline bushes after I cleaned the LCAs up. Bolted it all up including coilovers so that I can drop the motor on later and roll it around easily to get it back underthe car.
  5. It gets it from the throttle body and is common for them to fail. There is a thread somewhere in how to fix the unit. Possibly PM Scotty and he could help.
  6. Sack87

    It's not my car haha. Neither is the workshop but the Falcoon is pretty rough for a drag car
  7. Sack87

    Slowly making progress with the parts trickling in ACL Race Series mains ready for crank install. Still waiting on rod bearings as I ordered the wrong ones. Rings and rod bolts still in transit from Nissan. ARP head studs awaiting install once I buy some Supertech valve stem seals to build the heads. Modified a China special power steering reservoir as the OEM rubber hoses keep leaking. This mounts up to the factory bracket and will use braided line with JIC fittings so no more leaks Re wired the knock sensor sub harness and slipped some basalt heat sleeve over it. This is the new injector plug as they share a common earth and made it impossible to sleeve each individual injector. It still has a single earth on the harness side but the sub harness now has 6 earths. All i'm waiting on to finish the loom is some more heat sleeving which is another 2 weeks away.
  8. Ordered the wrong ones but didn't realise until after I cut the packaging open, so can't return them. $50 posted anywhere in Aus. Contact Brendon on 0402 seven zero two 102
  9. Sack87

    Did some restoring over the weekend. While the parts are off I thought I may as well make them look factory new again. 200,000km old Like new and sealed in clear. Passenger side assembled with new wheel bearing Even did the bonnet latch too! Also whipped up a new oil drain to help it to not back up with having more oil supply to the high flow turbo.
  10. Sack87

    No it was a second hand one but I think the issue with the motor has caused damage to the turbo. I'll be fitting an inline oil filter and have also made up a new turbo drain to help the oil flow after drilling out the banjo bolt.
  11. Sack87

    Sent the block and heads out to get skimmed by Danny at Performance Modifications, who do stellar work as always. The only thing I found with the motor I tore down was a possible blown head gasket, no damage to the bores, crank, rods and normal wear on the bearings. What a score! Whilst waiting for the machining to be done I did a headlight restore as they had the classic JDM yellow to them. (Restored on the left and old on the right)I removed the whole front end then dropped the front subframe, engine and gearbox down as a whole. First time I've done it like this and makes it's so much easier to access everything on install.Ripped a whole bunch of shit off and confirmed the worst. So much blowby that the plumb back BOV is filling the turbo outlet pipe and the turbo also has blown the turbine seal as it has oil residue in there.But on a side note I had a score with the subframe bushes being Superpro items!
  12. Sack87

    Started work on the harness to relocate some things and re sleeve it all. All marked out on a board so I know how long each connector sub harness needs to be and when to tee off. The he bits in red are what is getting relocated.
  13. Sack87

    Swapped motor for a Volkswagen V5... 🤫
  14. Sack87

    More concerned about the 20mm spacers I'm running as they stand out like dogs balls