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  1. Took it to work and hot washed the majority of parts. Honed all the bores and deburred number 6 as that had piston melted to the wall. They all came out good but there is slight imperfection on 6 so I will be taking to to my machinist to get it sorted out. No metal went through the oiling system so all bearings and journals are good to go. I dodged a bullet here I reckon.
  2. Flash tune but looking at buying EMU so I can get it cleaned up. Haltech will work but that is $$$
  3. Yeah, but trying to find someone who will tune anything but a Haltech over here is difficult
  4. New rings and it'll go again
  5. Stock pump still. Christian asked me what pump I was running when I was looking at his flash tune at the time, but it seems we missed out relaying that info to each other. Note to self, stock pump is no good for 18psi.
  6. Got one head off to look at number 6. It's definitely gone lean, you can just see some detonation on the crown of the piston and at the very top of the bore. Then it's just scraped away at the bore and likely the piston skirt. I might be able to plate hone it out to the limit but I think it may have been pretty close when I originally honed it.
  7. Itsrom flash tune, tuned for 18psi. Saw a peak reading of 18.7 on boost controller so it's most likely leaned out over the quarter mile.
  8. Productive 2hrs. Should have it done by Friday.
  9. I'm pretty sure it's piston and the grey paste is cylinder lining or rings
  10. Not a good sign
  11. It's up on jacks and I've almost got the rad support off. Just plodding along with it when I feel like, no motivation haha
  12. They were made to work with our cars comms, so they can display a lot more data, you can do data logging, fuel tracking etc. Hobdrive does work with the cheap ones but a lot of the data display isn't configured.
  13. I should be alright. I drove it back home from the plex so hopefully I can just gone and re ring it. I still have the original motor here too so worst case I just build up another short block.
  14. Number 6 rings from what I can gather so far. Spewing oil out the catch can too
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