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  1. Finished off fitting the FMIC and wrapped the 3" throttle piping in heat reflective tape. Next on the list is to make up a few little brackets to relocate the sensor and solenoid and clean up the hosing.
  2. Made up the rear subframe front brace to finish off the trio. I'll make a few more up as usual and will look into gearbox bracing next. Also got around to fabbing up the 3" IC piping that goes to the throttle body so it's full 3" from the FMIC. Just need to finish tidying up around where I silver soldered the nipples in and the BOV flange needs facing.
  3. wa 

  4. Made the mounts for the FMIC. They just touch the grill mounting tabs on the front bumper by about 3mm so I'll have to dremel a little bit off but it won't be noticeable. Also did the hot side piping and some of the cold side but forgot to grab a 3" 45 degree bend. I plan on making it 3" to the throttle body eventually as I need to run a 3" to 2.5" 45 degree reducer currently.
  5. I made this up for someone else but they no longer require it. It's not as pretty as Scotty's or Katsudatadai ones, which is why it's much cheaper. I'm running the same one on my car and it is perfect. It's a 3" bellmouth style dump with 12mm flange and standard 2 bolt 3" flange. If fitting it to the standard dump back section, you would need to slot the holes on that as Nissan have a weird flange. $300 posted Australia wide. Pm or contact Brendon on 0402 seven zero two 102.
  6. Made up a smaller reo bar so I can fit a FMIC in without having to change condenser fan and also make more room to fit in a trans cooler.
  7. M35 Nav/Stereo console Pulled this out and replaced with a double din. CD player is jammed but radio,A/C and Nav screen worked fine. (pic pulled off web because I'm lazy) I was going to bin it but i'll throw it up here for a few weeks. $75 including postage Australia wide. PM Brendon or contact on 0402 seven zero two 102.
  8. wa 

    Prices reduced. Want them out of the garage 20mm $75 posted 25mm $100 posted
  9. 30mm one is sold.
  10. Nuline EP159 Idler/Tensioner Pulley (this is for the alternator/PS and is wider than stock) Gates 4PK950 V-Belt (this is 5mm too small so is a bit tight to get on) Gates 6PK1170 V-Belt
  11. It ticked over 200k last week so bought a whole bunch of items to give it a freshen up.
  12. NM35 Stagea rear subframe brace I have two of these available, one is 27mm diameter and one is 30mm diameter. These will reduce some of the flex associated with the poorly welded rear mounts of the subframe. No drilling or hardware required as they bolt straight on top the factory washers. $150 posted Australia wide or $125 for local pickup. Contact Brendon on 0402 seven zero two 102
  13. Yeah they're the ones
  14. wa 

    R34 GTR BOV Don't require this anymore. Works perfectly and holds boost fine, I just used a piece of radiator hose that reduced down to the factory size diameter. $50 posted anywhere in Aus. Pm or message Brendon on 0402 seven zero two 102.
  15. Replaced the headlight globes last weekend with some LED Nighteye ones off eBay. Fixed the dodgy wiring job obviously done by the compliance shop and also fixed the issue with the passenger side globe constantly dropping out. The H1 globes earth through the clip into the light body but the clip had been bent and contact was poor. The LED globes have earth through the harness, so crimped on some plugs and walla! They just fit in behind the cover luckily and beam spread is awesome. High beams are like having spotlights fitted.