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  1. Related to this topic. My M35 high beam is crap. Low beam is HID and OK, though compared to my Subaru Levorg, the low beam is pitiful. Looking to fit LED high beam to the M35. Anyone have any success here? Brands and sources?
  2. Do you still have the driver's side rear tail light?
  3. Is the driver's side rear tail light still available?
  4. Thanks for the links. The Philips lamps appear to be decent enough.
  5. I replaced the low beam with eBay ones and they work very well indeed. That said, I checked the seller's rep and it all looked pretty good. The replacements (Chinese made) are significantly brighter than the 15 year old originals. So much so, that I now realise the standard M35 high beam is crap. Hence, I am trying to locate something to match the excellent low beam. I was wondering is anyone had actually replaced their high beam with LEDs in an M35 and which lamps they used. I want to know if there are any physical limitations inherent to some LEDs in the M35.
  6. M35 LED high beam retrofit Pretty happy with the M35 low beam. I just replaced the discharge lamps with some cheapies from eBay and they work a treat. So much so, that the high beam (H4 halogens) look pitiful. Has anyone replaced the low beam lamps with LED types? Which ones? I don't trust all the sellers on eBay to accurately quote the correct figures.
  7. How to repair seat switches in the M35 Stagea. You MUST find someone with a proper, professional quality desoldering iron. The switches are pure copper and will suck up heat easily. Steps: · 1) Remove seat. · 2) Remove switch PCB from seat. · 3) Remove switches from PCB. · 4) CAREFULLY lever switches apart (I used a Stanley™ knife blade), taking care not allow springs to end up 10 Metres away, by removing the switch cover. · 5 Burnish and clean the switch contacts. · 6) Condition switch contacts with De-Oxit™ or equivalent. · 7) Allow to sit for a few minutes. · 8) Clean off excess De-Oxit™. · 9) Place a minute segment of Blu-Tack™ on the end of the two springs and re-insert. · · Here is where you need 4 hands: · 10) Place a loop of strong cotton (I don’t like using mon-filaments, but use whatever you like – it must be fine enough to allow the switch cover to be re-installed whilst the cotton is in place) around one end of the switch body. · 11) Replace the two switch levers and ball bearings. · 12) Install both switch actuators. · 13) Ask you second pair of hands to place a second loop of cotton around the other end of the switch. · 14) Both switch actuators should be reasonably secure at this point. · 15) Replace the switch cover. · 16) Cut the cotton. · 1 - 16) Repeat as necessary for other switches. · 17) Re-install on seat. · 18) Re-install seat. Happy days.
  8. Thanks for that. Once I know the correct Aerpro cable I can buy wholesale. You're lucky with the double DIN thing. Mine is a whole different can of worms.
  9. Do you still have the driver's (electric) seat? Colour? Condition? Price?
  10. Since I have not pulled the stereo out yet, I don't know what I require. Sorry to be so vague. I am comfortable with electronics, so I can make pretty much anything work with anything, but I figured the Aerpro cable might make my life easier. See, I plan to do the whole job in a day (or two), so I wanted to have any adapters to hand before I start. I really don't want to strip the dash out, work out what is needed, reassemble, order the parts, then strip it all down again. Make sense? There is no AUX input on my Stagea stereo, though I was told it is a Bose system. I have enclosed a photo of my Stagea stereo and the DVD ROM can be seen to the left of the photo. My plans are as follows (subject to change and not necessarily in this order): * Rip out the stereo and the DVD-ROM drive. * Install a cheap radio/CD/MP3 player where the DVD-ROM drive is. * Locate the line level section of the cassette deck, break the line and terminate in a 3.5mm socket, so an i-phone/MP3 player can be plugged in. * Integrate the radio/CD/MP3 player into the system. * Install a new SATNAV/reversing camera somewhere. BTW: I know what an ISO harness is, but not a "T-harness'. Thanks for your advice and assistance. I am pretty new to Stagea ownership (2 weeks).
  11. Sorry to bother you. Can you advise me of the correct Aerpro part number for adapter cable to suit the Bose stereo model please? My plan is to simply feed an MP3 player into the system initially, then remove the CD-ROM drive and install a 'proper' car stereo. Mine is a 2001 M35 Stagea, BTW. I don't feel like spending a fortune ($500.00+?) replacing the whole centre section, just so I can fit a double DIN unit.
  12. Good morning all I'm an old fart (63 years old) and I just bought a 2001 Stagea. Whoo-hoo. I have questions. I will list them elsewhere. Thanks for reading.
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