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  1. Yes i have been driving it for the last two weeks and who knows how long the old owner drove it makeing that noise.
  2. Hi everyone i dropped the oil i couldnt see any copper sparkles or anything in the drain tray but i tapped the oil filter and some sort of fine white almost cloudy specs where in the comminng out of the filter maybe thsts normal i dont know
  3. Lifters i thought drove it 1000ks home. Noise hasnt changed oil is clean
  4. Hello i recently purchased this vehicle with a rb25det neo (4wd motor with gtr pull type clutch)that has a knocking/ticking sound. I got it at a good price and drove it home 6hours. The old owner who was an elderly person said the car sat for 3 years and was only started once in a blue moon, during that time it was said the sound occurred. The best way i can describe it is when you start the car for the first time in the day there is a louder knocking sound which then quitens slightly after 2 seconds and continues making that knock noise no matter the engine temperature. It also doesnt seem to change under load and only gets faster with revs. It sound like it is comeing from the rear of motor. Also when turning the engine over by hand it gets to a point where it is hard to turn over. I h ave added new hpr 10 oil and mbl8 to no change. I have it booked in somewhere but it is hard to find a place what wants to try diagnose it without stripping down the engine. I just cant do that right now. Any answers and advice appreciated. Thanks Cameron 20201109_190545.mp4
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