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  1. oh only just realised you said how, so i took out the grey plug and started it, it was running at 900rpms now nicely but as soon as i touch the acc pedal it doesnt rev up just will start grumbling and misfiring.
  2. Yea I’ve checked it and it’s good
  3. Hey guys So about 4 days ago I experienced a bit of trouble with my r33 S2 n/a, was running fine in the morning and then after that it sat all day, I got in to drive it about 6 hours later when I noticed that the car had some hesitation while reversing, and as I was driving the problem would keep happening and so I took it straight home. The next day I tried to start it and it cranked but didn’t start until the 4th time of trying and if I didn’t keep revs up it would stall and idle really rough or rev too much and it hesitates. After looking everywhere on the internet for an answer I might aswell make a post to get direct answers. So I’ve checked the afm and it’s good, I’ve checked for spark and saw it, there’s fuel coming from the pump and I can hear it prime, I got it started earlier today after constant cranking and it started firing slowly and then it all of a sudden it fired up for a few seconds then ran terribly again. I’ve also test the cas and that’s working. Reallly appreciate all answers!!!!
  4. Best Clutch For R33 Skyline? Hi all I recently purchased an r33 and the clutch is slipping. I was wondering what the best clutch would be for everyday use? Cheers!