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  1. Aaron Nagy

    I am after a GTR Shell, not much more to add... Preferably SA.
  2. Okay, so i have decided to sell my 180SX, most people like a reason for the sale, and that is that i just need the cash. $8000. It is as follows, not the cleanest one on the market but also not a modded piece of crap Drift Rig with a million dents and scratches. I will picture the bad areas of the car, and list the good aswell It is a 1993 Manual 180SX, running an SR20DET with an s14 T28 Turbo, strong gearbox never heard any sort of crunch at all. There may be a stage 2 clutch put through it i dont remember. I bought it defected and put it through regency first go, because i went through the whole car and did nearly everything i thought they would pick on Includes the Following All seals and gaskets in the motor, minus the head gasket as there was no need including turbo dump gasket, gearbox mount and all swaybar/boots/joint rubbers around the running gear, 4 wheel-wheel alignment about 200ks ago The motor when i bought the car had 55,000 ks on it after a rebuild, but i dont have the papers and that was at 138,000 ks on the car. The car now has 155,000 ks so you do the math on the ks on the motor. The body on the car isn't perfect but it isn't bad either, i can upload more daytime pictures if anyone needs them, and yes the car does come with a steering wheel. The carpet on the drivers side is worn with a bit of a hole but otherwise very clean. I have uploaded pictures of the car with 2 sets of rims, it can come with either set if you choose but the alloy finish ones need tyres, not wear from "burnouts" just wear on the inner side from camber, which was from the skyline in the background, if anyone is interested to, the skyline is for sale aswell, basic info: Non turbo 1995 R33 with 153,000 ks. Very reliable car with a bit of work behind it. Quick post i would have missed something, just ask. reach me on here or on 0478162158
  3. Aaron Nagy

    How is the car now?
  4. Aaron Nagy

    Yeah ive found a few threads saying a stock DET Ecu would work fine?
  5. Another RB25+T Conversion I have read countless threads on an RB25de+T conversions, my only question is can i use a stock DET Ecu, if yes or no, why? I want to turbo my DE, i have a turboed car already so this is f*ck it i feel like it, just need the info.
  6. Aaron Nagy

    Tempting but im looking for a cheaper bare shell, looking at a long term project.
  7. Aaron Nagy

    WTB GTR Shell I am after a Gtr Shell, has to be registerable, can be any model. Preferably with interior still.