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  1. the body panel. minus the wing
  2. Hey guys just wondering if R33 GTST boot will fit a GTR? Or are the boots different on GTR compared to the GTST
  3. Hi Guys, Can someone confirm all the different types of clusters on all the GTR models. Am I correct in saying all the GTRs came with 180km dash clusters? If not can someone explain what models came with different clusters.
  4. Dion_M

    not overly fussed on silver but if could tell me more details that be great.
  5. Dion_M

    Looking for mainly midnight purple, dark pearl grey, deep marine blue. something a bit more unique than your average 33 GTR. Just seeing whats available at the moment as i've looked on carsales and gumtree and nothing really catching my eye. Closer to stock the better, i'm located in WA and local would be better but ill consider over east for the right car. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!
  6. ohh ok, I heard that the 320 clusters only came in the 400R which makes a lot of sense. Cheers mate
  7. Hi guys Trying to do some research but was unable to really find anything on the R33 GTR 320km dash clusters. Were they a factory option or are they an aftermarket only? I thought they came in all Vspecs but after looking online and doing some research I was completely wrong. Any information would be awesome
  8. Dion_M

    That thing looks spectacular! Congratulations with the purchase mate :)!
  9. Dion_M

    Yeah mate I am skeptical after ive looked at a few, some very dodgy GTRs on the market especially in Perth.... Ok thanks for the tip mate, I think I will go and speak to them and see what they can do for me. Ohh very nice, I love the colour of the LM R33s, I know of one bloke located here that owns one, you didnt happen to buy it of a bloke called Eric did you?
  10. Dion_M

    Thanks mate but not to fussed on silver. And thanks for the advice, I have been to seen a couple and you're not wrong the cars been rooted compared to what the kms to say!
  11. Any R33 GTRS For sale in perth? Hey guys, I'm trying my luck on here because I have tried all gumtree, carsales and facebook pages but had next to little luck. So I am in the market for an R33 GTR, I mainly want midnight purple but i'm willing to consider other colours depending on modifications, kms and how clean it is, not fussed on Vspec or Non Vspec prefer series 2 or 3 but opened to series 1 also, if you have a 33 GTR preferably midnight purple located in Perth let me know. Thanks ***PIC IS FOR ATTENTION***