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  1. There’s a few mm between the spokes and the front face, which doesn’t matter if the faces are reverse mounted. The outside edge has maybe 5-10mm so you’ll be alright
  2. My main concern was clearing the nuts on the back of the wheels, I think you’ll be okay mate, I’ll try get a photo from the back for you tomorrow
  3. All good mate! More than enough for street duties now. Feels heaps better! Just need a proper alignment and new front tyres and I think I’ll finally be happy with how it drives!
  4. And the finished product, thanks to @Dose Pipe Sutututu for supplying the Intima SR pads and motul brake fluid. Really happy with the upgrade. Fill the wheels nicely! Also have the calipers a splash of colour whilst they were off.
  5. His stuff seems to have good reviews from bennys custom works and mighty car mods. Take from that what you will...
  6. Yeah I don’t use fusion myself, used solid works daily for the past 10 years. Understand you can do CAM for machining but don’t think the 3D printing part profiles are there yet (well not in solid works anyway). i do agree with the part quality, they are probably printing around the 0.3mm layer height to get the clusters out in roughly 6-8 hours. Soon as you go down to 0.2 or 0.1 you are massively increasing production times. still at $200 odd for a cluster you should be able to justify the longer time. It’s not like they’ll be using heaps of filament, electricity won’t be much either. The cost is probably in the design time and possibly in the machines
  7. Thats because the images on the website arent photos but 3d renders spat out by solidworks/fusion 360, everything looks better on CAD. I belive there is actually a way now of spitting out the sliced file (essentially gcode for the 3d printer) putting it back into the cad package and then being able to render it - showing how it would truly look once printed with all the layer lines etc..
  8. Its a 3d printed part thats been spray painted to hide the layer lines, i believe its always going to look like that really. when i designed and 3d printed my own i actually left it how it came off the printer as it adds a bit of character in my opinion.
  9. a couple of Doberman's / Rottweiler's that havent been fed in a while.... In all seriousness though, i think the best security are them posts that you bolt to the floor in between the car and the garage door. And possibly an elaborate kill switch of some sort thats truly hidden away.
  10. isnt it chepaer to buy an elite 2500 these days?
  11. probably https://3dracingsolutions.com/
  12. nice looking car mate! keen to see more updates!
  13. may as well just keep them for skid wheels!
  14. HAHA! he fully sent it, must have been his last day at work.... well it definitely is now!
  15. Can happily say that the gk tech 280-324mm adapters with stock calipers fit behind my wheels! Going to order the HFM 2 piece rotors tonight some new pads and brake fluid. Hopefully have it all here by the weekend so I can refit everything!
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