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  1. Theres some intersting discussion in this video about high RPM & horesepower applications and the issues they faced during development
  2. are you sure its 6" thats massive! Maybe try and keep all your units metric rather than mixing between the two also
  3. people complaining about the front end forget the fact that there'll be a reg plate stuck in the middle of it... I think its a great looking car, im sure there'll be a few concept renders out from the tuning community in no time!
  4. GTR or GTST - you need to be specific as they are different
  5. Photos from my car that runs an IQ3 Haltech dash. Was installed prior to me owning it. there’s a white with red trace and a red wire that have been cut into and now power a globe. When you flick the ignition onto accessories the globe lights up. Once you start the car the globe goes out.
  6. yeah $1300 is a lot but i did offset the cost by clearing some garage space of old parts from my previous 32, i've been hovering over the buy button for a while (as i'm a tight yorkshireman). I also have N1 headlights which are horrific at night, so even if these new lights are terrible im sure they'll still be a bit better 😆
  7. yeah the same compnay have them listed on ebay for 2k, whereas if you go on their website they are $1300. They have been out of stock for ages. i bought a set and now they are out of stock again. Will definitely get beam pattern shots etc (as best i can with an iphone 11 pro)
  8. i might put my 32 GTST up for sale, no price just straight swap for r35
  9. lol i just saw an r33 gtst "sleeper" for 30k on facebook! absolutely nuts!
  10. So i've finally pulled the pin and ordered a set from CT Auto parts, will put up a detailed review once they arrive https://www.ctautoparts.com.au/coplus-dual-led-projector-headlight-for-89-94-nissan-skyline-r32-gts-t-gt-r-rb25det-rb26dett.html
  11. Looks like a decent quality 3d printed dash, is this mako motorsport of 3d racing solutions?
  12. you can buy mine if you want and i'll buy an IC7!
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