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  1. i've been looking at them stanceparts kits, as i dont wanna go full air ride but would like to be able to fully slam the car at shows and when its parked up. I'll be following to see what your thoughts are on it.
  2. hmm, i may have been getting my wires crossed from my evo days
  3. no need to buy a speed de-limiter, this can be mapped out by any capable tuner.
  4. Knocked up a sheet metal pod filter cover with some scrap stainless from work this weekend, just need to grab some pinchweld to go around all the edges. Then i took the car out for a drive with my mate in his clubsport, i'm not usually a fan of holdens but this one goes alright! Hopefully my new headlights arrive in the next couple of weeks, i ordered them 5 weeks ago with an 8 week lead time - might fit them before it goes in for a pink slip and see if the tester picks up on them as im not sure whether the coplus items are ADR approved.
  5. probably easier to find them on the multitude of JDM parts sales groups on facebook mate
  6. No worries mate, i kind of had an inkling at what was going to be underneath when you asked for replacement strut tops and Steve does a brilliant job of documenting and showing the repair process!
  7. my RB25DET NEO has the following spec:- 400hp on 98 at 18PSI 500hp on E85 at 23PSI Gtx 3076 .82r garrett with speedflow fittings and braided lines ATP catch can with speedflow -10 braided lines and fittings 50mm gen V turbosmart external waste gate Spitfire coils Custom 3 inch dump into 4 inch HKS exhaust ARP head studs Bosch 1250cc injectors Turbosmart fuel reg Turbosmart fuel filter Walbro 460l fuel pump with relay Haltech elite 2500
  8. Theres some intersting discussion in this video about high RPM & horesepower applications and the issues they faced during development
  9. are you sure its 6" thats massive! Maybe try and keep all your units metric rather than mixing between the two also
  10. people complaining about the front end forget the fact that there'll be a reg plate stuck in the middle of it... I think its a great looking car, im sure there'll be a few concept renders out from the tuning community in no time!
  11. GTR or GTST - you need to be specific as they are different
  12. Photos from my car that runs an IQ3 Haltech dash. Was installed prior to me owning it. there’s a white with red trace and a red wire that have been cut into and now power a globe. When you flick the ignition onto accessories the globe lights up. Once you start the car the globe goes out.
  13. yeah $1300 is a lot but i did offset the cost by clearing some garage space of old parts from my previous 32, i've been hovering over the buy button for a while (as i'm a tight yorkshireman). I also have N1 headlights which are horrific at night, so even if these new lights are terrible im sure they'll still be a bit better ?
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