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  1. just put a destroked Barra in it & Samsonas https://62f5fb6a-14c7-4556-8f38-df35dec2dcbe.filesusr.com/ugd/3dc2cf_720f980c4e8d4229b254bf0988dd2b7c.pdf
  2. if you are talking in mph im assuming you are british or american? Whats the ambient temperature wherever you are at the moment?
  3. Thanks, it really does make a huge difference!
  4. Been quiet for the past couple of months and haven’t really driven the car much. I have bought a couple of goodies though. First thing I did was buy some wind deflectors. These were more to cover the window trims that are starting to crumble up a little bit. Also gave the car a good wash! Next thing on the list was an IC-7 dash. I ordered it and got impatient so I designed and printed a new surround before I even had the dash in my hands. Happy to say it fit perfectly first time! I’ve only tweaked one layout soo far. Need to figure out how to get the fuel working (it worked on my haltech/racepak iq3 street dash so I’m sure it’s just a setting that I’ll have to tweak. Really happy with how it looks though, looking forward to having a needle to read for speed rather than numbers! And the ability to fully customise layouts. Will have a proper tinker over the weekend. Anyway, enough chatting, here’s the photos...
  5. are AU's in the 6 figures now? this damn covid tax, its gonna be cheaper to buy an R34 than an AU soon!
  6. just go all out and buy a titanium key https://roninimports.com/product/nismo-titanium-key-n2/
  7. that book rings a bell, i think i referenced it when doing my body styling and CFD module at uni back in 2010!
  8. First draft cup holder knocked up, also has a slot for a phone aswell when a cup isn’t in the slot. Just need to tweak a few dimensions and print settings but I should have a better version drawn up and printed tonight.
  9. I'll be drawing some cup holders up tonight, been working on this 52mm ashtray gauge holder over the weekend. (Hence the orange filament - that my prototyping colour). need to tweak the angle to be more focused towards the driver and a few other tweaks but she’s 90% there. once up for sale I’ll share the details on here or a new post.
  10. cool thats good to hear, im holding out for some oem plastic ones, but may have to bite the bullet and get fibreglass!
  11. imagine having the first AU fronted Ferrari in America. i think instagram would collapse with all the likes.
  12. so you've gone from Ferrari's and AMG's to a Honda Beat, i've just googled one and been sick in my mouth.
  13. nice bit of progress there mate! M Spec skirts really finish the car off, are the skirts and rear pods from KMAK Aero? whats the fit like of the pods?
  14. Thats what sealed the deal for me moving to Australia from the UK, salt free roads and the majority of the cars are rust free. means you dont have to spray waxoyl everywhere come MOT time 🤣
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