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  1. Spent an hour or so unpicking 5-6 wires from an old rb25 wiring loom I had lying around. Tesa taped them up and found the connectors in the existing wiring loom and hooked them up. I now have working wipers! That’s one less thing to worry about come rego time! Attempted to take the rear wiper off but the nut is all rusted out and corroded. Going to try and weld some scrap metal too it so that I can undo it and remove the whole motor assembly. Will use one of the blanking plugs from the boot floor so I’m not left with a hole in the glass. Will 3D print some new bungs to fill the holes in the boot floor and stop water getting in. IMG_5528.MOV
  2. Put the 3D printer to good use and printed this cup holder out of ABS. Gonna change the design a bit and get rid of the GTR logo and make the fit a bit smoother across the top. But it works for now!
  3. yeah theres just a few little bits that need finishing off. The wipers are not wired in - i luckily have an old rb25 loom in my garage that i can unpick the plug from. but its still gonna be a bit of a task. and i absolutely despise wiring! Also need to put the washer bottle back in once he sends me it. hopefully all that wiring is present. Horn doesnt work either, again hopefully thats a simple fix. just want to make sure all these issues are fixed and keep it properly roadworthy. Will need to make an enclosure for the pod filter too, thats the fun part though. means i can practice my welding skills on scrap stainless from work :)
  4. thanks! yeah as soon as i saw it i just had to have it. it was basically what i dreamt i was going to do with my last one but without all the hassle and its already engineered! I'll definitely be in touch when it comes to ordering some new pads!
  5. Thanks, yes it was definitely well loved! The previous owner put all the stickers all ver the car, i've removed most of them from the windscreen, i didnt actually know thats what the sticker meant on the ashtray, might leave it there now i know!
  6. Hi All, Been a while since i was on here and in a skyline, but im pleased to say that im now the proud owner of this R32 engineered with an RB25DET NEO and heaps of fruit! Spec is as follows:- Engine & Drivetrain:- 105,000km’s Engineered 365kw Rb25det neo Set up with Boost by gear. As follows 18psi 1st, 2nd and 25psi 3rd, 4th, 5th on e85 18psi on 98 Gtx 3076 .82r garrett with speedflow fittings and braided lines ATP catch can with speedflow -10 braided lines and fittings 50mm gen V turbosmart external waste gate Spitfire coils Custom 3 inch dump into 4 inch HKS exhaust ARP head studs Bosch 1250cc injectors Turbosmart fuel reg Turbosmart fuel filter Walbro 460l fuel pump with relay Haltech elite 2500 49mm Koyo type r copper radiator Brand new Rb25 gearbox, exedy sports tuff HD clutch with upgraded pressure plate and one piece tailshaft 4.3 diff gears 1.5 way nismo diff Interior:- Haltech racepack street dash Aem oil pressure gauge Aem wideband Turbo smart boost gauge on pillar Suspension & Handling:- Cusco street zero adjustable coilovers R33 Front lower control arms Adjustable castor rods Exterior:- Genuine N1 headlights Genuine GTR bonnet, Genuine GTR front bar Genuine GTR grill Genuine 17x9 3 Piece BBS LMs wrapped in Hankook rs4s ICE:- Alpine Double DIN Headunit Kicker Amp Kicker 6x9's Kicker Front Speakers c/w tweeters and crossovers Current plans are:- raise it up a little bit 10-15mm remove some camber from the front, buy some new rear tyres wire up the wipers carbon front lip (to replace the flaking stock one) enjoy driving it!! Now for the pictures!
  7. The bracket will have a letter stamped on one of the feet, there are no other numbers/letters on the bracket and it will be quite a large stamp.
  8. haha that's good then, the top of the diagram is if you are looking at the input end of the gearbox from the front of the car.
  9. This may make things a bit clearer
  10. Hi Duncan, Basically the old shell was an auto RB20DET R32 GTST, it had a manual conversion with an rb20det gearbox There are 3 different types of gearbox crossmembers all with different hole positions, from reading up on a few threads it seems that i need a C type one (A B or C are stamped into the crossmember) The hole positions in the shell's varied between auto and manual apparently, ive tried turning the crossmember the other way round, but due to the crossmembers not being flat, and more of a dog leg shape, when the crossmember is turned around the holes sort of line up, but the crossmember does not sit flat against the face. a bit of a poor description i know. i'll try and get photos tonight which will help my explanation.
  11. Hi, Wanting to buy a "C" type crossmember for my R32, currently re-shelling my GTST and the "B" type one doesnt fit, the holes need to be going the opposite direction! 0431 192 220 Cheers Damon
  12. Im sure the wheel alignment place will have heaps of fun when it finally goes for an alignment, at least it looks nice Yeah the evo is really fun to drive, its nice to have air con and be able to fit 4 adults in a car comfortably too!
  13. Not much of an update with regards to progress on the car, struggling to find time these days to get anything done apart from work! I managed to finish the rear end off, got all the adjustable arms fitted and the Hicas lockout bar in place, also removed all the Hicas lines from the car. And the rear calipers are on too. Brakes just need bleeding, but this will have to wait till the engine and gearbox are in place. Also got the steering wheel on and tidied up the remaining wiring so the interior is pretty much complete. I also needed to buy a "sensible daily" as my housemate is getting rid of the car i'd been borrowing while the skyline was off the road, so here she is. Hoping i can get some time in the next month or so to finish the skyline off. If not i'll probably put it all up for sale so someone who has the time can actually finish and enjoy it as i hate seeing it sat doing nothing! Hopefully some updates will happen in the very near future!
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