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  1. love this, i'll be watching very closely to see how the stroker performs as im very interested in stroking my NEO. Keep up the posts mate!
  2. i've got SR's on the front, but mines a street car. stock rear rotors and unsure of pads, may go for larger rears when they need changing
  3. i've got the 324mm 2 piece rotors on mine with intima pads from dosepipe. no issues with them soo far!
  4. if you ever go to sell it, would youy be interested in selling your rb26 covers that you've modifed to suit a neo? i'll give you stock covers + cash
  5. Think i got my carbon one from justjap (may have been the last one though)
  6. definitely look into getting that inlet manifold faced. i've read a few horror stories of them not sealing up too well!
  7. dont forget to grab the rubber gaskets that sit between the spoiler and the boot.
  8. mine were missing from my car. i bought some of these from bunnings and just made some https://www.bunnings.com.au/carinya-50-x-50-x-40-x-2mm-make-a-bracket_p3960589
  9. I'm running same turbo on mine (mines a stock neo though) 300kW on 98 @ 18PSI 365kW on E85 @ 25PSI Super responsive, would definitely recommend 1.5 way diff, i have one and it still likes to step out on boost. im only running 235 tyres on the rear, hoping to change wheels in the future and put a wider stickier tyre on the back.
  10. I'll do it for $19,999 and bore it out to a 4L at the same time. Heres one i did earlier this week
  11. Central is high beams off Forward towards front of car is high beams on (stays locked forward) Rearward towards driver is to flash (doesnt stay locked in)
  12. Ah sorry, i misread the post. if its just a bezel, it shouldnt be too hard to draw up if you can provide dimensions. Might be worth downloading fusion360 and watching a couple of youtube videos then you can have a go at making the file yourself. maybe cut up a bit of card to start with, measure it then tweak the curvature on CAD.
  13. And a more recent engine bay photo showing the Tomei oil cap and bolts/washers
  14. Got a nice little update for the car, been a little while since the last one. This time i focussed on getting the interior to where i want it. First item on the agenda was a new gearknob, wanted a new one but couldnt find any offerings that wouldnt burn your hand off on a hot summers day. We are Likewise recently released a weighted stainless item with a delrin top so I ordered that along with a new handbrake button and shift boot retainer. Next item on the list was a new wheel, had a momo drift wheel on there but im really not a huge fan of suede! purchased a Nardi deep corn 350mm in perforated leather with red stitching, it feels a millions times better now on the hands! Onto the CD player next. i had a double din alpine unit which was perfect for my needs apart from one crucial element - apple carplay. i have carplay in my work ute and have got that used to just being able to do everything via the headunit that when i drive the skyline the basic bluetooth functions get on my nerves a bit, so an alpine Halo 9 was ordered. Really liking it soo far, plus i think it helps further modernise the interior and ties in well with the IC-7 dash! I just need to get some make-a-bracket from bunnings and securely mount the heater controls as my car doesnt seem to have any brackets for the headunit or the controls! will be an easy fix though. Now im probably gonna cop a lot of flaming for this next purchase due to them being replicas but hey ho! got some Bride Stradia 2 low max reps in Alcantara paired with the superlow rails. first impressions are they seem pretty well made, quality of welds looks okay and they feel pretty firm in the car. theres a little bit of flex but im assuming this is due to the fibreglass construction... time will tell how they hold up. But i'll give an honest review in a few months time. And finally i decided to change up the engine bay a little bit. Ordered a stainless steel dimple die'd coilpack cover from modern metal and painted my rocker covers wrinkle black. first time using the paint so i should have probably tried it on something simpler first, but i have another can and will probably give it another crack later on down the line. Finish isnt the best but it will do! Also purchased a Tomei Piston oil cap and some purple dress washers and m6 bolts to finish off the look. (dont have a photo of the bolts and oil cap - will add that to a later post) Going to order a black radiator hose and potentially do a battery relocation to the boot too.
  15. i doubt anyone will share a 3d printing file as its not a straightforward part to produce and will take a bit of time to model up. Plus you could then start selling the parts These guys had a go, but i believe they were having troubles so removed the product from their shop. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?id=829003997303711&story_fbid=1415948455275926
  16. would be great if there was a newer nissan you could buy the bits from. i need the whole AC assembly apart from the bit under the dash essentially. im looking at a fortune if i want AC back in my car (which i do)
  17. perfect, will get some ordered ASAP!
  18. sorry to drag up an old thread. im looking at purchasing some of these shortly. Do your comments still hold up or has your opinion changed on these?
  19. you dont wait about do you! looks like a cracking job on the repair!
  20. i suspect it will be an absolute pain in the arse to print that part without a shit ton of supports. it will also show up a shit tonne of layer lines which will require a fair bit of post processing, fillering and painting (which i believe he does to most dashes anyway), he's probably flying through the easier jobs first. Still, it wouldnt hurt to reply to your customer base!
  21. This ^^^^^ Sold evo to build house, put deposit on land, still waiting on title for land, bought skyline, 1.25 years later still waiting on title for land.
  22. yes mate, check page 2 of my build thread https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/480029-daymos-back-r32-rb25det-neo/?do=findComment&comment=7944570
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